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Arlington County Community Services Board
Executive Committee Meeting
Drewry Building
1725 North George Mason Dr, Arlington
Room 107
May 10, 2014
Present: James Mack, Anne Hermann, Judith Deane, Jenette O’Keefe, Brian DeAtley, Barbara Jones,
Shauna Alonge
Excused: Carol Skelly
Staff: Anita Friedman, Farah Shakour, Kelly Mauller, Joanna Barnes, Leslie Weisman
Approval of the DRAFT April 7, 2014 Executive Committee Minutes
Chair Mack called for a motion to approve the April 7, 2014 ACCSB Executive Committee meeting
minutes. Ms. Jones motioned to approve the minutes, Ms. Deane seconded the motion, and the
minutes were approved with several corrections.
Update: Arlington County Local FY 15 Budget
Ms. Friedman, Interim CSB Executive Director, stated that the only CSB local budget request granted
by the County Board for FY 15 was for one-time funding for a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
Coordinator. She noted that the County Board also approved funding for homeless services
provided by Treatment on Wheels (TOW). This was a CSB recommendation that was omitted when
it was added to the base budget. She asked if the CSB would send a letter of appreciation to the
County Board office again this year as they have in the past and the committee members agreed that
they would do so. Chair Mack stated that the CSB will continue to advocate for items that were not
approved in the County budget. The letter will be sent to the full board members for comment and
will then be sent to the County Board.
Discussion: State General Assembly Legislative Issues
Review Outline for Successful CSB Advocacy document
Ms. Shakour distributed the CSB’s state and local outline for successful advocacy. The outline
indicates that the CSB should begin to focus on their FY15 State recommendations to the General
Review of FY14 General Assembly package
Ms. Shakour gave an overview of the CSB’s FY14 General Assembly Recommendations and the
Regional Management Group’s (RMG) FY15 regional priorities (Refer to Handouts). She noted that
the State has not yet adopted a budget. The Senate and the House have approved budget
amendments within each of their own chambers but have not agreed to a collaborative State budget.
The committee discussed the recommendations and compared them to the RMG’s current regional
priorities in an effort to begin the process of compiling their FY15 General Assembly
recommendations. Ms. Shakour stated that the VACSB has requested that the local CSB’s submit
their FY15 recommendations by May 16th. She also noted that the County Board Office typically
requests the CSB’s state recommendations in June or July of each year.
 Crisis Intervention and Stabilization Program for Older Adults (FY14 recommendation) – the
committee agreed to not include this item in their FY15 recommendations.
 Expand Regional Adult Facilities Treatment (RAFT) (FY14 recommendation) – the committee
agreed to include this item as a place holder in their FY15 State General Assembly
recommendations but include it in their regional recommendations to the VACSB.
 Community Placement of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Bridge Funding for
Individuals Leaving the Training Centers (FY14 recommendation) - Joanna Barnes, Intellectual
and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Bureau Chief, stated that she attended a VACSB
Conference on May 1st and May 2nd. She also attended the Developmental Services Council
meeting to discuss three possible sources of funding that may become available once the State
approves a budget; 1) Bridge funding – the funding is specific to each individual, 2) Bond
funding – the funding has limited flexibility and considerable restrictions, 3) Trust Fund – the
fund carries the most potential to be helpful to the CSB. It is one time funding but may carry
restrictions depending on the approved State budget. The funding would be used as start-up
monies to purchase homes and for home renovations in Northern Virginia. The committee
discussed the recommendation. The Committee agreed to include this item in their FY15
recommendations pending the General Assembly’s approval of a State budget.
 Peer Model Substance Abuse Recovery Program (FY14 recommendation) – the committee agreed
to include this item in their FY15 recommendations
 Expansion of Medicaid (FY14 recommendation) – the committee agreed to include this item in
their FY15 recommendations
 Expand Critical Core Service of Intensive Case Management (FY14 recommendation) – the
committee agreed to not include this item in their FY15 recommendations
 Housing Services and Support for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) (FY14
recommendation) – this item is included in the VACSB regional recommendations. The
committee agreed to include this item in their FY15 recommendations
 Discharge Assistance Planning (DAP) (FY14 recommendation) – the committee agreed to include
this item in their FY15 recommendations. Ms. Shakour will obtain an update on the number of
individuals currently on the Extraordinary Barriers List (EBL).
 Logisticare (FY14 recommendation) – the committee agreed to not include this item in their FY15
 Restrict the Use of Seclusion, Isolation and/or Restraint for children (FY14 recommendation) –
the committee agreed to include this item in their FY15 recommendations
 Expand Services for Children and Adolescents (FY14 recommendation) - the committee agreed to
include this item in their FY15 recommendations
 Seal/Expunge Children’s and Adolescent’s Juvenile Court Records (FY14 recommendation) - the
committee agreed to include this item in their FY15 recommendations
Ms. Shakour will update the General Assembly recommendations for FY15 and present them to the
Executive Committee for review. The deadline for submitting the recommendations to the County
Board Office is generally June 30th.
CSB Annual Award Nominations
Ms. Shakour gave an overview of the staff nominations submitted for this year’s CSB Annual
Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will be held one hour prior to the CSB full board meeting on June
18, 2014 beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Stambaugh Building, 2100 Washington Boulevard, Lower Level
The committee discussed and selected this year’s award recipients:
 Children’s Behavioral Healthcare Team (supervised by Violetta Battle), Child and Family
Services Division (CFSD): Team Award
 Amanda Manning, Mental Health Therapist, Team C, Behavioral Healthcare Division (BHD):
Staff Recognition Award for Exemplary Clinical Service
 Jonathan Biggs, Mental Health Worker, Clarendon House, BHD: Staff Recognition Award for
Exemplary Clinical Service
 Norma Jimenez, Mental Health Therapist, CFSD: Staff Recognition Award for Exemplary Clinical
 Henry Jefferson, Independence House, Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic, Program Operator
for Arlington County: Community Partner Award (staff nominated)
 Charles Phillips, Information Technology, Operations Support Team (OST), BHD: Staff
Recognition Award for Exemplary Technology Information Support
 Maria Toole, Health Information Supervisor, OST, BHD: Staff Recognition Award for Exemplary
Technology Leadership
 Beth Hill, Administrative Assistant, Psychiatric Services, BHD: Staff Recognition Award for
Exemplary Administrative Support
 Margaret Jones, Manager, Parent-Infant Education (PIE) Program, Department of Human
Services (DHS): Lifetime Achievement Award
 Cynthia Kemp, Retired Division Chief, BHD and CSB Executive Director: Lifetime Achievement
 Mary Ann Bergeron, Retired VACSB Executive Director: in lieu of presenting Ms. Bergeron with
an award, the committee agreed that Chair Mack will write a letter of appreciation and
recognition of behalf of the CSB
Ms. Shakour will solicit the CSB full board for additional community partner awards. Ms. Mauller
passed around a food sign-up sheet to the members.
Action Item: Approval to seek DBHDS Crisis Intervention Assessment Site Expansion grant
Ms. Freidman introduced Leslie Weisman, Bureau Chief, Client Services Entry. Ms. Weisman stated
that she is seeking the Executive Committee’s approval to apply for the Department of Behavioral
Health and Developmental Service’s (DBHDS) FY14/FY15 Assessment Site grant provided through
the General Assembly’s 2014 Appropriation Act Funds. The total amount of the request will be
The grant, if approved, would allow for Emergency Services staff to provide live coverage 24
hours per day, 7 days per week.
The addition of staff would decrease the amount of overtime and call back pay spent on
Emergency Services staff who currently respond from home after hours.
24/7 coverage would decrease the wait times for consumers in crisis, their families, law
enforcement and others involved in their care.
The Executive Committee approved the request. The request will be brought before the CSB Full
Board for approval at the May 21st full board meeting.
Brief Updates/Information
 Chair Mack announced that two CSB members have terms ending in June; Jenette O’Keefe (9
years) and Keith Whyte (3 years). He noted that Ms. O’Keefe will remain an active member on
the Substance Abuse Committee. He commended Ms. O’Keefe on her many years of advocacy.
Mr. Mack stated that Mr. Whyte has served one term. He noted that he has spoken to Mr. Whyte
about renewing his term and is waiting for his decision.
 Ms. Friedman stated that Susanne Eisner, Director, Department of Human Services, is actively
recruiting for the position of Division Chief for the Behavioral Healthcare Division / Executive
Director of the CSB. She noted that the County has acquired the services of an executive
recruitment firm experienced in recruiting CSB executive directors to conduct a national search
for the position. An announcement for the position will be forwarded to the Executive
Committee once available. The CSB By-Laws state that a representative of the CSB is required to
be on the interview panel. Ms. Friedman stated that the CSB can be involved in recruitment for
the position.
 Ms. Friedman announced that the Program Reviews are currently being reviewed in the standing
committees. The Reviews are due by June 30th and will be discussed at the July 7th Executive
Committee meeting. A sample review was passed around to the committee for review.
 Ms. Friedman stated that a memorandum from the Department of Behavioral Health and
Development Services (DBHDS) was sent to all of the CSB Executive Directors in Northern
Virginia as well as other jurisdictions requesting support for the Commonwealth of Virginia to
apply for Section 811 Project Rental Assistance (PRA) Program funding. If funded, PRA will
provide project-based rental for extremely low-income individuals with disabilities. The
committee agreed to support the request.
 Ms. Jones opened a discussion about subcommittee members that are not members of the CSB
Full Board and who also do not attend other subcommittee meetings. She suggested inviting
subcommittee members to attend a full board meeting to better understand the role of the CSB
and as a potential strategy to recruit members to the full board. Ms. Jones also suggested that it
may be helpful if subcommittee members attend other subcommittee meetings, at times, to better
understand each committees’ areas of focus. The members discussed options for promoting
attendance at the meetings.
 Ms. Deane announced that the Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is
sponsoring a luncheon picnic on Wednesday June 11th at the Bluemont Park Picnic Shelter from
11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The picnic will provide an opportunity for PACT clients and staff to
socialize and integrate with other members of the community.
Upcoming Items for CSB Full Board Meeting on May 21, 2014
 Chair Mack announced that Brooke Postlewaite, Mental Health Therapist in BHD will receive the
May 21st staff recognition award.
 Ms. Shakour announced that Russell Danao-Schroeder, Arlington County Department of
Community Planning, Housing and Development, will present an update about the Arlington
County Affordable Housing Study.
 Chair Mack announced that the Administrative Committee will seek approval of the revised CSB
policies and procedures at the May 21ST full board.
 There will be a Group Home Report presented if necessary.
 There will be a monthly Financial Report presented if necessary.
 Chair Mack will ask the members if they would like any updates from the CSB Ad Hoc Initiative
 Ms. Hermann will report out on the Mary Marshall Assisted Living Residence (MMALR).
The Arlington County Community Services Board Executive Committee meeting was adjourned by
Chair Mack at 8:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Kelly Mauller.