DAC / District Accountability Committee Meeting Minutes Date

DAC / District Accountability Committee
Meeting Minutes
Date: August 12, 2014
Wilcox Building, Board of Education Room
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Call to Order and Roll Call:
Becky Barnes, Chair/Parent Member
Jean Medberry, Vice-Chair/Parent Member
Barb Cousins, Recorder/ Parent Member
Brandy Nath, Voting Teacher Member
Michael Holmes, Parent member
Mark Harrell, Franktown Elementary school principal
Becky Takeda-Tinker, Parent Member
Ron Booth, Voting Community Member
Sandra Brownrigg, Parent Member
Chris Cingrani, Parent Member
Brian Wetterling, Parent Member
Judi Reynolds, DCSD Board of Education Representative
Meghann Silverthorn, DCSD Board of Education Representative
Kathy Brown, DCSD School & Community Partnership Coordinator
Ted Knight, DCSD Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Education
Steve Cook, DCSD Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education
Chad Timkin, Parent Member
General Meeting:
Roll call by recorder and confirmation of quorum. The May 2014 meeting minutes were
approved with no changes. They will get posted onto the DCSD DAC website page by Dorinda
within a day or two of the meeting.
The DAC meeting schedule for the year was provided and is also on the website.
Becky is suggesting that the SACs elect their officers in May and not October. She
awaits a reply and comments from Rob Ross, school district attorney.
Becky awaits further by-law changes from CODOE.
DAC officer selection – was done at the meeting for the 2014/15 school year. Chris
Cingrani, President; Barb Cousins, VP; Sharon Brownrigg, recorder/ website (we do not have
access to the website and have to go thru Dorinda).
CITE / Continuous Improvement of Teacher Effectiveness / teacher evaluation system
Update – by Dr. Steve Cook & Ted Knight – The district is revising or creating a total of 26
rubrics for its staff evaluations. The revisions were made based on staff feedback. A group of
40x met for almost a day and systematically went thru the documents. Revisions for 16 of these
rubrics were presented for DAC approval and then a final BOE approval for their
implementation. There were also other internal district layers of approval prior to the DAC
presentation. They are for this school year and subject to additional feedback and then revision
for next year. All target groups were represented at the work session. The presentation is on the
DAC website page and the link is: https://www.dcsdk12.org/world-class-education/gvcs.
Questions & comments included:
Are the relationships with students addressed? Yes
Did the revisions include staff specific for each rubric? Yes
Are the relationships with parents addressed? Yes
It was suggested that Kathy Brown be on the agenda in a future DAC meeting based on
the prior questions about parents and students / surveys, etc.
What are “world class outcomes”? Ted spent time explaining and it is now on the district
Barb stated there were good examples and a good explanation of world class outcomes in
a recent Parade Magazine article; link:
Are standardized tests part of the evaluation process? No, at least not this year for both
the district and CO BOE/ all districts.
It was stated that CO BOE had approved the prior version and if we don’t approve this
version, it will revert to the old one, which was already approved!
It was stated by one SAC member that she thought it was good overall; struggled with the
variables within grades especially at the elementary level; also, how do you evaluate if a
person is doing more than one job at the same time?
SAC audience member – will last year’s collection of evidence translate to this year’s
body of evidence? Yes, for future planning purposes but cannot directly be used again.
The goal of the next SAC discussion will be to take the evaluations from concept to process.
Jean motioned to accept the revised CITE rubrics for 16x of the 26x and Ron seconded the
motion. All votes were in favor and none opposed.
LEAD update - by Dr. Steve Cook – very little discussion here. There are no significant
changes and it is on the agenda for those schools that did not make recommendations last year.
Jean recommended a way to boost possible SAC membership and awareness is to market
to the kindergarten parents. Steve told the group that yes that was one of the ideas in a set of
docs to be sent to all school principals soon: 1. SAC Best Practices & 2. SAC minimum
requirements. The document is now out to principals, as of August 22nd, and the link is: SAC
Best Practices and Guidelines. It is a link under SAC resources on the district DAC website.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 pm.
Barb Cousins Recorder.
Handouts at meeting:
Calendar for 2014-15 DAC meetings
CITE 2013
CITE 2014-15 Draft
CITE 3.0 Draft 14-15 Significant Changes
PowerPoint by Dr. Steve Cook (not paper version)