2 March 2014 - Rotary Club of Unley

Edition Supercar V8 Number 36
2 March 2014
School of St Jude
For the first time in several years
Gemma Sisia, the Founder of the School of
St Jude in Tanzania, will visit Adelaide for
one day only.
Guests will hear about the school’s
amazing triumphs over the past 12 years
and gain insights into Gemma’s personal
Online Bookings http://www.trybooking.com/73359
Cheque Bookings
Post to Margaret Northcote, 52, Dress Circle,
Athelstone, SA, 5076
Cheques made to 'Rotary Club of Mitcham Inc'
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Chris Dodsworth [email protected] Margaret Northcote [email protected] Alison Rogers [email protected]
Event Coordinator. RC Mitcham
Committee Member. RC Campbelltown
Committee Member. RC Brighton
Please be advised that the contact details for our District Insurance Officer John Rix are:
Telephone 08 8583 7188, Mobile 0474 053 562 or email [email protected]
The Foundation Focus Newsletter #5 can be accessed using the following link.
Items of particular interest include a report on The Monuments Men film night, Centurion Membership, District Grants,
and Training Programs.
Display Photos needed.
PDG Malcolm Lindquist would like to assemble a display of photographs of Foundation programs, for our District
Conference and the Sydney International Convention.
Send photos as jpeg files to Malcolm at [email protected]
The Sunraysia Rotary Charity Ball Is On Again
Past President Vince Marciano was the
ideas man for local Rotary Clubs to
stage a Gala Ball held March 2013.
300 people turned up at the Club da
Vinci Mildura for a memorable and
successful fund raiser netting $30,000.
Eight Rotary Clubs of Sunraysia joined
to work together on this inaugural
event, with the proceeds going to the
Sunraysia Autism Spectrum Support
Local charities were invited to make
application to become the recipient of
the proceeds of the Gala Ball, and they
were required to meet criteria set by the Organising Committee. This included not already being in receipt of
government funding, not having a high profile, and a preparedness to assist with the presentation of the Event.
This joint committee is so flushed with success that they now want to repeat the exercise.
The Rotary Club members so enjoyed working together and they are so proud of their achievements, the
Sunraysia Rotary Charity Ball is on again!!!
Recipient charity Wings for Kids to be the beneficiary for the Sunraysia Rotary Charity Ball on
Saturday 14th June 2014, at the Club da Vinci Mildura.
Tickets will be on sale in April,
Enquiries can be emailed to [email protected] or
Fiona Weir on 0428 230 604.
A local community project for your club
As Rotary Clubs, we regularly support national and international
Rotary activities, but sometimes we like to look for charitable
activities a little closer to home.
The Rotary Club of Blakiston has secured a supply arrangement for
the LIFEPAK CR Plus Semi-Automated Defibrillator, which is suitable
for use by local clubs and community groups. The units can be
purchased through the Rotary Club of Blakiston at a Rotary Price of
$1,995 per unit, which includes a steel wall-mount cabinet (plus any
local shipping costs).
These units are a must have at places such as Bowls Clubs, Golf Clubs
and other activity centres, particularly where there are older
Australians. The swift use of a defibrillator can genuinely be a
lifesaving event.
Rotary Clubs can either donate the units to groups in their area, or work on a co-contribution scheme between
the Rotary Club and the community group or organisation.
To place an order, please contact:
Adrienne Veale Rotary Club of Blakiston Ph. 08 8391 1578 or 0438 339 116 or [email protected]
International Anthropology Expert
Professor Jean-Jacques Decoster is a keynote speaker at our District 9520 Conference.
Prior to the Conference he will be presenting lectures at the WEA on the topics and dates below.
To enroll for these lectures telephone 08 8223 1979 or online www.wea_sa.com.au
Dr Jean-Jacques Decoster is Professor of Anthropology at the University San Antonio Abad, and is
Director of the Museum Machu Picchu of Casa Concha in Cusco, Peru.
He visits the WEA in March for these exclusive lectures:
The Rise and Fall of The Inca Empire
Dr. Jean-Jacques Decoster will provide an overview of Inca History, their rise to power
and their downfall, and their fate under Spanish rule.
44568A Wed., 7pm 5 March, 1 sess x 2 hrs FEE: $38, No disc. or conc. WEA Centre
Problems in Cultural Heritage - The Case of Machu Picchu
Dr Jean-Jacques Decoster will expose the complex issues of cultural heritage
ownership, in the case of the collection of materials excavated in Machu Picchu at the
beginning of the 20th century and recently returned to the Museum in his care.
44567A Fri., 7pm 7 March, 1 sess x 2 hrs FEE: $38, No disc. or conc. WEA Centre
Memories of Stone
Dr. Jean-Jacques Decoster will discuss aspects of spiritual convergence and cultural
resistance as indigenous Andean responses to colonisation and neo-colonialism.
44569A Tue., 7pm 11 March, 1 sess x 2 hrs FEE: $38, No disc. or conc. WEA Centre
Readers of The Herald are respectfully advised of the passing of
RI Past President Royce Abbey.
Royce was a member of the Rotary Club of Essendon since 1954,
District Governor for RI District 9800 for the period 1969 to 1970, and
the Rotary International President during 1998 to 1999
Register now for the Understanding Young
Professionals webinar.
On Wednesday, 19 March, Rotary will host a webinar to help
members better understand the perceptions and needs of young
professionals. Led by Rotary staff and a market research
professional, this webinar will:
Register now.
Provide background on the Young Professionals Campaign,
an organization wide initiative to attract and engage
younger members
Share research and findings from focus groups of
prospective members in the 25-to-40 age range across U.S.
markets, revealing what young professionals think about
Rotary and how they fit volunteering into their busy lives
Present strategies and best practices to help your club
recruit younger members
New Members Inducted
President Margaret Vade inducted two new
members for Rotary Club of Hallett Cove on
11th February, Janet Byram, (formerly Hicks) and
Alan Byram.
Janet is a former member of the club but had to
leave due to family commitments. She is a
former Long Term Exchange Student to South
Africa and a RYLA participant. Alan is a musician.
Rotary Club of Hyde Park.
RSVP 2 April, 2014 to
Jim 0417 825 815 or
Andrew 0418 816 624
This is the 4th in our series of very popular R&R
This activity has become so popular we’ve had
to hire a larger hall this year. Last year was
packed to the gun’ales.
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Eden Valley Bushfire
Relief Appeal
Emergency fund to assist those who
have suffered from bushfires.
Rotary Australia Benevolent Society
Project No 41/2013-2014
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley D9500
Visit the link to donate: DONATIONS
Rotary – 2013-14 Presidential Citation online reporting.
Please be advised that applications from individual Rotary Clubs seeking to be recognised as meeting the
requirements for a Presidential Citation must be forwarded to DG Wendy Gaborit.
In turn DG Wendy will need to meet the deadline for submitting any applications to Zuhal Sharp Coordinator
Awards/RI Programs, Evanston, Illinois prior to the deadline of 15th April 2014.
Late applications from Clubs to DG Wendy will not be accepted and late submissions to Zuhal Sharp will not be
Full details of the procedure have been forwarded to all Presidents for their information, and to manage the
deadline constraints given above allowing reasonable time for each transaction.
Pilot projects show promise as way to strengthen clubs
More than 630 Rotary clubs worldwide continue to test flexible meetings and new types of membership and
operations in an effort to create stronger clubs. The results are encouraging:
• Retention of new members is higher across all four pilots compared with worldwide performance.
• Participating clubs have achieved greater gender diversity and continue to attract more female
• Clubs participating in the associate member, flexible and innovative, and satellite pilots have increased
their percentage of members under age 30.
As a result, the RI Board of Directors met on 28-31 October 2013 and approved a two-year transition plan for
participants in the meeting frequency pilot, extended all other pilots (associate member, corporate
membership, flexible and innovative club, and satellite club) through 30 June 2017, and agreed that all Rotary
clubs can sponsor satellite clubs. Learn more.
If you have questions about pilot projects, email [email protected]
On the 8th & 9th February 2014 the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Chairman PDG John
McLaren initiated a meeting of the Regional Chairs of DIK to review and enhance this valuable program.
The meeting high-lighted the intrinsic value DIK is not only to RAWCS but indeed to all Rotary Clubs in fulfilling
their ideals in providing humanitarian aid to people less fortunate. However, like all programs there is a time to
review and re-evaluate and this was the purpose of the meeting.
Each Regional Chair willingly accepted the challenge in reviewing various aspects of DIK and recommending to a
reconvened meeting in April their findings. From July 1st 2014 Clubs can expect to hear more on how DIK can
assist them with a streamlined process in achieving their goals.
Ride to Conference.
This is a reminder that the Ride to Conference will leave
Mildura Saturday 15th March 2014 and travel 100km to
Ouyen. On Sunday 16th March the ride will resume to
Hopetown which is a 94 km journey. On Monday 17th March
the journey will resume to Horsham 120 km distance, and on
Tuesday 18th March the journey is to Hamilton 131 km away.
On Wednesday 19th March the plan is to meet with DGN Dick Wilson’s group and travel the final 114 km to
Warrnambool. Expressions of Interest: or queries can be directed to Michael Jobe. Rotary Club Irymple
mobile 0400 549 988 or [email protected]