CampusNexus CRM for Mobile Recruiting

CampusNexus CRM for Mobile Recruiting
Engage and Win Prospects Anywhere, Anytime
67% of students’
smartphones and
tablets are used for
academic purposes.
Drive Recruitment with CampusNexus CRM
Empower Mobile Admissions Counselors
Increased competition for students. Financial aid tied to student
outcomes. Shrinking budgets. These are among the biggest
challenges facing today’s institutions of higher learning. That’s why
colleges and universities depend on CampusNexusTM CRM to
achieve recruitment goals and keep students on track for graduation.
Today, your team can have this powerful engagement tool at its
fingertips on campus, at home, or on the road. Through secure,
Web-based access to CampusNexus CRM using their tablets or
other mobile devices, your recruiters, counselors, and administrators
can engage students faster and more efficiently, anywhere, anytime.
Your admissions counselors attend recruitment fairs and visit high
schools throughout the country. All too often, though, this means
getting disconnected from the very recruiting tools they use back on
campus to engage prospects. It also means entering constituent data
manually at the end of the day. Now your CRM solution can travel
with them! While the competition is collecting data on request
cards, your team members are capturing prospect information in
the system. They are harnessing the power of CampusNexus CRM to
add candidates to campaigns in real time and provide students a highly
personalized picture of your institution – on the spot.
CampusNexus CRM for Mobile Recruiting
Engage and Win Prospects Anywhere, Anytime
Extend CampusNexus CRM to Almost Any Device
The competition for college-bound students is at an all-time high. Now you
can engage them faster and more efficiently with CampusNexus CRM for
Mobile Recruiting.
Make a great first impression as a highly responsive institution by providing
information and answers on-demand at events.
•Expand CampusNexus CRM usage to a range of tablet devices, browsers
(desktop/laptop), mobile phones
Have key logistical information about events at your fingertips.
•Access as a secure Website (no apps to download)
•Add candidates to campaigns and other communications in real time at events
Access key information about the venue, your accounts, and local businesses.
•Eliminate hours of manual data entry and rekeying of prospect information
• Enable constituents to update account and address information
•Accelerate adoption and reduce the learning curve through intuitive, easyto-use interfaces
•Grow and scale easily as you expand to other departments and campuses
Leverage Powerful CRM Tools on the Road
CampusNexus CRM for Mobile Recruiting offers special features to help
admissions counselors optimize engagement with constituents at events.
Extend CampusNexus CRM functionality to tablet
devices, browsers (desktop/laptop), and mobile phones.
Create tasks to note key follow-ups and action items based on activities that
occur during the event.
Kiosk Mode
Enter constituent information quickly and easily, or enable candidates to enter
their own information at self-service workstations.
Create and manage constituent data and add candidates to campaigns and
other communications at the event.
Kiosk Mode
Kiosk Mode is specifically designed for rapid data entry in a mobile recruiting
environment. It’s ideal for events where you are interacting with many
constituents, collecting their information, and adding them to campaigns.
Constituent Data Entry
Kiosk is a secure mode of the application. Once you’re in it, you have no access
to any other facet of the application or its associated data. This is especially
useful when you want prospects to enter their information themselves or you
want to set up self-service stations at your booth or table.
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