HMIe Action Plan - Chatelherault Primary School

HMIe Action Plan
March 2014
Chatelherault Primary: HMIe Action Plan
Parent/Carer Update: 31 March 2014
Dear Parent/Carer
We have been continuing to work hard as a team within the school to build on
the successes identified by HMIe during their inspection early in September
2013 and also to move forward in a clear and structured way on areas which
have been identified for development to help us to ensure that we are doing
everything we can to provide your child with the best education possible.
We hope that you find the March update helpful and informative.
Dianne Lynas HT, Laura Fleming Acting DHT, Margo Millar Acting DHT
and Veronica Walker Acting DHT
Progress to 31 March 2014
Whole Establishment:HMIE Action Plan Update
Curriculum Design
 The SMT are currently engaging with Cloud 9 Building the Curriculum
materials from Education Scotland to create strategic overview and
rationale for nursery and P.1-7.
Our Visions and Values group has agreed Visions and Values for the school
and identified a winning entry following a recent competition, to
represent this. There will be a whole school launch of our ‘Visions and
Values’ on the afternoon of Friday 4 April.
ASD Base: HMIE Action Plan Update
Staff Visits
 Staff continue to visit other establishments to see good practice. As a
result of visits staff have changed classroom practice in their own
Learning in the local community
 Children continue to go out into the community to practise social skills in
a real situation e.g. Room 10 walked to the station and got on a train to
the Coalyard Tearoom in Larkhall where they chose items to eat and drink
and spent money in a real setting.
Learning Environment
 We have identified resources to be repaired or replaced in the sensory
room and this is in the process of being actioned.
Learning in Context
 We invited parents and carers in for an Open Afternoon on Friday 28
March. Children successfully showed off their work and sang a song or
two. They also served tea and coffee in the dining hall. We had excellent
feedback from our many visitors.
The school will celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April. This
was suggested by the ARCHWAY group.
Nursery HMIE Action Plan Update
 Parents and children have been encouraged to discuss their current
knowledge and understanding of themes in order to inform planning
direction. Children’s consultation is being displayed in the Nursery and
parents are asked to continue to add to this through a newsletter.
Learning Wall
 Staff have displayed Curricular Area Planned Learning Experiences on the
Learning Wall situated in a prominent place in the Nursery. Parents can
see clearly what the Learning Intentions are and are invited to add to
this verbally or by writing on a post it note which can be added to the
display. The staff highlight as lessons are taught and evaluations are
written in the Floorbook.
 Each member of staff has worked alongside the and developed a
Floorbook to reflect their consultation, planning and evidence. Evaluations
and next steps are also written in the book and shared with children and
Systematic Monitoring
 Staff have now all been monitored on 2 areas. The first is their success
at setting up a specific curricular area in the nursery. This area should be
inviting, exciting and stimulating for children through appropriate
resources and activities. Secondly, an observation of a Planned Learning
Experience has been carried out for each member of staff. Feedback has
been discussed and next steps have been identified.
Staff Training
 Staff attended Little Big Writing course and will begin to use some of
the Language Development strategies in their practice.
Next Steps
 Staff will work jointly to plan areas using a shared theme: Spring/Easter.
Staff will create a Floorbook together to reflect the teaching and
Staff will begin to incorporate up to 3 of the Principles of Curriculum
Design into their planning.
Mainstream : HMIE Action Plan Update
Curriculum Design
 Dianne Lynas and Margo Millar attended SLC Curriculum Conference.
Developments from these are currently being undertaken.
Dianne Lynas and Veronica Walker attended SLC Quality Management
Seminar. Developments from these are being considered for focused
Laura Fleming, Acting DHT, visited Calderwood Primary to find out about
their approach to spelling which is having positive results with pupils. We
are looking to develop and implement this in Chatelherault during the final
Maths tracking and monitoring has been updated with February maths
assessment results. Termly writing assessments have been undertaken
and tracking &monitoring has been updated.
Spelling benchmarking will be undertaken from assessment information
gathered on 1.4.14.
Active Mathematics/Numeracy support class visits have been undertaken
by SMT week beginning 24.3.14.
Teachers continue to keep a daily focus on the skills being developed and
skills feature in planners.
The newly revised Social Studies programme is being implemented with a
focus on CFE experiences and outcomes.
RME development work continues through a small working group. In term
4 planning will follow the new programme. The working group will continue
to develop a programme for composite classes.
HWB development work continues. Blythe McDonald, SLC Development
Officer, is supporting this work. A revised P.E. programme will be ready
for Term 4 implementation.
Monitoring and Tracking
 Staff forward plan meetings have taken place with all teachers with
feedback and action points.
Assessment data is continuing to be collated. This will inform reporting.
Learning and Teaching
 AIFL (Assessment is for Learning) focus has continued with classroom
support visits from QIOs(Quality Improvement Officers) and
SMT(Senior Management Team). Peer visits to be undertaken next term
to focus on AIFL and a Teacher Learning Community (TLC) will be set up
next term with an AIFL focus.
Our ICT refresh continues and we will shortly take delivery of clever
touches : 4x47” for ASN provision, 3x55” and 1x47” for mainstream.
These will be a welcome addition to support children’s learning.
Skills focus continues. Spotlight on Skills posters are now on display in all
classrooms with staff developing skills language with the children.
QIO (Quality Improvement Officers) support class visits have been
completed with positive feedback and some areas for some further
consideration. Forward planning monitoring has been completed. Snapshot
jotter monitoring has been undertaken and pupil conversations with a
sample group across Rooms 1-18. SMT class support visits are being
undertaken weeks beginning 24.3.14 and 31.3.14.
 Hamilton Grammar transitions continue. The children are about to embark
on a Commonwealth Games design challenge, sponsored by Tunnocks.
Several P.7 pupils will participate in Hamilton Grammar’s Easter School at
the start of the Easter holidays.
A transitions CAT has been planned for 4 June 2014.
Self Evaluation
 Most staff have had a half day visit to another establishment with time
to reflect on their experience. Establishments used to date :
St.Cuthbert’s, Machanhill, Milton, Law, Underbank and Hareleeshill. Two
further visits to Glenlee are planned for 2.4.14. Four further visits will be
planned for next term. After visits all staff have fed back to school
staff during CAT sessions. A collection of photographic evidence is also
regularly updated.
Some leadership opportunities have been established in working group
developments and leading of pupil groups.
Regular feedback questionnaires from development days and CAT nights
have been used to shape our next steps.
Raise Attainment and Achievement
 Pupils ‘interests and hobbies information has been requested and it is
currently being collated so that staff can take account of individual’ skills
and knowledge when planning.
During term 4 Personal Learning Plans will be piloted at targeted stages.
A format has been agreed. Targets will initially be set on a monthly basis.
Continuing Professional Development
 CPD continues to have a high profile with many staff attending a variety
of professional development opportunities.
You can find a copy of this booklet and the Parent/Carer
version of the HMIe Action plan on the school website: