Global Grant Procedures with a DDF Match

 Global Grant Procedures with a DDF Match 1. Qualified clubs in District 5110 apply for Global Grants to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) using My Rotary at the Rotary website. 2. The primary international club from District 5110 must submit a complete Global Grant DDF Proposal Form and submit that form electronically to the Global Grants Chair David Herfindahl (dherfindahl at at least ten (10) days before the Global Grants Committee meeting date where it will be presented and DDF secured. 3. If 50% of the cash funding for the project has been obtained the proposal will be placed on the agenda for the next Global Grants Committee meeting so that DDF may be allocated and secured for the project. A member from the primary sponsoring club must be present at that meeting to present the request. 4. DDF can be encumbered at that meeting, up to the District maximum cap for that Rotary Year, for twelve (12) months, provided the following timelines are met: ·∙ A Global Grant number must be assigned by TRF within 3 months or by the next Grants Meeting, whichever comes first. ·∙ The application must be in "Submitted Mode" within 6 months. ·∙ The proposal must be approved by TRF within 12 months 5. If the above timelines are not met, the DDF encumbrance will be removed by the Global Grants Chair, and the DDF will be released to the District DDF pool for other Global Grants. 6. If there is insufficient DDF to fully fund all proposals on the agenda for that meeting, the amount of DDF allocated to each proposal on the agenda will be reduced proportionately. 7. It is the responsibility of the Primary International Club that submitted the proposal to TRF to arrange for all cash contributions to be sent to to the primary international club which will, when appropriate, send the money to TRF in accordance with TRF procedures. 8. If the primary international club is from District 5110, the District Rotary March 27, 2014 Foundation Committee Chair (DRFCC) from District 5110 will be the last "sign off" on the proposal, thus locking the proposal and changing the status to be submitted. If clubs from District 5110 are only contributors, and the primary international club is from another district, the DRFCC sign off is at that officer's discretion.