ICES Journal of Marine Science

ICES Journal of
Marine Science
Journal du Conseil
Volume 71 Number 3 March/April 2014
Regular Articles
A. Passantino
The EU shark finning ban at the beginning of the new millennium: the legal framework
A. Gru¨ss, D. M. Kaplan, & J. Robinson
Evaluation of the effectiveness of marine reserves for transient spawning aggregations in
data-limited situations
Editor’s Choice
D. Al-Abdulrazzak & D. Pauly
Managing fisheries from space: Google Earth improves estimates of distant fish catches
Original Articles
D. Kamykowski
Twentieth century Atlantic meridional overturning circulation as an indicator of global
ocean multidecadal variability: influences on sea level anomalies and small pelagic fishery
A. E. Punt, A. D. M. Smith, D. C. Smith, G. N. Tuck, & N. L. Klaer
Selecting relative abundance proxies for BMSY and BMEY
J-O. Meynecke & R. G. Richards
A full life cycle and spatially explicit individual-based model for the giant mud crab (Scylla
serrata): a case study from a marine protected area
R. K. Bauer, U. Gra¨we, D. Stepputtis, C. Zimmermann, & C. Hammer
Identifying the location and importance of spawning sites of Western Baltic herring using a
particle backtracking model
J-M. Fromentin & D. Lopuszanski
Migration, residency, and homing of bluefin tuna in the western Mediterranean Sea
T. Miethe, T. Gro¨hsler, U. Bo¨ttcher, & C. von Dorrien
The effects of periodic marine inflow into the Baltic Sea on the migration patterns of
Western Baltic spring-spawning herring
A. Linnane, R. McGarvey, C. Gardner, T. I. Walker, J. Matthews, B. Green, & A. E. Punt
Large-scale patterns in puerulus settlement and links to fishery recruitment in the southern
rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii), across south-eastern Australia
T. A. Øiga˚rd, T. Haug, & K. T. Nilssen
From pup production to quotas: current status of harp seals in the Greenland Sea
C. J. G. van Damme, A. Thorsen, M. Fonn, P. Alvarez, D. Garabana, B. O’Hea, J. R. Perez, &
M. Dickey-Collas
Fecundity regulation in horse mackerel
P. T. Geraghty, W. G. Macbeth, A. V. Harry, J. E. Bell, M. N. Yerman, & J. E. Williamson
Age and growth parameters for three heavily exploited shark species off temperate eastern
K. E. Jørstad, H. Ottera˚, T. van der Meeren, G. Dahle, O. I. Paulsen, G. Bakke, & T. Sva˚sand
Genetic marking of farmed Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua l.) and detection of escapes from a
commercial cod farm
S. M. Leandro, P. Tiselius, & H. Queiroga
Spatial and temporal scales of environmental forcing of Acartia populations (Copepoda:
Calanoida) in the Canal de Mira (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)
D. Kang, J. Park, S-K. Jung, & S. Cho
Estimates of acoustic target strength for giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai Kishinouye in
the coastal Northwest Pacific
S. Goetz, F. L. Read, M. B. Santos, C. Pita, & G. J. Pierce
Cetacean–fishery interactions in Galicia (NW Spain): results and management
implications of a face-to-face interview survey of local fishers
R. J. Marriott, M. F. O’Neill, S. J. Newman, & C. L. Skepper
Abundance indices for long-lived tropical snappers: estimating standardized catch rates
from spatially and temporally coarse logbook data
J. I. Castillo-Manzano, L. Lo´pez-Valpuesta, F. Gonzalez-Laxe, & D. J. Pedregal
An econometric analysis of the Spanish fresh fish market
The Value of Coastal Habitats for Exploited Species
R. D. Seitz
Value of coastal habitats for exploited species: introduction to a theme set of articles
R. P. Vasconcelos, D. B. Eggleston, O. Le Pape, & I. Tulp
Patterns and processes of habitat-specific demographic variability in exploited marine
R. D. Seitz, H. Wennhage, U. Bergstro¨m, R. N. Lipcius, & T. Ysebaert
Ecological value of coastal habitats for commercially and ecologically important species
Food for Thought
A. A. Bowden
Towards a comprehensive strategy to recover river herring on the Atlantic seaboard:
lessons from Pacific salmon
Original Articles
G. Sundblad, U. Bergstro¨m, A. Sandstro¨m, & P. Eklo¨v
Nursery habitat availability limits adult stock sizes of predatory coastal fish
C. M. Jones
Can we predict the future: juvenile finfish and their seagrass nurseries in the Chesapeake
L. A. Davias, M. S. Kornis, & D. L. Breitburg
Environmental factors influencing d 13C and d 15N in three Chesapeake Bay fishes
H. Townsend
Comparing and coupling a water quality and a fisheries ecosystem model of the
Chesapeake Bay for the exploratory assessment of resource management strategies
M. P. Carey, P. S. Levin, H. Townsend, T. J. Minello, G. R. Sutton, T. B. Francis, C. J. Harvey,
J. E. Toft, K. K. Arkema, J. L. Burke, C-K. Kim, A. D. Guerry, M. Plummer, G. Spiridonov, &
M. Ruckelshaus
Characterizing coastal foodwebs with qualitative links to bridge the gap between the theory
and the practice of ecosystem-based management
J. E. Toft, J. L. Burke, M. P. Carey, C. K. Kim, M. Marsik, D. A. Sutherland, K. K. Arkema,
A. D. Guerry, P. S. Levin, T. J. Minello, M. Plummer, M. H. Ruckelshaus, & H. M. Townsend
From mountains to sound: modelling the sensitivity of Dungeness crab and Pacific oyster
to land–sea interactions in Hood Canal, WA
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