Minutes of the March 19, 2014 Division Council Meeting

Van Rensselaer Division
New York District
Kiwanis International
Third Meeting of the Van Rensselaer Division Council
for the 2013-2014 Kiwanis Administrative Year
Annual Meeting and Election of Division Officers
Call to order and welcoming remarks: Lt. Governor Harleen Hilton called the meeting to order at 6:35
PM and thanked all for coming out on another night with miserable weather.
Roll call: Lt. Governor Harleen requested that Secretary David Booker make a roll call.
Clubs present:
Castleton-Schodack - three members present;
East Greenbush - eight members present including President Lisa Compe and Secretary Angela
Hoosick Falls - two members present;
North Greenbush - four members present including Co-President Maritza Batista and Secretary
Noreen Barrett;
Rensselaer – six members present including External President Donald Bink, Internal President
Mollie Schook and Secretary Pamela Sanders
Sand Lake - eight members present including Secretary David Booker; and
Troy - five members present including President Stephen Vadney;
Division Officers present:
Lt. Governor Harleen Hilton;
Lt. Governor Elect James Prout;
Division Treasurer Robert Pasquarelli; and
Division Secretary David Booker;
SLP Officers present:
CKI Capital Division Lt. Governor Shane Stuart;
Key Club Division XVIII Lt. Governor Jacob Spencer; and
Key Club Division XVIII Lt. Governor Designate Lee Ann Owens
Division Committee Chairs present:
Membership Growth and Participation – PP Joe Behson;
Service Leadership Programs – DPP Dale Hall;
Social Activities – PDLGs Jean Andrick and Noreen Barrett;
Nomination and Secession – Lt. Governor Elect Jim Prout and PLG Wendy Prout; and
Van Rensselaer Division Kiwanis Family Fun Day – PDLG Bob Pasquarelli;
Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting (1/10/2014): A motion to approve the minutes of the
previous meeting as published was made, seconded and passed on a voice vote.
Acceptance of the Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Robert Pasquarelli made a brief presentation noting
that the Division is financially in good shape. He called attention to the change in format for his
reports as the Division now has revenue of a “service” nature coming from the golf outings and he
will now list that separately from the “administrative” income. Two clubs have as yet to pay the
2013-14 fee and major expenses have had checks written (as the $1000 donation to the Eliminate
Project.” A motion to accept the report for filing was made, supported and carried on a voice vote.
(A copy of the report is attached to these minutes.)
Discussion of Club Policies of Background Checks: Secretary David Booker informed the clubs that KI
was requiring clubs to establish a Club Policy/Procedure concerning background checks for all Club
SLP Advisors and that in order to serve as an advisor starting 1 October an individual must have had
a clear background check. He noted that a KI suggested template for this policy was included in the
packets prepared for the meeting. Secretaries were informed that once a clear check had been
returned they were to report the fact on the “Secretary Dashboard”; also to be reported there is the
fact that the entire club had received a club training for the new “Youth Protection Guidelines.”
Division Youth Protection Coordinator Linda Ellis noted that it is very important for all
Kiwanians to be aware of their surroundings when dealing with the youth and avoid potential
problems. She also stressed the need for one chaperone for every 10 or less youths and the “rule of
three” (two adults with a youth or if necessary two youth with one adult) whenever transporting a
Celebration of the Kiwanis Club of Castleton – Schodack’s 75th Anniversary: Lt. Governor Harleen
invited all to the May 1st celebration to be held at Birch Hill. The cost will be $30 per person or $55
for two. Anyone wishing to attend should contact PP Ed Brewer.
Annual Meeting and Election: Lt. Governor Harleen noted that the Division By Laws stipulate that the
IPLG preside at the elections and that IPDLG Robert Loveridge was absent and requested that
Division Secretary David Booker be allowed to chair the elections. Without objection Booker then
chaired the election portion of the meeting.
Booker requested nominations for Lt. Governor for 2014-15. LGE James Prout (Troy) was
nominated; as there were no other nominations, nominations were closed and a motion to direct the
Secretary to case one unanimous ballot for James Prout was approved without objection. The
secretary cast the one ballot and PLG James E. Prout was declared the Lieutenant Governor for the
Van Rensselaer Division for 2014-15.
Booker requested nominations for Lt. Governor Elect. Patricia Lane (Sand Lake) was nominated
and agreed to fulfill the obligations of the office if elected. As there were no further nominations,
nominations were closed and the secretary was directed to cast one unanimous ballot for Patricia
Lane. PDP Patricia A. Lane was declared the Lieutenant Governor Elect for 2014-15.
Booker requested nominations for Division Treasurer; Robert Pasquarelli (Sand Lake) was
nominated for election to the office of Division Treasurer and he agreed to serve if reelected. As
there were no further nominations, nominations were closed and the secretary was directed to cast one
unanimous ballot for Robert Pasquarelli. PDLG Robert S. Pasquarelli was declared the Division
Treasurer for 2014-15.
Booker requested nominations for Division Secretary; Booker was nominated and agreed to serve
if reelected. Again there were no further nomination and nominations were closed and the secretary
was directed to cast one unanimous ballot for David Booker. PG David E. Booker was declared the
Division Secretary for 2014-15.
As there was no other business to be considered at the Annual Meeting, Lt. Governor Harleen
returned to the regular meeting. And recessed at 6:55 PM for dinner. The meeting resumed at 7:40
Report of Circle K Capital Division Lt. Governor: LG Shane Stuart apologized for his lack of
attendance at the Division Council meetings but explained that an evening course that he had taken
while pursuing a master’s degree had prevented his attending.
LG Shane reviewed the CKI District Convention held in Albany last weekend. He congratulated
Troy PE Olivia Prout who had been recognized as the Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor and noted that
the RPI CKI’s annual “Iron Chef” project was chosen as the “Outstanding Club Fundraiser.” He
returned the Sage Colleges CKI Club’s scrapbook to the Troy Club asking them to return it to the
CKI Club. The scrapbook had earned Honorable Mention at the DCON. LG Shane also informed the
clubs that the CKI Board had named the scrapbook contest after PLG Mary Jean Sprague, who had
been chosen the DCON Honoree, but had passed away the week before the convention.
The clubs of the CKI Capital Division are all doing well and LG Shane called attention to a project
that the division had adopted, “Project Cinderella;” prom dresses will be collected at Siena College
and given to high school students that could not otherwise afford a prom dress.
The LG designate is Elizabeth McQuirk, a student at RPI who was unable to attend tonight’s
LG Shane thanked the clubs for all the support that he had received over the eight years that he
had been a member of the Kiwanis family. He has accepted a position in NYC teaching for
Report of Key Club Division XVIII: Lt. Governor Jacob Spencer reported that his last Divisional
would be held Sunday and that four of the division’s clubs, Tamarac, Averill Park, Hoosick Falls and
Rensselaer, had members registered for the upcoming District Convention to be held at the Desmond
in Albany.
He then introduced the incoming LG, Lee Ann Owens. She informed the clubs that two of her
concerns for the coming year were to increase the size of the clubs and to encourage more
participation in divisional events. She is a junior at Tamarac High School.
Report on the Golf Outing: although the event chair, PDLG Bob Loveridge, was unable to attend the
meeting he had provided a letter to the clubs and information about the outing which was included in
the packets that each club received.
KiwanisOne Day and KIF Skip-A-Meal: Lt. Governor Harleen encouraged the clubs to take part in the
annual “Skip-A-Meal” campaign of the Kiwanis International Foundation. She observed that if every
member donated the cost of a cup of coffee and a doughnut – she would consider the division’s
participation a success.
She asked for suggestions for activities/projects for the clubs to participate in for Kiwanis One
Day, Saturday April 5th.
PLG Wendy Prout suggested volunteering at the 5th Annual School-wide Carnival at the West
Sand Lake Elementary School which will be held from 11 AM to 4 PM on that date.
PP Joe Behson suggested that members could attend the SLKC sponsored annual free concert of
the “Dissipate Eight,” from Middlebury (VT) College, to be held at the Averill Park High School at
7PM on Friday April 4th.
IPDP Lynne Catelotti invited anyone who would like to help to join the East Greenbush Club in
their project to clean up the “Miracle Field” in East Greenbush from 10 to 11:30 on Saturday, 4/5.
Key Leader Event: PDLG Noreen Barrett informed the clubs that she would be participating in the
upcoming Key Leader program. She encouraged the clubs to consider sponsoring students to
participate in this program and offered to provide transportation for the students if this could be
Reports of Committee Chairs:
Membership Growth and Participation: PP Joe Behson called the clubs’ attention to the
information in their packets concerning the NY District “Invite A Guest” contest. He also passed
out copies of “I  My Club” disks. He then challenged the clubs to think of innovative ways to
get guests to their meetings.
Social Activities: PDLG Jean Andrick discussed the proposed July 13th Theater/Tailgate Outing at
the Theater Barn and invited those in attendance to take the information back to their clubs.
LGE Designate Pat Lane invited any who would like to join in with the SLKC and attend the
March 27 Sand Lake Center for the Arts/Circle Theater Players production of “Fiddler on the
Service Leadership Programs: PDP Dale Hale reported that there were two Key Clubs under
charter strength (Troy High School and Columbia High School) and requested the help of the
sponsoring clubs to bring these Key Clubs back to charter strength.
Governor’s Project: PLG Wendy Prout invited anyone who wished to attend to join the Troy
Kiwanis at their meeting on Tuesday (3/25) – the club will have a speaker on the topic of autism.
IP Mollie Shook will inform the clubs of the date of a speaker at the Rensselaer Club.
Van Rensselaer Division Kiwanis Family Fun Day: PDLG Bob Pasquarelli discussed the May 10th
outing and encouraged the members to bring the members of their sponsored organizations and
their own children or grandchildren. The division will supply the hot dogs and hamburgers.
Stewert’s Shops will again donate the ice cream and toppings.
Members are asked to bring something to share: a salad, chips, etc.
Club Reports: the club reports submitted are attached.
Other business: LG designate Jim discussed the idea of having one Division-wide Installation rather than
the seven individual installations. He had discussed the idea with Governor Elect Eric Paul and
there is a possibility that this could also be the Governor’s Visit. The suggestion was met with only
positive remarks. LGD Jim will explore the idea and report back to the clubs.
LG Harleen suggested that those without other plans might want to partake in the CastletonSchodack Chicken Bar-B-Que.
The winner of the North Greenbush 50/50 Drawing (PSDLG John Brownrigg) donated his
winnings to the Eliminate Project and the funds were given to Multi-division Coordinator Lynne
Adjournment: Lt. Governor Harleen adjourned the meeting at 8:27 PM
Respectfully submitted,
David E. Booker, Van Rensselaer Division Secretary
Next Division Council Meetings:
Thursday - April 17, 2014 - Rensselaer Kiwanis Club (this meeting needs to be rescheduled)
Tuesday - May 20, 2014 - Hoosick Falls Kiwanis Club
June 10, 2014 – East Greenbush Kiwanis Club
September – Kiwanis Club of Troy
Social Events:
Kiwanis Family Fun Day – Saturday, May 10, 2014 – Schodack Town Park
Valley Cats Game - date to be announced, non-meeting will be held at Joe Bruno Stadium
Theater Barn Tailgate Outing – July 13, 2014 – Theater Barn, Route 20, New Lebanon
Other dates:
NY District Key Club Leadership Training Conference – March 28-30, 2014 – The Desmond
RPI CKI Iron Chef – April 4, 2014 – RPI Student Union
Kamp Kiwanis Open House Day – May 3, 2014
Kiwanis International Convention – July 17-20, 2014 – Tokyo/Chiba Japan
New York District Convention & Official Visit of Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser –
August 14-17, 2014 – The Desmond, Albany
Club Report: for the Kiwanis Club of Sand Lake_
The name of the Club’s Youth Protection Coordinator: _Yet to be named____
Has the club scheduled the Club Election? _Yes______
Date: __5/12/2014_______
Brief report on one recently completed club project: _______________________________________
__The club cooked and served hot dogs and hamburgs at Uncle Marty’s Kilt Run
The income will be donated to an organization working with autistic children.__
Report on one upcoming club project: _Summerfest 2014 June 13, 14 and 15_____________________
Report on a Project Eliminate specific project/fund raiser: __Monthly Pasta Dinners as a fund raiser___
Report on sponsored Service Leadership Programs: project: _Two K Kids Clubs being built__________
Report of membership growth since October 1
number of members lost: __1______
number of new or returning members added: __3_____
number of prospective members: ____2____
Number of members that attended the Mid-Year Conference: __3_____
Has the club completed the electronic filing of its bylaws? __Yes______