dga management/hse monthly focus – january 2014

You are being monitored. When you or your team are not, the likelihood of being involved
in an incident or accident greatly increases. Look after yourself and your team mates to
promote the safety message and the correct decision making process. You can make a
difference in your workplace with motivation and continual improvement.
DGA Management and the HSE Department are targeting the following areas this month:
Accidents / Incidents – Historically the likelihood of being involved in an accident or incident
November through to February greatly increases as employees start to focus on upcoming
festive holidays or are still in holiday mode when they return to work in the New Year. DGA
Management fully recognises this industry wide trend and intend increased site visitation in
January/February to raise awareness and promote safer working practices throughout the
Incident/Injury Reporting – Due to frequent lapses and late reporting SOP-HSE-009 Event
Report & Investigation Procedure Rev 2....20140110 has now been amended to include
disciplinary outcomes for employees that fail to report in accordance with this procedure. As a
priority please ensure that the Questionnaire is completed and assessed as competent.
Completed SOP’s/Assessments are to be uploaded to individual employee profile (Compliance
& Attachments Tab) in INX InControl.
OHS Elected Representatives – Diverse Group Australia intends to improve OHS
communication throughout the company by conducting elections for Safety & Health
Representatives from our workforce. This is your chance to actively take part in further
strengthening our culture and positively interacting with employees and Management
regarding safety issues. Congratulations to Julian Imlach, Raymond Ruwhiu and Martin Hughes
as elected Safety & Health Representatives with Cards/Packs received and will be distributed
to site. There will be further elections late January in Wickham, Port Hedland and at RCE for
intended nominations.
Job Focus/Right to Challenge – You are reminded at all times to focus on the task as hand,
consider the impact it may have on surrounding operations, assess risk and apply appropriate
controls. At ANY TIME you have the right to stop the job and respectfully challenge any task,
job, instruction or situation where harm may come to yourself or others.