Minutes 16 September 2014 Present: John Andrews, Beverly

Minutes 16 September 2014
Present: John Andrews, Beverly Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, Rick Prince, Anthony Eschmann, Kim
Bollinger, Mark Gonzalez, Brian Luckett
Rick Prince brought up the Fringe Festival and suggested that we invite Kristin Evans to speak at our
October meeting. It was agreed that this would be done.
John Andrews mentioned that we do not know what is happening with the plans for the port/cruise ship
terminal and the old Port of Embarkation. It was noted that we had written to Mr. Robert Jumonville
earlier but his response was non-committal.
The issue of the Country Club was discussed. Anthony said that the meeting with the Alcohol
Beverage Outlet had been postponed as the Country Club had retained another lawyer. Rick Prince
said that they would like to address our general meeting. It was agreed to invite them to the October
Rhonda Fleming mentioned that several groups are considering suing the City Planning Commission
because they do not feel that the processes used for the CZO were legal.
Mark Gonzalez suggested that we form a coalition of associations along the riverfront, including
Algiers, to fight the height limits and other problems of mutual concern. He will contact them and try
to organize a meeting.
The agenda for the October Meeting will be:
Kristin Evans, Fringe Festival
Representatives from the Country Club
Organization of a fund raising committee.
Anthony Eschmann,
NFB Minutes 3 September 2014
President Julie Jones called the meeting to order and introduced our new Interim Police Chief Michael
Harrison. ([email protected]) He in turn introduced his Deputy, Officer Robert Bardy and the 5th
District Commander Christopher Goodly. ([email protected])
IPC Harrison started off saying that he believed in the “Broken Window” Theory of law enforcement.
By using the resources as best he can he hopes to decrease crime and increase the morale of the police
officers. He feels that part of the morale problem is the shortage of officers, and will pursue hiring as
soon as possible. They do their best now filling gaps with overtime. He also said that the Inspector
General found about 60-90 officers working desk duty who could be replaced by civilians. There was
also an admission that there are still problems due to deficits left over from the Nagin Administration.
Mark Gonzalez explained to the officers the differences between NFB and the BNA.
Other discussions were:
The educational qualifications being lessened to get more officers as well as allowing potential officers
to work and obtain the education required;
The need for bilingual officers and sensitivity to issues related to the deaf;
The force could use the time of teachers and social workers willing to volunteer.
Officer Bardy spoke briefly saying that one change that has alleviated some of the load is that simple
possession of marijuana is now a municipal court issue. The police need only issue a summons to
court, not arrest anyone.
Commander Goodly also spoke. In response to a question from the audience he said that sexual
orientation is irrelevant in the police force.
October 14 is the Night Out Against Crime.
President Jones thanked the officers for their time; she then made two announcements. One was
regarding the proposed restaurant on Dauphine and Independence requesting conditional use for
Alcohol and the other a reminder about the CPC meetings regarding the CZO.
Anthony Eschmann