Provocative presentations and quirky exhibitions

Press release
Eindhoven, 7 October 2014
Comprehensive program Dutch Design Week 2014 at Yksi
Provocative presentations and quirky exhibitions
Design ensures that many things are made easier and make the world better at the same time.
Prettier and more fun. During the thirteenth edition of the Dutch Design Week hundreds of
designers show smart, inventive solutions and show new perspectives. Yksi is located in the
heart of this exciting event and locks into a comprehensive program of stimulating presentations
and quirky exhibitions. For additional information about each component see
Yksi Expo
1. Design Competition Collaboration S
Under name Collaboration-S, Satellite Furniture shows the second edition of its design competition for
students. The assignment was to develop an interesting concept using the solid bended beech wood as
material, and thus connect with the theme.material bended solid beech wood and 'connect' with the
theme. The bending of wood as ancient craft in a new guise. This has a wide range of designs produced
in the area of work, relax, sleep, eat, drink, learn and concerns. From over eighty submissions, the jury
selected thirteen nominees. On Saturday, October 18th, the winner will be announced.
2. Model Home BLOCK 63
During DDW the sale will start of BLOCK 63, a new project of Volker Wessels with 200 lofts in Strip-S
Eindhoven. In the Yksi winkel/shop you’ll find a "model home" of this project, the original interior is
designed by Yksi Design.
3. Gispen works everywhere
Gispen shows new products and solutions for work environments, for both home and at the office. With
the main theme durability and high-quality and innovative design.
4.Story Tiles
Designer Marga van Oers gives tiles gives a new life with her unique, detailed and humorous collages.
StoryTiles are miniature stories on old Dutch whites, the artisan tiles since that are made since the 16th
Yksi Podium
5.Floris Hovers
The designs of Floris Hovers - furniture, lighting and miniatures - surprised by their disarming simplicity
and their almost naive playfulness. No abstract minimalism, but the end result of a long process of
reduction. What remains is the essence, an almost cartoon-like composition of shape, structure and
colour. Achieved in the interplay between man and machine.
6. Olav Slingerland
Olav Slingerland shows his latest ceramic objects and utensils. By the use of casting molds small to
medium-sized series can be produced in batches which is still show the authenticity of the maker.
Slingerland still performs the process of design to finished product.
Yksi AirClad (outside)
7. AirClad / Frederik van Heereveld & Nick Crosbie
AirClad is a modular system of wood, aluminum and inflatable membrane so spaces can be created in
no time. For temporary, semi-temporary or permanent use. Right next to the Yksi shop/winkel you’ll see
a sample of this pop up architecture of Frederik van Heereveld Nick Crosbie.
8. Academy of Fine Arts and Design Maastricht: graduation
In AirClad the Design department of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design presents a
selection of recent exam projects. With the designer not only as a conceptual 'creator', but also as an
initiator between the different disciplines involved.
Yksi Black Box
9.Yksi Design
Yksi Design shows their own works that came into production this last year. For example the Heriz rugs,
Wheelbarrow Cabinet and Trolley Cabinet designed for Soonsalon and the floor lamp Tripod for the label
Watt Design.
10. Leoxx commercial carpet
Yksi Design made new designs in co-creation with Leoxx, specialist in high quality project flooring.
Printed in 4m wide, as a combination of line patterns of bright colours with details of traditional Heriz
carpets from Iran. After 1.5 years of development we are now launching the latest quality Upside Down.
11. Half a century Nya Nordiska
Nya Nordiska is since 1964 an innovative and successful designer and delivers high quality curtain and
upholstery fabrics for residential and contract applications. For the 50th anniversary this barnd shows
especially new products such as the transparent fleece Batumi CS, collection suspension systems Nya
Artline, wall panels Nya Walls with a textile appearance and Tex Glass collection, a combination of textile
and diamond glass.
12. Müller Möbelwerkstätten
Müller Möbelwerkstätten combines years of craftsmanship with hi-tech production methods. This
knowledge leads to a series of smart furniture for living and working as per example the collapsible desk
Flat Mate.
13. EyeCatcher (SeeMe)
The EyeCatcher of SeeMe Displays won in 2012 a Good Industrial Design Award and is now on the
market. This oval light showcases a product in a special way.
14. Ontwerpduo Heetman | Patijn
Products Heetman | Patijn have their own character, particularly by the recognizable, sometimes
humanly details. Clear and understandable by their simplicity and visible construction they play with the
sense of the user, and they bring a smile to the face.
15. Alex White
Alex White strives for originality. He is inspired by pure shapes, the unexpected, combined techniques
and chance. He likes to make the impossible possible.
16. Velvet Lab
TheVelvetLab shows laptop and fashion bags, poufs, cushions, low loungers and lampshades. These
fashion and interior accessories of high quality are finished with Royal Dutch Velvets, velvet exclusively
designed and produced in the Netherlands.
Yksi / Caffee Allee
17. Sandwich Bike
For several years Basten Leijh has been working on the design of the Sandwich Bike. In the meanwhile
the part of the bike are now sandwiched between two wooden panels, available in various models as
do-it-yourself package. Sandwich bike not only looks cool, but is also a nice bike.
18. Okimono: honest design T-shirts and sweaters
Okimono (Arnhem) is surprising, honest T-shirts and sweaters design company for adult men. In
collaboration with some thirty artists ranging from graphic designers and illustrators to a woodcarver.
During DDW 2014, the first two t-shirts of the serie Eindhoven will be presented.
19. Undercurrent, new platform for young design talent
Undercurrent is a platform for design talent and presents unique design for a fair price. The purchase of
these designs will directly contribute to the realization of the first limited series of these products and
helps the designers to get started. Works include: Nathaly Heesakkers (Willem de Kooning Academy),
Elmer Francs (Windesheim), Julius Blaauw (TU Delft), and Marijn van Berge Henegouwen (Academy
of Fine Arts Maastricht).
Provocative presentations and quirky exhibitions at Yksi during Dutch Design Week 2014.
Every year in late October Dutch Design Week to see how the world of tomorrow is already in the making today.
Exciting ideas, crazy experiments and extraordinary collaborations - Dutch design is much more than the first
impression suggests. Exactly that is what the visitor will see and experience during Dutch Design Week 2014 (1826 October). Yksi is located in the heart of this lively event with a comprehensive program. See (press)
for an overview and additional press releases per part.
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