Exhibitor ProsPEctus - AAHKS 25th Annual Meeting

E x h i b i t o r P r o s pe c t u s
Exhibitor Floor Plan
Join Us...
and more than 1300 orthopaedic surgeons, fellows, residents and allied health professionals
highly interested in primary and revision TJA. The American Association of Hip and Knee
Surgeons' (AAHKS) 24th Annual Meeting will be held November 7-9, 2014, in Dallas, Texas.
The Annual Meeting will feature innovative concepts and the latest advances for hip and knee
arthroplasty specialists.
Take advantage of these outstanding opportunities:
• A very specific target market of joint replacement surgeons
• Cost-effective exhibitor fees compared to other large meetings
• An efficient weekend schedule
• Minimal cross-scheduling of events, leaving plenty of "face-time" with attendees
New for 2014
• Expanded exhibitor hours – Two full days (Friday & Saturday) in the exhibit hall featuring
breakfasts, lunches, beverage breaks and special receptions to drive more traffic to your
• Satellite Symposia will now be offered on Thursday, fulfilling membership requests.
• President Brian Parsley's "Welcome to Texas" Lone Star Bar-B-Que reception.
• Year round advertising opportunities on our new website, and on electronic and print
By joining us as an exhibitor and sponsor your company will play an important role by
contributing to the overall educational purposes of the Annual Meeting and enhancing the
learning experience for attendees. To inquire about securing exhibit space or one of the limited
advertising opportunities, please contact Jean Furlan at [email protected] or call 847.384.4371.
Best regards,
Brian S. Parsley, MD
Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS
Program Chair
2014 AAHKS Program Committee:
Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS, Chair
Gregory G. Polkowski II, MD
John C. Clohisy, MD
Charles M. Davis III, MD, PhD
Bryan D. Springer, MD, Past Chair
Scott M. Sporer, MD, Journal Guest Editor
Craig J. Della Valle, MD, Education Chair
David F. Dalury, MD, Industry & Exhibits Liaison
2013 Exhibitors
Abrexis Medical
OrthAlign, Inc.
Aesculap Implant Systems
Fli Medical Innovations
Ortho Development
American Joint Replacement
Gauthier Biomedical, Inc.
OrthoSensor™, Inc.
Halifax Biomedical, Inc.
Orthosonics, Ltd.
Applied Medical
Innomed, Inc.
Arthrex, Inc.
Innovative Medical Products
OTIS Biotech Co., Ltd.
Augustine Temperature
Pacira Pharmaceuticals
ITC Compounding and Natural
Phoenix Ortho
Wellness Pharmacy
Right Brain Left Brain, LLC
Biomet Orthopedics, LLC
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ROBODOC-Curexo Technology
Blue Belt Technologies
Kinamed, Inc.
Lexi Corporation, Ltd.
SciVision Biotech, Inc.
CeramTec Medical Products
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
SHUKLA Medical
ConforMIS, Inc.
MAKO Surgical Corp.®
Smith & Nephew
Medacta® International
Corentec America, Inc.
Medaffinity, Inc.
Corin Group
Medical Compression Systems,
SunMedica, Inc.
Data Trace Publishing
Symmetry Medical, Inc.
DePuy Synthes Joint
TeDan Surgical Innovations
Reconstruction, a Johnson &
United Orthopedic Corporation
Johnson Co.
DJO Global
Merete Medical, Inc.
University of Massachusetts
ElliptiGO, Inc.
Modernizing Medicine, Inc.
Medical School (FORCE-TJR)
Elsevier, Inc.
Nimbic Systems Inc.
Wright Medical Technology
Emovi, Inc.
OMNIlife Science Inc.
Your Practice Online, LLC
EOS Imaging
Operation Walk USA
Zimmer, Inc.
ETEX Corporation
Ortech Data Centre, Inc.
Affiliate Membership
Interested in becoming an AAHKS affiliate member? To qualify for Affiliate Membership, you must be a
non-surgeon professional involved with hip and knee surgery, such as a Physician Assistant, Researcher,
Engineer, Scientist or Industry Leader who has an interest in hip and knee arthroplasty. Please note:
This status is not open to sales personnel. For an application, contact Membership and Advocacy
Coordinator, Krista Stewart at [email protected] or call 847.384.4376. Get involved in the future of
2014 Sponsorship Opportunities
The membership of AAHKS represents over
2000 orthopaedic surgeons specializing in hip
and knee replacement. There will be frequent
opportunities for attendees to visit your exhibit
booth, including Friday and Saturday receptions,
breakfasts, lunches and scheduled breaks. All
these functions will be held in the exhibit hall to
increase interaction with attendees.
Benefits of Exhibiting Include:
• Acknowledgment in the Preliminary Program
• Acknowledgment/signage at the sponsored
• Signage placed in your booth recognizing your
• Company logo and link listed on the AAHKS
website and Mobile App
• Exhibitor ribbon for each representative
• Access to the Scientific Sessions
• Acknowledgment in AAHKS print and electronic
• Product/service description in the Exhibitor
Directory (provided to all attendees)
• Pre-registered attendee list
Welcome Reception - $10,000
Friday evening, November 7, 2014
(2 hours, time tbd)
Sponsor the reception, held in the exhibit hall,
attracting the largest number of annual meeting
attendees at one time. See your company name
prominently displayed on-site, in promotional
materials and on the meetings page of the
AAHKS website. Sponsor may provide cocktail
napkins, imprinted with a logo, to accompany the
President’s Reception - $10,000
Saturday evening, November 8, 2014
(2 hours, time tbd)
Support this genuine Texas Lone Star Bar-B-Que
reception, held in the exhibit hall, immediately
following the Scientific Sessions. See your
company name prominently displayed on-site and
in promotional materials and on the meetings
page of the AAHKS website. Sponsor may
provide cocktail napkins, imprinted with a logo, to
accompany the reception.
Keynote Speaker - $15,000
The keynote speaker will be selected by the
AAHKS President and the AAHKS Program
Committee. Supporting company will cover part
of the costs of honorarium and related travel
expenses. Acknowledgement of your support will
be included in all promotional materials.
Mobile App - $5,000
An ad in the AAHKS mobile application designed
to enhance attendees’ meeting experience and
provide valuable information for all Apple and
Android users throughout the year. Members
rely on the App as an educational resource to
reference abstracts, symposia and meeting
updates throughout the year. Your company
banner will be featured on the home page of the
AAHKS Mobile App.
Attendee Breakfasts - $7,500 per day
(Open to multiple sponsors)
An opportunity to reach all attendees first
thing in the morning as they prepare for a day
of education. As a sponsor of one of the daily
breakfasts you will be prominently acknowledged
on signage in the registration and breakfast area.
Poster Sponsorship - $15,000
This year AAHKS will be displaying 200 posters
representing some of the best in work in
arthroplasty science. These presentations will be
viewed and studied by almost each of our 1300
plus attendees. Your company name and logo will
be displayed large and prominently.
Charging Station - $5,000
One of the most popular hangouts at any
meeting, the hip and knee surgeons will be
standing by your logo while charging their cell
phones and tablets.
Attendee Lunches - $7,500
This year we will have seating for our attendees
during their lunch break. A large banner thanking
our sponsor for today’s lunch will be hanging
in the lunch area. They will enjoy a tasty meal
seated with colleagues and thanking you and your
Elevator Signs - $1,500 and $2,000
Imagine your logo either on the floor in front of a
centrally located elevator or on the inside doors
of the elevators? The hotel has two central banks
of elevators with a total of 10 elevators. Be the
first to choose your locations for only $1,500 for
a large 48” circle on the floor in front of your
elevator, or $2,000 for large graphic covering the
full interior elevator doors.
Ask the Experts - $10,000
AAHKS most popular sessions, playing to
standing room only crowds. Your company will
be the exclusive sponsor to multiple “Ask the
Experts” sessions. What a way to have your brand
associated with the best talent in arthroplasty.
Acknowledgement of your support will be
included in all promotional materials.
Audience Response System (ARS) - $7,500
Support the interactive participant response
system during the meeting’s Scientific Sessions
with real-time data compilation for immediate
analysis. Acknowledgement of your support will
be included in all promotional materials.
Hotel Guest Room Key Cards - $6,000
Your company designs the hotel key cards with
company logo, info and booth number. These key
cards will be used throughout the meeting by all
attendees staying at the meeting hotel. Ad preapproval is required.
Full Page Ad in Preliminary Program - $4,000
Two full color advertising spots available, inside
front and back covers of the Preliminary Program
(mailed to all AAHKS members along with
meeting registration information) Ad pre-approval
is required.
Full Page Ad in Exhibitor Directory - $4,000
Three full color advertising spots available, inside
front, inside back and back cover of the Exhibitor
Directory (distributed to all meeting attendees).
Ad pre-approval is required.
Speaker Ready Room - $1,500
All podium presenters at the AAHKS Annual
Meeting visit the speaker ready room to upload
their presentation. Your company’s logo will
be prominently displayed as a screen saver on
speaker ready room computers and signage
acknowledging your support.
Ad in Membership Newsletter $1,000 - $4,000
Full color advertising spots available. Multiple
ad sizes and placement options are available. Newsletters are posted on the AAHKS website
and mailed to all association members three times
per year. Ad pre-approval is required.
Refreshment Breaks - $2,500 per break
Attendees can enjoy complimentary beverages
during the AM and PM breaks between sessions.
Stations within the exhibit hall dispense coffee,
tea, cold drinks and a light snack. Your company’s
logo will be prominently displayed on signage
acknowledging your support of the breaks. The
sponsor can supply customized cups and napkins.
Room Drop - $3,000
An excellent way to draw meeting attendees to
your exhibit booth. Must receive AAHKS approval
prior to distribution.
Meeting Packet Insert - $2,000
Ad pre-approval is required.
For information, contact Meetings and Industry
Coordinator, Jean Furlan at [email protected] or
call 847.384.4371.
Satellite Symposium Information
Must be an exhibitor, this opportunity is not
available to table top exhibitors.
Educational (CME or non-CME) Symposium
Thursday, November 6
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM,
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Friday, November 7
7:00AM – 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
(times subject to change)
In addition to other recognition opportunities
described on page 5; exhibitors have the
additional opportunity to support a Satellite
Symposium to be held on Thursday, November 6
and Friday, November 7, 2014, prior to the Annual
Meeting. “Supporter” hereafter refers to the
Exhibitor presenting the symposia.
AAHKS members have indicated that Satellite
Symposia which impart clinical information are
valuable to them. We are pleased to offer this
great opportunity to educate attendees on topics
that will help them improve patient care and
health outcomes.
Symposium fees will be used to support the
overall costs of the Satellite Symposium,
including meeting space, registration and
promotional materials. The remainder of any
funding will be used to support the overall costs
of the Annual Meeting, including supporting the
costs associated with Scientific Sessions, other
educational activities and meeting space.
A Satellite Symposium is an educational program
(CME or non-CME) conducted by the Supporter.
Satellite Symposia are not part of the scientific
sessions or other official educational programs
conducted by AAHKS as part of the Annual
Applications for Satellite Symposium and
educational program content must be approved
by the AAHKS Program Committee to ensure
educational purposes and consistency with
guidelines established by AAHKS. The supporter
must provide AAHKS with a copy of the
symposium proposal for approval. Applications
will be accepted on a space-availability basis.
If approved, AAHKS will provide promotional
assistance. Contact Director of Education and
Meetings, Eileen Lusk at [email protected] or
call 847.384.4375. A Satellite Symposium is
an opportunity to showcase your company or
organization in an educational setting, and the fee
for doing so is considered to be the same as the
fee for exhibiting—it is not an educational grant.
These Satellite Symposium Guidelines (these
“Guidelines”) establish the process, policies, rules
and regulations governing Satellite Symposia.
It is important to emphasize the overriding
responsibility of all who participate in planning
and managing Satellite Symposia to protect
the integrity and quality of such events. These
Guidelines are intended to ensure compliance
with the requirements of AAHKS, the AdvaMed
Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care
Professionals, ACCME Standards for Support
of Continuing Medical Education, and the AMA
Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs Ethical
Opinion on Gifts to Physicians from Industry.
Our goal is to conduct AAHKS’ oversight
responsibilities in as fair and equitable manner
as possible. To ensure a successful outcome for
all involved parties, these Guidelines require
that each Satellite Symposium be conducted in
accordance with all applicable AAHKS, AdvaMed,
ACCME and AMA guidelines. Further, these
Guidelines require each Supporter, CME provider
and their employees, speaker(s) and activity
organizers involved in any Satellite Symposium
to comply with all applicable AAHKS, AdvaMed,
ACCME and AMA guidelines. Although it is the
responsibility of individual physicians to comply
with the AMA guidelines, every effort should be
made to ensure that attendees are not put in a
situation that would be considered a violation of
these Guidelines.
Exhibitors are prohibited from conducting or
sponsoring events directed at Annual Meeting
attendees over the official dates of the Annual
Meeting within 50 miles of the Sheraton
Dallas Hotel. Even where an exhibitor seeks to
conduct or sponsor an event outside of this 50
mile radius, if the event is directed at Annual
Meeting attendees, the exhibitor is still required
to submit an application to conduct or sponsor
the event to ensure that it does not conflict with
Annual Meeting scientific sessions, educational
programs, and social functions. Failing to submit
an application for consideration will lead to
penalties to be determined by the AAHKS. Failure
to comply may result in revocation of exhibiting
All Satellite Symposia are planned independently
of AAHKS activities. Organizers are solely
responsible for making all the appropriate
financial arrangements for their activity. Important:
Organizers and their agents may not imply or
represent to the attendees or any third parties
(e.g., hotel staff, convention center personnel,
etc.) that the activities they are planning are
associated with AAHKS or the Annual Meeting.
Hosts of Satellite Symposia may not schedule
their events to interfere with any AAHKS events
scheduled Thursday, November 6 through Sunday,
November 9. Events must be contained within the
room assigned and all costs associated, to include
but not limited to audio visual costs and any food
and beverage beyond what is provided to meeting
attendees are the responsibility of the supporting
company. Setup outside of the meeting room is
limited to no more than two tables. Note that
alternative sites other than those offered by
AAHKS may be contracted. When alternative sites
are selected, scheduling of these events must
still follow these Guidelines and must be held
within the assigned times. Changes made to the
information after it is submitted may compromise
approval. Once the completed application is
submitted, the AHHKS Program Committee will
review the proposal. The requesting party will be
contacted in writing regarding the outcome of
the proposal. Information on approved Satellite
Symposia will be forwarded to the Sheraton Dallas
Hotel. Once approved, all revisions to the event’s
content, faculty, format, and supporters (CME or
financial) must be sent to AAHKS in writing. The
Program Committee will select Satellite Symposia
based on best fit with the goals of the meeting
and needs of attendees. Symposia should be
educational, not infomercials.
In the event that final approval is not granted,
AAHKS will not be responsible for canceling
any arrangements that may have been made in
connection with the event. In addition, AAHKS will
not be responsible for any costs incurred for the
Going forward with a non-approved event will
result in a minimum one year suspension from
hosting any Satellite Symposium.
Satellite Symposium Educational Programs
(CME or non-CME) presenting content that is
commercially biased, imbalanced or scientifically
unsound, fail to make appropriate disclosures,
maintain appropriate independence from the
promotional goals and activities of commercial
supporter(s), or other infractions of similar nature
will result in the following consequences:
Following notification of violation from AAHKS,
the educational provider must send letters to
the organizer, supporter(s) and speaker(s) the
activity, outlining the infractions and penalties
and emphasizing the importance of presenting
unbiased, balanced and scientifically sound
content, with required disclosures and the
appropriate independence from the promotional
goals/activities of commercial supporter(s).
AAHKS does not provide AMA-PRA Category
1 credit for Satellite Symposia. Those wishing
to offer credit for Symposia must obtain credit
from an accredited CME provider. Any CME
activities must be planned in accordance with
ACCME Essentials and Standards. AAHKS requires
that all company-supported CME Symposia be
in compliance with the ACCME Standards for
Commercial Support of Continuing Medical
Education. Providers of these activities are
expected to meet the requirements established by
In the event that a supporter of a Satellite
Symposium received outside funding, the
supporter must have a Letter of Agreement
with any company providing such funding,
acknowledge support received from industry, and
must disclose faculty and supporter relationships
of potential participants with the manufacturers
of any commercial products discussed in an
educational program. Written disclosure of outside
funding is required on conference materials, such
as promotional pieces, and in the syllabus as well
as at the beginning of each session.
The supporter is responsible for the content of
all invitations/promotional materials for CME or
non-CME Satellite Symposia. These materials and
any syllabus or other materials must show the
following disclaimer statement regarding satellite
status on the cover/front page: “This symposium
is not part of the official program as planned by
the AAHKS Annual Meeting Program Committee.”
For CME Satellite Symposia, supporters must
also include disclosure of any significant financial
interest or other relationship a faculty member or
the CME provider has with the manufacturer(s)
of any commercial product(s) discussed in an
educational presentation.
Once the Satellite Symposium has been
approved, the CME provider and the commercial
supporter(s) may not change. If the CME provider
or the commercial supporter changes from what
was approved on the application, approval of
the event may be withdrawn and relevant fees
forfeited by the applicant.
As required by the ACCME Standards for
Commercial Support for Continuing Medical
Education, when an unlabeled use of a commercial
product or an investigational use not yet approved
for any purpose is discussed during an educational
program, the supporter must require the speaker
to disclose that the product is not labeled for the
use under discussion or that the product is still
investigational. This disclosure should be given
verbally during the event and in writing on syllabus
materials. The following statement should be
clearly and prominently displayed on the syllabus
and on all printed material: “Continuing Medical
Education (CME) credit for this event is not offered
by AAHKS.”
One sign (provided by the company) may be
posted near the AAHKS registration desk and
pre-registration desk. Check with the hotel for
additional placement of signs. The signage must
be approved by AAHKS.
Invitation/Promotion Content
All announcements, invitations and/or solicitations,
including envelopes, advertising, websites, etc.
must receive AAHKS approval prior to distribution
or posting. Be certain to factor this requirement
into your timeline for preparing copy, reviewing
proofs and printing materials. Also, to avoid
potential delays or misunderstandings, be certain
that all employees of the CME provider, exhibitor,
commercial supporter, activity organizer and
all agents are made aware of these policies.
Promotional materials should not be printed prior
to approval. A sample of promotional materials
must be sent to AAHKS by August 1 for approval.
AAHKS has no responsibility to cover any costs
associated with these materials.
Implied AAHKS Endorsement and use of the
AAHKS Name and Logo are Prohibited
For clarification, industry-supported events are
labeled “satellite” to indicate that they are not
planned or sponsored by AAHKS. Therefore, there
can be no implication in any of the promotional
materials, the on-site materials or the follow-up
materials that they are connected with the AAHKS
Annual Meeting, presented in cooperation with
AAHKS, or endorsed by AAHKS. In describing
these events, you may not use phrases such as
“presented during” or “presented in conjunction
with,” the AAHKS Annual Meeting. Neither the
Annual Meeting name nor AAHKS’ name or logo
may be used without AAHKS approval.
AAHKS must be notified in writing of a
cancellation of an approved Satellite Symposium.
If written notification of the cancellation of a
Satellite Symposium is received by August 29,
a 50% refund will be issued. No refunds will be
issued for events cancelled any time after the
August 29 deadline. Your thoughtful attention
to these Guidelines is appreciated. We realize
your decision to conduct a Satellite Symposium
represents an investment of time and money
and is a benefit to AAHKS Annual Meeting
attendees. Please contact Eileen Lusk, Director of
Education and Meetings at [email protected] or
call 847.384.4375 with any questions during your
planning process.
Enforcement of these Guidelines
Physician and staff monitors representing
AAHKS may attend the Satellite Symposia to
audit compliance with these Guidelines. AAHKS
reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to
restrict and/or dismiss at any time any event
which it deems to be unethical, unprofessional,
inappropriate, undesirable, displaying poor taste,
offensive to attendees or in violation of these
Guidelines. For CME Satellite Symposia, the CME
provider will ultimately be held responsible for
the event. Any event found in violation of these
Guidelines will result in penalties to be determined
by AAHKS. Infractions will result in a one-year
suspension with ineligibility to participate in the
next year’s Annual Meeting and/or losing the
privilege to participate in future Satellite Symposia
held prior to the AAHKS Annual Meetings. If a
commercial supporter, activity organizer, CME
provider or speaker is involved in one or more
events where infractions such as those described
above are cited and a trend is apparent, or if a
single infraction is particularly severe or offensive,
AAHKS reserves the right, in its sole discretion,
to restrict the commercial supporter(s), the
activity organizer(s), CME provider(s) or the
speaker(s) from participating in future events held
in conjunction with the AAHKS Annual Meeting.
Upon completion of the post-event process,
AAHKS will issue a written notice outlining all
infractions and consequent penalties to the
supporter/exhibitor, which is the entity ultimately
held responsible for the event. Note that warnings
and penalties from prior years may be taken into
account. AAHKS reserves the right to terminate an
event, at its discretion. In the event of termination,
AAHKS will not be liable for any refunds, rentals or
other meeting expenses.
Exhibitor Information
Exhibit space is sold on a first-come first-served
basis. There is limited space available to preserve
the integrity of the meeting and to maximize
vendors’ exposure. The displays will be located in
a public, high-traffic area where attendees gather. Your company will also be recognized on the
AAHKS website, Mobile App and in the Exhibitor
Exhibitor Hours
The exhibit hall will be located in the Grand Hall
and Dallas Ballroom. Exhibitors must have at least
one representative available during hours in which
the exhibitor hall is open.
While the scientific sessions are in progress,
exhibitors’ time is at their disposal. All exhibitors
are welcome to attend the scientific sessions.
Please Note: Times subject to change, final times
will be included in the Final Program.
Thursday, November 6
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Exhibitor Hall Installation and
Friday, November 7
6:00 AM – 8:00 PM Exhibitor Registration
6:00 AM – 8:00 AM Breakfast in the Dallas Hall
6:00 AM – 12:30 PM Exhibit Hours*
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Lunch in Dallas Hall*
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM – Welcome Reception in
Exhibit Hall*
Saturday, November 8
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM Exhibitor Registration
6:00 AM Breakfast in Dallas Hall*
TBD PM Lunch in Dallas Hall*
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM President's Reception in
Exhibit Hall*
8:30 PM Teardown of Exhibit Hall
*(Exhibitor Hours)
Dismantling Exhibits
No exhibitors will be allowed to dismantle or pack
or remove any part of their exhibits until after the
conclusion of the President’s Reception.
Important Dates
AUGUST 1: Promo materials due for approval
AUGUST 22: Company product/service
descriptions and company logos received after
this date may not be included in promotional
AUGUST 29: No refunds after this date
OCTOBER 9: Advance warehouse freight can be
sent to Freeman’s warehouse with no additional
storage charge
OCTOBER 10: Registration deadline for exhibitor
OCTOBER 16: Hotel reservations deadline
No refunds after this date
NOVEMBER 3: Last day to receive Freeman’s
discounted rate for additional equipment or
Exhibit Packages
All Exhibitors Receive:
• Blue back and wing drape
• One 6’ skirted table and two side chairs and
waste basket
• Copies of the Final Program
• Pre-registered attendee list
• Listing on AAHKS website
• Listing on AAHKS Mobile App
• 7” x 44” Exhibitor identification sign
• Product/service description listing in the
Exhibitor Directory included in attendee
registration packets and Mobile App
• One time use final attendee labels**
Premium Island 20’ x 20’ booth space:
$25,000 – Grand Hall
• Ten representative badges
Peninsula 20’ x 20’ booth space:
$25,000 - Grand Hall
• Ten representative badges
Peninsula 10' x 20' booth space:
$15,000 - Grand Hall
• Nine representative badges
10’ x 30’ booth spaces:
$15,000 – Grand Hall
• Nine representative badges
10’ x 20’ booth spaces:
$10,000 – Grand Hall
• Six representative badges
10’ x 10’ booth space:
$5,000 – Grand Hall
• Three representative badges
Table Top:
$2,500 – Dallas Hall
(reserved for non-profits/small companies)
• 10’ x 10’ table top space
• Maximum of two representative badges
**Not provided to Table Tops
Sheraton Dallas Hotel
400 North Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214.922.8000
Display/Shipping/Rental Equipment/
Additional Services
8801 Ambassador Row, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: 214.634.1463 Fax: 214.634.2221
Freeman will provide receiving, handling, and
shipping upon request of written authority.
All shipments must be directed through them.
Additional equipment, labor and storage are
available from General Services Contractor,
Freeman. Advance warehouse freight can be sent
to Freeman’s warehouse as early as October 9
with no additional storage charges. To receive
the discounted rate for additional equipment or
services, your order must be placed by November
3. Exhibitor kits providing specific information will
be emailed in summer 2014.
Exhibitor Housing Reservations
All contracted exhibit companies can book hotel
rooms at the Sheraton online on the AAHKS
website meetings page or call 888.627.8191,
available 24 hours a day. Mention AAHKS to
receive the group rate. The AAHKS reserves
the right to cancel any hotel reservation made
within the AAHKS room block by individuals not
registered for the AAHKS Annual Meeting.
Exhibitor Badges
Exhibitor badges are required to enter exhibit
hall and/or the scientific session. Exhibitor
representatives must submit a badge request on
or before October 10.
Air Travel
To receive the greatest discount off the lowest
air fares we recommend booking early. You may
contact American www.aa.com and enter promo
code 11N4BK or call toll-free 800.433.1790. Terms and conditions may apply. $25.00 service
fee applies for phone reservations.
Exhibitor Fees/Security
Companies will be assigned space at the time in
which the completed contract and payment are
received. AAHKS has the right to alter the floor
plan at any time.
Exhibitor Contract -- AAHKS 24th Annual Meeting
November 7-9, 2014 ~ Dallas, Texas
Please print or log on to aahks.org
Company Information
Indicate company name and address EXACTLY as it should be LISTED in the Exhibitor Directory, the AAHKS website and the Mobile App.
Company Name ______________________________________________________________________________
Contact Name _______________________________________________________________________________
Email Address _______________________________________________________________________________
Address_______________________________________ City _____________________State________ Zip_______
Phone_________________________ Website_____________________________
A 150-word maximum description of the product/service and a company logo must be emailed to [email protected] with exhibit contract. Companies
submitting contracts or product descriptions after August 22 may not be included in promotional materials
Exhibit Information
20' X 20' Island Booth $25,000___ 20' X 20' Peninsula $25,000___
10' X 30' $15,000___ 10' X 20' $10,000___
Table Top 10' X 10' $2,500 (Non-profit/small companies only, two badge limit)___
10' X 20' Peninsula $15,000___
10' X 10' $5,000 Booth ___
Exhibit Location Preference (from floor plan on page 2). Please select booths 92 through 713. Select A through Z for Table Tops
1st_______________ 2nd_______________ 3rd_______________
If possible, do not place our exhibit near these companies:_______________________________________
Promotional Advertising Opportunities (If still available)
_____Keynote Speaker $15,000 _____Welcome Reception $10,000 _____Speaker Ready Room $1,500 _____Refreshment Break $2,500
_____Room Drop $3,000 _____Guest Room Key Cards $6,000 _____Full Page Ad $4,000 _____Audience Response System $7,500 _____Attendee Lunches $7,500
_____ Attendee Breakfasts $7,500 _____Industry Symposia $15,000 _____Poster Sponsor $15,000 _____Ask the Experts $10,000 _____Elevator Signs $1,500 or $2,000
_____President's Reception $10,000
_____Meeting Packet Insert $2,000
_____Mobile App $5,000
_____Membership Newsletter $1,000- $4,000
_____Charging Station $5,000
Method of Payment (Full payment due with application. Exhibit space will not be assigned until paid in full)
_____ Check (Payable to AAHKS in US Funds, drawn on a US Bank)
_____ Visa _____ American Express _____ MasterCard
Credit Card Number ___________________________ Expiration Date____________ Amount to be charged $_______________
The Company agrees to comply with all the policies, rules and regulations contained in this exhibitor prospectus
(As it appears on the credit card) I certify I am authorized to obligate the company
Mail application form with fees to: AAHKS, 6300 N. River Road, 615, Rosemont, IL 60018-4237
Or fax form with credit card information to AAHKS at 847.698.0704
Or email electronic form from website with credit card information to [email protected]
2014 Educational Satellite Symposium Application
Exhibiting companies (excluding table tops) are eligible to apply to host Satellite Symposia held just prior to the AAHKS Annual Meeting. Companies
must adhere to all the rules and regulations. Please read the information carefully, as applications will not be considered until complete. Your Satellite
Symposium fee includes standard classroom setup, meeting room rental, basic coffee service, signage, promotional assistance, and registration services.
Additional food, beverage and services requested will be billed to the hosting company. Please see Satellite Symposium information located on page 7 for
additional details. An electronic application may be downloaded at aahks.org.
*Company Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
*Contact Name: _______________________________*Phone: ______________________Fax: ______________________
*EMail: ____________________________________________*Website: _____________________________________
Preferred time:
Thursday November 6, 2014 ___10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ___1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Friday, November 7, 2014: ____7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
___9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
(Times subject to change)
The $15,000 additional Satellite Symposium fee will be billed when approved.
___3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
*Title of Event:___________________________________________________________________________________
*Description of Event:_______________________________________________________________________________
*Purpose of Event: _________________________________________________________________________________
Offering CME? ____Yes ____No
CME Learning Objectives: _____________________________________________________________________________
The following information must be submitted within 2 weeks of the application approval:
~ Names of confirmed speakers and disclosure information ~ Final course Agenda ~ Plan for distribution of evaluations and CME certificates (for CME
courses) ~ Sample evaluation form~
My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and agree to the conditions of this application and the rules and regulations in the Satellite
Symposia Guidelines. By signing, I indicate my company’s agreement to be bound by all applicable AAHKS, AdvaMed, ACCME and AMA Guidelines. I
accept responsibility for informing all of our employees, speaker(s), supporter(s) and activity organizers of these guidelines and ensuring they abide by
them. I further understand the penalties which may be assessed if we are in violation of these guidelines. I also understand the cancellation policy for
cancelling our event.
Exhibiting Company CEO/Vice President Signature:
_____________________________________________ Print/Type Name: _____________________________________
AAHKS Executive Director Signature:
(To be signed after approval)
This application is subject to AAHKS approval. Contracts for Satellite Symposia are not valid until full payment is received.
Mail, fax or email to: AAHKS, 6300 N. River Road, 615, Rosemont, IL 60018-4237, Fax: 847.698.0704
Email: [email protected]
Terms and Conditions
The subletting of space is not permitted.
Exhibitor fees must be paid in full to secure space.
Payment may be made by American Express,
MasterCard, Visa or check, (payable to AAHKS
in US funds, drawn on a US bank—Applicant is
responsible for all bank charges.)
AAHKS determines eligibility of any company
or products for exhibit. The AAHKS may forbid
installations or request removal of any exhibit or
promotion, at its discretion and at any time that is
not in keeping with the AAHKS mission.
Assignment of Space
Exhibit space will be assigned on a first-come,
first-served basis based upon receipt of exhibit
applications and full payment to the AAHKS office.
Applications will continue to be accepted after the
deadline date on a space availability basis only.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be received in writing before
August 29, 2014 and are subject to a cancellation
fee. After August 29, 2014, NO REFUNDS will be
Subject to compliance with AAHKS, AdvaMed,
ACCME and AMA guidelines, companies wishing
to “give-away” novelty gifts, which are practice
related in nature, may be permitted to do so
with prior approval of the AAHKS. Distribution
of promotional gummed stickers or labels are
prohibited. Under no circumstances can any
promotional material be allowed in lobby areas.
Prize contests, drawings, raffles or lotteries of
any description, held at any time or places within
the auspices of the Annual Meeting are expressly
prohibited. Non-AAHKS meeting activities may
only be promoted within the confines of the
exhibitor space or in public areas of the hotel.
AAHKS may forbid or request removal of any
“giveaway” at its discretion.
Company Staff Meetings
AAHKS does not charge a fee for meeting space
within our block that is intended for company
personnel meetings (i.e. sales recaps or any
meeting not involving Annual Meeting attendees).
These meetings must be strictly for the employees
of the company. AAHKS does require an
application to hold such staff meetings.
Description of Products
A 150-word maximum description of products
or services for the Exhibitor Directory must be
emailed to [email protected] with exhibit contract.
Please refer to regulations concerning products
not approved by the FDA.
General Contractor
Exhibitors must contract for tabletop furnishings,
janitorial, electrical, and drayage services through
the AAHKS’ general service contractor: Freeman
Exhibitor Service Department, 8801 Ambassador
Row, Dallas, TX 75247 Phone: 214.634.1463
Fax: 469.621.5601 Email: [email protected]
All exhibit spaces will be provided with one 7”
X 44” identification sign. Only professionally
printed signs will be allowed for display. Exhibitors
or agents acting in their stead may not attach
any item to any stationary wall, floor, window,
or ceiling with screws, nails, staples, tape or any
other substance. No item may be posted, nailed,
screwed or otherwise attached to columns, floors,
furniture or other areas of the exhibitor hall.
All representatives of exhibiting companies must
register and wear the official exhibitor’s badge
for admissions to and while in the exhibitor hall
or in the Scientific Sessions. Company badges
will not be accepted in lieu of the official badge.
False certification of individuals as exhibitor’s
representatives, misuse of exhibitor’s badges or
any other method used to assist unregistered
persons to gain admission to the exhibit hall or
Scientific Sessions will be cause for expelling the
violator from the exhibitor hall, or for removing a
violator’s exhibit from the floor without obligations
on the part of AAHKS. Exhibitors above the table
top level may purchase additional badges over
allotted amount included with booth fee for $500
each. All badges will be available for pickup at the
Exhibitor Registration Desk. located in Grand Hall.
Exhibitor representative cancellations or changes
must be received in writing before October 10,
2014. AAHKS will charge a $100 processing fee
for all cancellations. No refunds will be issued after
October 10, 2014.
The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold the
AAHKS, its official contractors, and the Sheraton
Dallas Hotel, and their respective employees,
representatives, agents, successors and assigns,
harmless against any and all third party damages,
claims, judgments, losses, costs and expenses
(including attorneys’ fees) that may at any time
be incurred, suffered, sustained by or imposed
upon the AAHKS and/or the Sheraton Dallas Hotel
or their respective employees, representatives,
agents, successors or assigns to the extent that
they are directly related to exhibitor’s negligence
or willful misconduct. This indemnification and
hold harmless agreement includes, but is not
limited to, any and all third party claims, damages,
losses or expenses attributable to personal or
bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or to
injury to or destruction of tangible property,
including the loss of such property.
Exhibitors are prohibited from contacting Annual
Meeting registrants via email unless they have
received prior permission from the recipients
approving solicitations/sales messages in this
manner. Exhibitor representatives are expected to
present themselves professionally at all times and
to respect the sales activities of their competitors
on the show floor. Any violations or improper
behavior should be reported immediately to the
AAHKS staff.
To ensure that the educational program remains
bona fide, inappropriate marketing activities by
exhibitors are prohibited. In accordance with
ACCME standards, exhibitors are not permitted to
engage in sales or promotional activities while in
the Scientific Sessions or to display or distribute
promotional materials before, during, or after
the event, except for in designated exhibitor
areas. Please refer to the ACCME Standards
for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical
Education at: www.accme.org
FDA Compliance
All products, which are not FDA approved
for a particular use in humans or which are
not commercially available in the U.S., will be
permitted to be exhibited only when accompanied
by the appropriate signs that indicate the device’s
FDA clearance status, with the following wording:
• This device/drug is not cleared by the FDA for
distribution in the United States
• This device/drug is intended to be used in the
United States as described in the product’s
Signs must be easily visible and placed near the
devices or drug, and on any graphics depicting the
device or drug. Exhibitors are cautioned about the
FDA’s prohibition of promoting devices or drugs
that are cleared for marketing for unapproved
uses and are solely responsible for complying
with related FDA rules and regulations. Requests
for information and guidance can be obtained at
www.fda.gov or directed to:
Office of Device Evaluation/CDRH/FDA
Program Operations Staff
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002
Phone: 800.638.2041 or 301.796.7100
FDA Division of Drug Marketing (CDER)
10001 New Hampshire Ave.
Hillandale Building, 4th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20993
Phone: 888.463.6332 or 301.796.3400
6300 N. River Road, 615,
Rosemont, IL 60018-4237
Phone: 847.698.1200 Fax: 847.698.0704
Email: [email protected] Web: aahks.org
25th Annual Meeting
26th Annual Meeting
Specialty Day
November 6-8, 2015
November 4-6, 2016
AAHKS/Hip Society/Knee Society
March 28, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
Plan now, to exhibit every year with AAHKS. The AAHKS Annual
Meeting is the most targeted meeting in North America to reach
surgeons specializing in Total Joint Arthroplasty. The friendships
and business relationships developed and nurtured annually at
the AAHKS meeting make company’s successful leaders in the
field of adult reconstruction.