「The Kosei Grapevine」Vol.5 Issue8 February 4, 2013

The Kosei Grapevine
Volume 5
Friday 4th February 2013
Issue 8
Chorus Contest Joy
This year’s Chorus Contest was held on January 26th. It was the 7th
edition and the standard was higher than ever before. All classes – both
junior and senior – really outdid themselves and brought powerful
renditions of the songs they had chosen. All junior high classes sang the
Glee-version of the John Lennon classic “Imagine” and a Japanese song of
their choice. The 7th graders had chosen bright, up-tempo songs and they
impressed everyone with their energetic debut. For the 8th graders, it took
a bit of time to make decisions and to find their way, but in the final week
before the chorus contest, they came together and practiced very hard. The
9th graders are well known for their incredible power and musical
refinement, and in previous years, their seniors knew they were
dangerous. This year, they were the seniors, and they wanted to raise
their level even more for this, their last performance as junior high
students. They chose difficult, challenging songs, and also had some bad
luck as many students fell ill in the final week before the chorus contest,
but were amazing - as always - on the day of the contest. The 3-1 class took
third prize, with Kanae Aiba taking best pianist as well; 2-1 took second
prize; the first prize and best conductor award went to the same winners
as last year, 3-2, led by Mayu Sasagawa. Well done! The senior high
competition was equally thrilling. The 1A class took top prize with their
stunning rendition of “Aosagi”. Second prize went to the 2E girls, who had
just come back from a year in New Zealand a few weeks before the contest.
The 2B class too third prize and best conductor award (Yuki Hiroishi), as
well. Momone Kon of 1C got a well-deserved best pianist award for playing
a difficult accompaniment seemingly effortlessly. Congratulations!
第 7 回合唱コンクール開催!
1 月 26 日(土曜日)、本校講堂にて第 7 回合唱コンクールが行われました。中学生はジョン・レノンの代表曲『Imagine』と各クラス選曲の自由曲、高校生は自由
曲のみを歌いました。どのクラスも 4 か月の練習の成果をうまく出しきることができ、今年も大盛況に終わりました。結果は以下のとおりです。
3 年 2 組「手紙」
1 年 A 組「蒼鷺」
2 年 1 組「あなたに」
2 年E組「You raise me up」
最優秀伴奏者賞 1 年 C 組
3 年 1 組「証」
2 年 B 組「いのちの名前」
Junior High School Karuta Contest
On January 10, Kosei’s junior high school students took part in the Kosei Karuta Competition. The students face off in
teams to match cards from the Hyakunin Isshu, a classical of group Japanese waka poems by 100 different poets. A
student announces a line from a poem and the students must find the card with the next line. The team that finds the
card first keeps it. At the end of the game, the team with the most cards is the winner.
This year, the competition was very good. The students all tried very hard and seemed to enjoy the competition. In
the end, class 3-2 came ahead to win! In second place, was 3-1, with 2-1 in third place. It was a good day for the
students and teachers. Good job everyone, and good luck next year!
Study Abroad Course News
Farewell 1E – See you in December!
Saturday 19th January was an emotional day for the parents and
teachers of 1E as the girls departed for their year abroad in New
Zealand. A farewell party was held for the girls the week before
and each girl delivered a moving speech in English in front of
their parents, teachers and several special guests. The 28
students were accompanied to New Zealand by their
homeroom teacher Ms. Morooka, with many parents and
teachers travelling to Narita to send them off.
Tears were shed by both parents and students. However these tears were not only tears of sadness but
also tears of anticipation. As stated by the girls themselves at the farewell party, this year’s students are
determined to use the next year as an opportunity not only to improve their English but to learn
essential life skills and become more independent. We are all very much looking forward to meeting the
girls again in December
Welcome Back 2E
After nearly one year in New Zealand, 2E returned to Japan in December. They had spent most of their
second year of high school spread throughout the North Island, in areas such as Hamilton, Tauranga and
The first noticeable thing about the girls from 2E on their return was
their vastly improved English vocabulary and pronunciation and their
willingness to use English at all times. Even when speaking to each other,
they try to avoid using Japanese. They also make a short announcement
each morning about a topic of their choice. It’s a great way to maintain
their good English!
Of course, while they were in New Zealand, they missed their family
and friends. But since their return to Japan, many of the girls have said
how they want to go back, meet their Kiwi host family, their new friends
and experience life in New Zealand again.
They really enjoyed their time studying abroad and made the most of
the opportunity. Now, Sara and Paul are glad to have them back in class
again until the end of the year. Welcome back 2E! We missed you!
The students of 2E were given a warm
Important Dates
Monday 11th Feb: National Founding Day
Monday 11th Feb: Karasuyama Festival
Sunday 24th Feb: Eiken Day (Interview)
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