Shared Inbox Instructions FOR MANAGERS AND IT ONLY

Shared Inbox Instructions FOR MANAGERS AND IT ONLY
Step I: Create an ABC Ratings file
Step II: Create an account on a virtual machine that is never turned off (IT Dept)
Step III: Load .csv file
To load a list of company domains with ABC ratings to be automatically applied by the LeanMail Shared
Inbox add-in:
1. Create a folder called “LeanMail” on a drive shared by all the shared inbox users
2. Open a new Excel document and enter the following information:
Cell A1: Domain
Cell B1: Rating
3. Save to the LeanMail folder as a .csv file:
File name: ABC List
Save as type: CSV (Comma delimited)
Click Save, then Yes in the following window
4. Enter the domain names and customer ratings in the proper columns
Customer domain names, i.e., are inserted in column A; and ratings in column B.
(see the example below)
Domain names must be in lower case
You do not have to enter the domains in any specific order
Ratings must be limited to either *A, A, B or C.
Make a back-up of this file and regular back-ups in the future
*A is equal to A+ but because the “+” follows the “A” we have to put an “*” in front of the A in order for the domains of the
highest rating to be placed at the top of the list.
5. Save the .csv file (See instruction in first part) to the “LeanMail” folder in the list. When you
attempt to close the document, click Don’t Save in the following window
II - Instructions for IT
1. Create a new domain user on the Active Directory
2. Add permissions for the new user to access the Shared Inbox(s)
3. Set up a virtual machine with Outlook that runs using the credentials of the new user
created in step 1
4. Install LeanMail on the virtual machine and make sure the shared inbox functionality is
activated by receiving an activation key through the normal activation process
III - UPLOAD .csv from LeanMail folder on shared drive
6. Click LeanMail Tab/Options/Shared Inbox Settings/Load ABC list (LeanMail needs to be
7. Search for and select the ABC list on the shared drive (Please remember to review your list and
make sure the domains are correctly listed before uploading. A dialog box will confirm that the
list has been successfully loaded. The list will not affect mails currently in the shared inbox –
only new incoming mails.
8. Click on your shared inbox in Outlook.
On the LeanMail toolbar, choose All Mails, Shared Inbox All (see illustration)
9. Test the ABC functionality:
1) Select a mail from the shared inbox which contains one of the domains you have
listed on the Excel .csv file and move it to another folder. Then place it back in the
shared inbox.
2) A rating should be automatically applied to the selected mail in the Customer
column. (If there is an issue, it could be a problem with the domains in the list)
Leave this virtual machine running 24/7.
In order to update the Shared Inbox ABC list, go through steps 5-7.