Con Air 2: Con Voyage

15 July 2014
Con Air 2: Con Voyage
By Tommy Dassalo and Kate Dehnert
For over fifteen years, the world has been denied a sequel to the greatest film of all time, Con Air... until
now. Tommy Dassalo (The Little Dum Dum Club podcast) and Kate Dehnert (RAW Comedy State
Finalist 2014) have teamed up to present a thrilling, hilarious and action-packed live show featuring
white collar criminals and piña coladas, in a glorious celebration of Hollywood excess.
Con Air 2: Con Voyage finds Cameron Poe (Nicholas Cage (Tommy Dassalo)) and Vince Larkin (John Cusack
(Kate Dehnert)) working on a cruise ship that is plunged into chaos after being hijacked by the most fearsome
financial crook of all time: Bernie Madoff.
Brought together by their love of silly ideas, Dassalo and Dehnert have crammed a feature-length blockbuster
into an hour-long comedy show. Dozens of characters, boxes full of props and a liberal smattering of Lynrd
Skynrd, combine to create a show that is fast-paced, nail-biting and completely hilarious.
Tommy Dassalo has been writing and performing comedy for the last decade. He has written for stacks of
television shows, hosts a mega-popular podcast and has sold out shows at festivals across Australia. In 2014 so
far, he has appeared at the invite-only San Francisco Sketchfest, supported Bob Saget on his Australian tour
and filmed a role in season 2 of ABC's It's A Date.
After making the State Finals of Raw Comedy, Kate Dehnert made her debut at the 2014 Melbourne Comedy
Festival with her show 'Noise Adventure', selling out shows and earning a swag of glowing reviews and industry
buzz for her unique and hilarious brand of electro comedy.
Disclaimer: This show is in no way affiliated with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista
Pictures or anyone involved in the making of the original Con Air.
"Bizarre, brave, daring... but most of all smart and very funny." - Herald Sun
"Extremely Funny" - Herald Sun
Con Air 2: Con Voyage
The Imperial Hotel
Cnr Bourke and Spring St
Melbourne, Vic 3000
DATES: 17 - 21 Sept and 4 Oct
TIME: 7.00pm, Sat Oct 4 4.00pm (60min)
Full: $17
Tightarse Tuesday: $13
TO BOOK visit or call (03) 9660 9666
Tommy Dassalo
[email protected]