Digital Media Management Curriculum Guide

University of Indianapolis –School for Adult Learning
Curriculum Guide for Digital Media Management
Bachelor of Science
SAL 101
Effective 08/14
Return to Learning (New Student Experience) (3 credits)
Return to Learning (3) (Must be taken the first semester enrolled in SAL.)
English Composition (3 credits)
ENGL 101
English Composition (3)
(must demonstrate competency by taking the English Placement Exam or taking ENGL 100 prior to enrollment. A grade of C or higher is required to
fulfill degree requirement. Competency may also be demonstrated through transfer credit from an approved university.)
Literature (3 credits)
ENGL 102
Western World Literature and Composition (3)
(Must have earned a C or better in ENGL101)
HIST 201
HIST 217
History (3 credits)
World History to 1700 (3)
United States History to 1865 (3)
HIST 202
HIST 218
World History Since 1700 (3)
United States History Since 1865 (3)
Christianity (3)
REL 200
New Testament Life and Literature (3) REL 300
Christian Ethics (3)
Old Testament Life and Literature (3)
World Religions (3)
Natural Science (3-4 credits)
BIOL 245
SOC 103
Ornithology (4)
Environmental Science (4)
Social Science (3 credits)
Social Problems (3)
Religion (3 credits)
REL 100
REL 210
REL 310
PHIL 101
PHIL 201
ART 110
MUS 210
MUS 110
Philosophy and Ethics (3 credits)
Introduction to Philosophy (3)
Ethics (3)
Fine Arts-Theory (2-3 credits)
Art Appreciation (2)
Music in World Culture (3)
Introduction to Music (2)
PHIL 110
PHIL 260
Critical Thinking (3)
Asian Philosophy (3)
ENGL 270
MUS 112
THE 110
Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
Introduction to Jazz (2)
Introduction to Theatre (2)
Fine Arts-Applied (.5-3 credits)
ART 100
ART 120
ART 130
ART 150
ART 230
ENGL 270
Art Experience (2)
ART 101
Fundamentals of Two-Dimensional Design (3)
Beginning Drawing (3)
ART 140
Beginning Oil Painting (3)
ART 220
Ceramics – The Potter’s Wheel (3)
ART 261
Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
Global/Local-Theoretical (3 credits)
ANTH 200
GERO 301
IREL 100
SOC 200
Global Problems (3)
ANTH 290
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging (3)
World Regional Geography (3)
IREL 101
The Family: A Global Perspective (3)
Introduction to Computers for Artists (3)
Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Design (3)
Ceramics – Hand Building (3)
Digital Photography (3)
Images of “Indians” (3)
Introduction to International Relations (3)
EXD 101
Global/Local- Experiential (3 credits)
Introduction to Experience Design (3)
Computer Literacy (3 credits)
COMP 150
Microcomputer Applications (3)
Modern Language (4 credits)
SPAN 101
Spanish Language and Culture I (4)
(Students may demonstrate competency through level 101 with any approved Modern Foreign Language course.)
Mathematics (3 credits)
MATH 108
Discovery in Mathematics (3)
*Must demonstrate math competency by taking Math Placement exam or successfully passing Topics in Math (non-credit). Consult with an
Accelerated Program advisor for more information. Competency may also be demonstrated through transfer credit from an approved university.
Communication (3 credits)
COMM 100
BADM 231
Public Speaking (3)
Business Communication (3)
Business and Professional Communication (3)
Required Support Coursework (3 credits)
Introduction to Marketing (3) (Must be taken before beginning the DMM courses)
Required Major Coursework (30 credits)
Intro to Digital Media Mktg and Applications (3)
History of Social and Digital Media (3)
Digital Journalism and Communication (3)
Social Listening and Reputation Management (3)
Online Interpersonal Communications (3)
Content Management and Content Management Systems (3)
Social Customer Relationship Management
Market Research, Metrics, Analytics, and Measurement (3)
(CRM) in Digital Media (3)
Copyright Law, Legal Issues, Ethics and
Excellence in Digital Media Management (3) Capstone course
Etiquette in Digital Media (3)
* MKTG290 is mandatory before the DMM sequence can be started. All courses must be taken in a sequential format. The following
courses are required and included in the hours satisfying the major : SAL101, ENGL101, ENGL102, SOC103, and MATH108.
Electives (23-25 credits)
Elective courses are chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. The elective component can be fulfilled by any college-level course offered
at the University of Indianapolis or accepted in transfer from an accredited college or university. Students may use these elective hours to complete
additional majors, minors, concentrations or certificate programs.
1. A student ID and university e-mail account are mandatory prior to enrollment in COMP150 Microcomputer Applications and all
courses that use the university intranet or learning management system for class assignments.
2. The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Management requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, with 48 hours in the major.
3. A grade of C- (1.7 on a 4.0 scale) or higher is required in all courses applying toward the Digital Media Management Major, including the
support course. Students must earn a C- or above in each course to continue the sequence.
4. The orientation course, SAL-101: Return to Learning (3 credit), is required of all new students and must be taken the first semester of
5. Student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher in all accelerated courses to remain in the accelerated program.
6. To see the complete list of courses that satisfy the general education core, please refer to the Academic Catalog.
Remember: If you have any questions about the Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media Management offered in the School for Adult Learning,
contact the Key Advisor/PLA Coordinator for the School for Adult Learning, Kathy L. Hancher<[email protected]> (788-2107) or Chelsea
Ward<[email protected]>, Admissions Coordinator/Academic Advisor (781-5762). Courses and requirements sometimes change, so keep in
contact with your advisor!!