News from the Den - Community Unit School District 308

News from the Den
Grande Park Elementary School
October 2, 2014
Vol ume 3, Issue 1
26933 Grande Park Blvd.
Grizzly Spirit Wear
Students are encouraged to wear
their Grande Park spirit wear or
red and blue to school every
Friday! Grizzy will spend the
following week in the classroom
with the most participation.
Congratulations to Mrs. Jacob’s
first grade class for winning most
school spirit last week. Who will
be our winner tomorrow?
Plainfield, IL 60585
(630) 551-9700
Important Dates
Testing Results
10-2 PTA meeting 7:00 PM
10-13 Columbus Day- District closed
10-14 Culver’s Night
10-17 End of 1st quarter
Grande Park
Elementary School…
Positively working
together to achieve
our goals with
Grizzly Pride!
NWEA MAP (Measures of
Academic Progress) testing
sessions for grades 2-5 in both
reading and mathematics are
complete for the students of
Grande Park. Over the next few
weeks, the district will upload
district averages and results will be
sent home by the end of October.
contact your child’s teacher or
Sean Smith, Assistant Principal.
Welcome Our
Newest Grizzly!
Congratulations to Mr. Baughman,
(4th grade teacher) and his wife on
their first baby! Harper Rose
Baughman was born Monday,
September 29th.
Beth Wulff, Principal
Sean Smith, Assistant Principal
Ease the Tease
Yesterday our students and staff
took part in a powerful assembly
called Ease the Tease. Imagination
Theater, Inc. taught our students
strategies that they could use every
day, no matter where they are at, to
handle hurtful teasing. Many
students volunteered to help the
actors role play different scenarios.
They also learned that if the
strategies didn’t work and
someone continued this hurtful
teasing toward them, they need to
report this to an adult. It is NOT
tattling when someone is bullying
them. Please take a moment to ask
your child about these strategies.
We also encourage you to role play
so your child can practice these
strategies. We included the
handouts that Judy Freedman
shared with parents at our Easing
the Teasing Bullying Presentation
from Tuesday night. Please don’t
hesitate to contact me or your
child’s teacher if you have any
concerns that your child needs
support in handling mean teasing
or is the target of a bully.
Schedule for October 31st:
Kids Triathlon
Grande Park had an outstanding
showing at last Sunday’s
Oswegoland Park District Kids
Triathlon. Kids Tri course is a 100
meter swim, a 3 mile bike ride
through the Oswego East High
School parking lot, and a ½ mile
run around the track. While awards
are given to the fastest in each
division, the real winners are all
the kids that participated!
Congratulations to the following
students for participating:
Nicole Kent, Abby Esposito, Ava
Keck, Delia Reed, Zander
Hotchkiss, Lukas Gacek, Stanley
Guziec, Zachary Hotchkiss, Kailyn
Macanip, Kylie Morales, Isabelle
Weber, Uma Nagarathnam, Daniel
Delucio, Ethan Gustafson, and
Snigdha Akula
Information at
Grande Park
Please follow these guidelines for
school costumes:
 NO toy weapons of any
kind are allowed (swords,
guns, nunchucks, ninja
stars, etc.)
 Students are not allowed to
bring aerosol sprays such
as hairspray or colorings.
 No roller blades,
skateboards, or scooters
are permitted.
 Masks are allowed, but
please make sure vision is
not obstructed.
 Costumes can be fun and
creative, without an
emphasis on horror, gore,
or the macabre. Please
save the gruesome ones for
Halloween night.
 Remember that no
children will be released to
their homes to change into
 Kindergarten students
should wear their
costumes to school on
 First through fifth grade
students are to bring their
costumes to school in a
 Students should be able
to put on their costumes
with minimal help. There
will be adults available to
provide assistance, but
NOT to apply make-up,
style hair, etc.
9:45 Kindergarten students
will parade in front of the
school and through the
10:00 – 11:00
Kindergarten Room Party
1:15 1st – 5th grade
students change into their
1:30 Room party
volunteers can sign in and
go to classrooms to set up
for the parties. These
parents may help teachers
and teacher assistants
assist children into their
1:45 Parade begins. Mrs.
Wulff and the Grizzly
mascot will lead the
parade. The students will
exit door #11 and walk
around the front of the
school. They will use the
sidewalk and walk toward
the playground to the back
of the school and re-enter
the building through door
#10. Parents, please wait
along on the open concrete
areas in front of the school
or on the blacktop area of
the playground.
2:10 – 3:10 Room Parties
If it is raining, the children will
parade inside the gymnasium so
they can see each other’s
costumes. For the safety of our
students, we will not be able to
allow parents in to observe an
inside parade. We apologize for
the inconvenience this may
Thank you for your cooperation.
Please call (630) 551-9700 if you
have any questions.