Program COMPIT 2014

Sunday, 11 May 2014
18:00-19:00h Happy Hour – Thanks to Nick Danese (NDAR) in Room Prince
Monday, 12 May 2014
Chair Geometry Models: Veelo (SARC), Gomez (Sener)
08:30h Marcus Bole (AVEVA Solutions)
Regenerating Hull Design Definition from Poor Surface Definitions and other Geometric
08:55h Andrew Orvieto (Brunswick Boat Group)
Development of Parametric Planing Hull Design Features
09:20h Adam Kaplan, Donald MacPherson (HydroComp)
Buildable Propeller Geometries: Answering the Unique Challenges for Design and Manufacture
09:45h Rodrigo Pérez, Mirko Tomán (SENER)
An Innovative Approach for Hull Surface Fairing
10:10h coffee break
Chair Numerical Towing Tank: Mallol (Numeca), Stopford (Ansys)
10:35h Stewart Whitworth, Kavyashree Kalaskar (Lloyd’s Register)
Static and Dynamic Effects of Thruster-Thruster Interaction
11:00h Phil Stopford (ANSYS)
Application of Automatic Optimization to Numerical Analysis of Ship Design and Other
Marine and Offshore Structures
11:25h Karl Randle, Ivan Schrooyen (Ulstein), Benjamin Herry, Benoit Mallol (NUMECA)
Methodology for Quick and Accurate CFD calculations of Self-propelled Ships using Sliding
Grids and Dynamic RPM Control
11:50h Nobuaki Sakamoto, Yasutaka Kawanami, Munehiko Hinatsu, Shotaro Uto
Viscous CFD Analysis of Stern Duct Installed on Panamax Bulk Carrier in Model and Full
12:15h Volker Bertram (DNV GL), Patrick Couser (Bentley Systems)
Computational Methods for Seakeeping and Added Resistance in Waves
12:40h lunch
Breast of chicken with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a chasseur sauce
Vanilla Pannacotta with berry compote
Chair Layout & Systems Design: Harries (Friendship Systems), Davoodi (CD-adapco)
13:40h Kirsi Partiala, Roope Kotiranta (Surma)
Integrating Fire Simulation into the Actual Ship Design Process
14:05h Grzegorz Mazerski, Przemysław Zagórski, Tomasz Hinz (Deltamarin)
Practical Limitation to Design Optimisation of a Small Ferry
14:30h Rachel Pawling, Roberto Morandi, David Andrews (University College London), Colin
Shields, David Singer (Univ. of Michigan), Etienne Duchateau, Hans Hopman (TU Delft)
Manifestation of Style and Its Use in the Design Process
14:55h Romanas Puisa (Brookes Bell), Alistair Murphy (Safety at Sea)
Practical Design Optimisation: Optimum Internal Arrangement within a Few Hours
15:20h Henrique Gaspar, Per Olaf Brett, Ali Ebrahim, Andre Keane (Ulstein International)
Data-Driven Documents (D3) applied to Conceptual Ship Design Knowledge
15:45h coffee break
Chair Energy System Simulations in Design: Barbarin (PTC), Whitworth (Lloyd’s Register)
16:10h Arnout Anneveld, Hans Hopman (TU Delft), Kees van Roosmalen (Nevesbu)
A Method of Sizing the Parameters of Interdependent Systems in Ship Design
16:35h Rolf Nagel (FSG Shipyard)
A Holistic Approach for Energy Flow Simulations in Early Design
17:00h Mia Elg, et al. (Deltamarin), Guangrong Zou et al. (VTT)
Improvements in Machinery Design of a Bulk Carrier by utilizing Multi-Domain Energy
Flow Simulation
17:25h Guangrong Zou, et al. (VTT), Kalevi Tervo, et al. (ABB)
Evaluate Ship Energy Saving Scenarios Using Multi-Domain Energy Flow Simulation
17:50h Katsuji Tanizawa, Yasusi Kitagawa, Yoshiaki Tsukuda (NMRI)
Coupling Self-Propulsion Tests with a Marine Diesel Engine Simulation and Auxiliary
Thruster System
Compit Award given to ???
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
Chair Product Life-cycle Management: Couser (Bentley Systems), Kramer (Nupas-Cadmatic)
08:30h Philippe Barbarin, Thierry Massé (PTC)
System Engineering and Connected Systems in Shipbuilding
08:55h Theodoor de Jonge, Henk Kramer (Nupas-Cadmatic)
Integrating CAD/CAM in a PDM/ERP Environment
09:20h Vassilios Zagkas (SimFWD), Svemir Bralic (Brze Vise Bolje)
Real-Time Collaborative Design of Ship and Offshore Structures using BVB CAFE
09:45h Denis Morais, Mark Waldie, Darren Larkins (SSI)
Leveraging Engineering Information
10:10h coffee break
Chair Ship Structures: Bjørhovde (ShipWeight)
10:35h Benjamin Zeitz, Stefan Harries (Friendship Systems), Anders Matthiesen et al. (DNV GL)
Structural Optimization of Midship Sections for Container Vessels coupling POSEIDON
11:00h Ming Ma, Justin Freimuth, Bruce Hays (DRS Technologies), Nick Danese (NDAR)
Hull Girder Cross Section Structural Design using Ultimate Limit States (ULS) based Multiobjective Optimization
11:25h Thomas Devine, Matthew Collette (University of Michigan)
Use of Network Metrics with the Bayesian Optimization Algorithm in Marine Structural
11:50h Runar Aasen, Stein Bjørhovde (BAS Engineering)
Methods for Representing Conditions in a Weight Database
12:15h George Korbetis (BETA CAE Systems), et al. (NTUA)
Effects of Hull Deformation on the Static Shaft Alignment Characteristics of VLCCs
12:40h lunch
Seasonal melon & orange-mango salsa
Honey glazed pork steak with apple sauce and seed mustard juice, seasonal vegetables
We thank our sponsors: ABB, ANSYS, Aveva, Bentley Systems, BETA CAE, CD-adapco, DNV GL, FORCE Technology, Lloyd’s Register, Numeca, Nupas-Cadmatic, PTC, SARC, Sener, ShipWeight, SpecTec, SSI, Wärtsilä
Chair Virtual & Augmented Reality: Morais (SSI), Korbetis (BETA CAE)
13:40h Philipp Halata, Axel Friedewald, Hermann Lödding (TUHH)
Augmented Reality Supported Information Gathering in One-of-a-kind Production
14:05h Seppo Helle, Sirpa Korhonen, A. Euranto, M. Kaustinen, et al. (Univ. of Turku)
Benefits Achieved by Applying Augmented Reality Technology in Marine Industry
14:30h Kohei Matsuo, Koichiro Shiraishi (NMRI)
Introduction of AR Applications for Shop Floor in Shipbuilding
14:55h Abrie Venter (Samahnzi), Igor Juricic (Intergraph)
Virtual Reality for Crew Training in on-board Operational and Emergency Conditions
15:20h Uwe Katzky (Szenaris)
Virtual Reality Simulation Training for Submarine and ROV Operations
15:45h coffee break
Chair Maritime Robotics: Harper & Stark (ONRG)
16:10h Marco Bibuli, Gabriele Bruzzone, Massimo Caccia, Enrica Zereik, et al. (CNR-ISSIA)
Cooperative Autonomous Robotic Towing System for Emergency Ship Towing Operations
16:35h Andrea Caiti, Davide Fenucci et al. (ISME)
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Cooperative Survey of Deep-Water Sites
17:00h Kazuo Ishii, Amir A. F. Nassiraei, Takashi Sonoda (Kyushu IT)
Design Concept of an Underwater Robot for Ship Hull Cleaning
17:25h Don Darling (Sea Robotics)*
HullBUG – Hull Grooming Crawler Robot with Fluorometric Fouling Recognition
17:50h Sebastian Eckstein, Marcus Hamann, Thomas Glotzbach, Christoph Ament (TU Ilmenau)
Towards an Innovative Design for a Laser Tracker System for Fast and Precise Relative
Localisation of Marine Robots
18:00h Thomas Glotzbach, Naveena Crasta, Christoph Ament (TU Ilmenau)
Navigation for Marine Robots: Observability Analyses for Tracking of an Underwater Robot
using Empirical Gramians
Wednesday, 14 May 2014
Chair Autonomous Ships: Soncini (SpecTec), Gordon (AVEVA)
08:30h Yuanchang Liu, Rui Song, Wenwen Liu, Richard Bucknall (University College London)
Autonomous Navigation System for Unmanned Surface Vehicles
08:55h Thomas Porathe (Chalmers TU)
Remote Monitoring and Control of Unmanned Vessels – The MUNIN Shore Control Centre
09:20h Laura Walther, Hans-Christoph Burmeister, Wilko Bruhn (Fraunhofer CML)
Safe and Efficient Autonomous Navigation with Regards to Weather
09:45h Harald Rødseth, Brage Mo (Marintek)
Maintenance Management for Unmanned Shipping
10:10h Ørnulf Rødseth, Åsmund Tjora (Marintek)
A System Architecture for an Unmanned Ship
10:35h coffee break
Chair Performance Insight I: Leo de Vries (Wärtsilä), Rohde (DNV GL)
11:00h Andrea Coraddu, Massimo Figari, et al. (University of Genoa)
A Sustainability Analytics Matlab Tool to Predict Ship Energy Consumption
11:25h Edward Sciberras, Bashar Zahawi, David Atkinson (University of Newcastle)
Simulation-based Efficiency Evaluation of Auxiliary Drives for Marine Vessels
11:50h Nikolaos Kakalis, Georgios Dimopoulos, Iason Stefanatos (DNV GL)
A Novel Framework for Dynamic Modelling of Integrated Machinery Systems
Hans van Vugt (TNO), Leo de Vries (Wärtsilä)*
Ship Energy Design & Service Simulations Combined with Real-Time Propulsion Performance Management Approach
12:40h lunch
Braised beef with leek mash potato served with red wine jus, seasonal vegetables
Raspberry cheesecake and fruit coulis
Chair Performance Insight II: Ignatius (ABB), Kariranta (FORCE Technology)
13:40h Jukka Ignatius, Jan-Erik Räsänen, Kalevi Tervo (ABB), Tim Ellis (Amarcon)
A Comprehensive Performance Management Solution
14:05h Risto-Juhani Kariranta (FORCE Technology)
Integrating Performance Monitoring and other Onboard Software
14:30h Yohan Le Gonidec, Claude Andreau (Tecnitas)
E2 – An Advanced Ship Performance Monitoring Tool
14:55h Andreas Baumgart (HAW Hamburg)
Transport-Navigation – A Smarter Approach to Operations Planning
15:20h coffee break
Chair Future Ship Operation: Nick Danese (NDAR)
15:45h Toshiyuki Kano, Sadahiro Namie (NMRI)
A Study on Estimation of GHG Emission for Speed Planning Operation Using Energy
Efficiency Index and Time-Series Monitoring Data
16:10h Ulf Siwe, Mikael Lind, Ulf Svedberg (Swedish Maritime Adm.)
Sea Traffic Management - The Need for New Maritime Information Standards and Software
16:35h Ole John, Anisa Rizvanolli, Sven Gailus (Fraunhofer CML), Robert Rauer (TUHH)
An Integrated Decision Support Tool for Hours of Work and Rest Compliance Recovery
During Ship Operations
17:00h Giampiero Soncini (SpecTec)
Homo Informaticus versus Homo Maritimus: Can They Coexist?
19:00h DNV GL Dinner – Medieval Banquet (Informal dress)
Glass of mead on arrival
Medieval banquet with entertainment
Surtees Broth (v)
Crozier Fish Pie
Ye Olde Baron Meat Feast (half roast chicken & pork rib)
The Repost (Apple Pie & Wensleydale Cheese)
2 pints of beer per person
* Paper on website
We thank our sponsors: ABB, ANSYS, Aveva, Bentley Systems, BETA CAE, CD-adapco, DNV GL, FORCE Technology, Lloyd’s Register, Numeca, Nupas-Cadmatic, PTC, SARC, Sener, ShipWeight, SpecTec, SSI, Wärtsilä