Guidelines of subsidy application at the Daniel den Hoed Foundation

Guidelines of subsidy application at the Daniel den Hoed Foundation
These guidelines are based on the annual report 2012 of the Daniel den Hoed Foundation, WAR
Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) regulations.
General information:
The Daniel den Hoed Foundation (DDHSt.) supports cancer research at the Erasmus MC. The starting
point for research and treatment in the cancer center is that every patient will receive customized
treatment, based on the most recent scientific insights.
General starting points:
Priority (scientific research versus patient care) conforming to the goals of the DDHSt.
Incidental, not structural (‘flywheel principle’)
Equipment, staff only on incidental (support) basis, aimed at recruiting/facilitating of high
Goals that are otherwise difficult to finance
Excluded are the DDHSt. Fellowships (started in 2013, 3-5 years)
Specific starting points:
Preferably broader than the own department; larger subsidies for research infrastructure with
new impulses for innovative research benefiting more than one research group
Projects will be assessed twice a year by the SAC
The SAC can be involved in initiating to define projects together with researchers
Stimulating high potentials by exchanging with (international) excellent institutes
Structure of submission and feedback:
Date of submission needs to be at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled SAC meetings (SAC
meetings in 2014 on 27 May and 18 November; submission before 29 April and 21 October
Standard evaluation based on a scoring form by SAC members
No involvement of external referees
Written feedback to the applicant, stating the reason of approval, request to possibly resubmit,
or reason of rejection
Unless stated otherwise resubmission is not possible in the first meeting after the rejection
If there is a conflict of interest between the submitting party and SAC member(s), rating will be
done in an adapted composition (in other words, without the SAC member(s) concerned)
Submission to the secretary of the SAC: F.L. van Vliet, PhD; email: [email protected]; tel.
(70)43518 or GSM 06-54746408
Desired structure of the project application (maximum 3 A-4, 11 points font, excl. CV):
Research question and target audience
Scientific value and innovation
Relevant experience of the applicant (requirements concerning his/her position within the
organization?; temporary/ permanent) (CV as a separate appendix of max. 1 A-4)
Embedded within the Erasmus MC - Cancer Institute (external collaboration); ensuring continuity?
Plan of Approach (description of the structure) and feasibility
Expected result(s)
Full budget and requested financing from the DDHSt. (per year) (possible tenders), everything must
be spent by the Erasmus MC (not personal)
Description of the timeline
Conditions of the METC and DEC that are met
Why should the DDHSt. contribute?
Applications for (part of the) funding submitted/granted elsewhere
Additional conditions:
Every year feedback in the form of a written report relating the progress and possible deviation(s)
from the original plan.
Significant changes to the project need to be reported immediately.
Possible intellectual property/patent(s) need to be mentioned.
It is not possible to object against the decision.
Always state that financing has (partly) been granted by the DDHSt. (in publications, etc.).
Willingness to cooperate in the promotional activities of the DDHSt.