An alliance of business groups and unions has been formed to oppose changes to Australia Post’s Community
Service Obligations and to have ACCC oversight over bulk mail price increases restored, it was announced today.
Michael Tull CPSU; Lorraine Cassin AMWU Printing Division; John Mathieson AMWU Retired Members; Angela Cramp and
Andrew Hirst Licensed Post Office Group; Bill Healey Printing Industries Association of Australia; Martin O'Nea, CWU.
The alliance brings together business groups representing printers and mail houses (PIAA), licensed post offices (LPO
Group) and unions (AMWU, CPSU, CWU).
“Our organisations have come together to voice our concern about the future of Australia Post. Australia Post has
failed to outline a clear strategic direction on how it intends to deal with the challenges resulting from the
emergence of the digital economy”, said alliance spokesperson Bill Healey (PIAA).
“To make matters worse, Australia Post is deliberately ignoring the views of the Australian community and the
findings of their own research,” Bill Healey said.
An Australia Post consumer survey found that:
 85% of people read their mail on the day it is received.
 98% of people open their mail compared to only 20-25% for email.
 67% of people still prefer to get their bills and bank statements through the mail.
The alliance is calling on all members of parliament to support:
The retention of all of Australia Post’s existing community service obligations.
The restoration of ACCC oversight of price increases in bulk lodged mail and the monitoring of service standards, as
is currently the case of with Post’s community service obligations.
The establishment of a bipartisan round table also involving all industry stakeholders to examine options for
Australia Post’s future with oversight of proposals and outcomes by the senate communications committee.
“It is time Australia Post worked with industry stakeholders and the community to develop a clear strategic direction
for the future of mail services rather than misleading the Australian public on the continuing effectiveness and
demand for traditional mail,” said Bill Healey.
“Greater oversight is required of the management of Australia Post to ensure that a significant public asset is not
irreparably damaged,” Bill Healey said.
Alliance members will meet with key independents and senators in Canberra this week to set out their vision for
Australia Post’s future.
Media Inquiries: Bill Healey (0419 627 693)
26 August 2014