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Curriculum Vitae
Personal Data:
Name : Sana Dlawar Jalal
DOB: 06/12/1973
Marital State: Single
Nationality : Iraqi/Kurdish
Languages: Arabic, English , Kurdish
Email: [email protected]
Address: Sulaimaniyah , Baxteary
Medical Qualifications & Education:
February 2004: I graduated from the Iraqi Board of Medical Specialization
/Haematopathology/Baghdad/Iraq, I passed the part I examination from the 1st
attempt and ranked the 1st among fifteen students, then I spent 4 years in the
Directorate of Teaching Laboratories /Medical City/Baghdad training in the
haematology department, passed the part II examination from 1st attempt and
ranked the 1st among nine students and awarded a fellowship of Iraqi Board of
Medical Specialization.
October 2000: Finished two years residency at Al Yarmook Medical
July 1997:
M.B.Ch.B, College of Medicine/University of Baghdad
June 1991:
Bader Al kubra Secondary School
June 1985:
Al-Yarmook Primary School
Professional Experiences & Posts:
-December 2005 to 2011: Lecturer at pathology department/Sulaimaniyah School
of Medicine/University of Sulaimaniyah, after I transferred from Ministry of Health
in Baghdad to Ministry of Higher Education& Scientific Research /Sulaimani after
two years spent in the Directorate of Teaching Laboratory of Medical City/
Baghdad as Senior Haematopathologist which is one of the main centers for
diagnosis of hematological diseases in Iraq.
-2006 to Date: Head of haematology department in Sulaimaniyah Public Health
-October 2006 to date: Head of haematology department in Sulaimani
Premarital Screen Clinic as primary step in thalassemia prevention in Sulaimani
which is the first and the only professional premarital screen centers in Sulaimani
-2007 to Date: Establishing the molecular haematology department/Sulaimani
Premarital Screen Clinic and Sulaimani Public Health Lab for molecular for the
first time in Sulaimani province to characterize the beta thalassemia mutations.
-2008: Establishing a collaborative team with Tehran genetic centre for
performing chorionic villous sampling for thalassemia major and intermedia
characterization and encouraging at risk couples to attend the screening
- February 2011 to date: promoted to assistant professor of haematology
/School of Medicine/Sulaimaniyah Faculty of Medical Sciences.
-October 2011 to Date: Establishing the Flow Cytometry department for
leukemia and lymphoma Immunophenotyping in Sulaimani Public Health Lab ,
which is the first qualified center in Sulaimaniyah.
2014: awarded Associateship of Royal College of Pathologists (clinical
scientist) after passing Part I exam successfully.
November 2014 : prompted to head of department of
pathology/Sulaimani school of medicine.
Teaching & Academic Experiences:
-Supervising a number of M.Sc. thesis in hematology for
postgraduate students from School of Medicine and School of
Science/ University of Sulaimani.
1. Thrombocytopenia in Iraqi pregnant ladies. Dr. Asmaa Thanoon 2007.
M.D./M.Sc in Hematopathology/School of Medicine/University of
2. Molecular characterization of alfa thalassemia deletions in Sulaimani.
By Najeeb S Rasheed, MD ,M.Sc in Hematology/School of
Medicine/University of Duhok. 2009
3. Prevalence and hematologic findings in Sickle cell trait in Sulaimani
Province. By Jabar M Ameen , B.Sc, High Diploma in Lab Hematology
MOH/Kurdistan 2011.
4. Effects and relation of HbA2 and Iron status . By Deler J Muhammad,
B.Sc, High Diploma in Lab Hematology MOH/Kurdistan 2011
5. Thrombocytopenia in pregnant ladies in Sulaimani. by Nzar H Hassan,
B.SC, High Diploma in Lab Hematology, MOH/Kurdistan 2011
-Participation in postgraduate thesis discussion committees:
1. Activated protein C resistance & anticardiolipin antibodies in women with
recurrent fetal abortions in Dohuk region. By Qaes A Muhammad Sufi,
MD,M.SC in hematology/School of Medicine/University of Dohuk. 2007.
2. Preoperative hemostatic screen in Sulaimani city. By Azad Rasheed. MD,
M.SC in Hematology/School of Medicine/University of Sulaimani 2007.
3. The prevalence of anticardiolipin antibodies among pregnant women with
preeclampsia. By Wisam M Hameed , MD, M. SC in Gynecology&
Obstetrics /School of Medicine/University of Sulaimani 2008.
4. Clinical , hematological and molecular characterization of Sickle cell
disease in Duhok . by Awny J Ahmad , MD, M.SC in Hematology/School of
Medicine/University of Duhok. 2009.
5. Concentration effect relationship for radical scavenging activity of sibilinin
and benfotiamine in nitrite induced oxidation of hemoglobin. by Bushra
Mufti , M. Sc in Pharmacology/School of Medicine/ University of
Sulaimani. 2010.
6. Trends of events during induction phase of pediatric ALL management in
Sulaimani Province of Iraq/Kurdistan. By Vian M Faeq. MD , High Diploma
in Oncology , MOH/Kuristan 2011
7. Pattern of hematologic response to Glivac in chronic myeloid leukemia. By
Muhammad A Ali, MD , High Diploma in Oncology , MOH/Kuristan, 2011
8. Correlation between serum ferittin and volume of transfusion in
chronically transfused thalassemia. By Teeba Lutfi , MD, High Diploma in
Clinical Hematology , MOH /Kuristan, 2011
9. Pre transfusion HbF level in thalassemia patients. Effects of well balanced
versus poor transfusion. By Mustafa Z Jasem , MD, High Diploma in
Hematopathology , MOH 2011
10. Blood smear findings in chronically transfued thalassemia patients, effects
of well transfused versus poor transfusion. By Muheb F Matlub , MD, High
Diploma in Hematopathology , MOH 2011
11. Comparative study of peripheral blood and BM findings in Hewa
Yaseen, MD, High Diploma in Hematopathology , MOH 2011
12. Prevalecne of hypochromic anemia in blood donors. By Mareewan M
Saeed. B.SC,High Diploma in lab Hematology, MOH,2011.
13. The new reliable indices in differentiation of beta thalassemia minor. By
Abdul Hameed S Muhammad, B.SC, High Diploma in lab Hematology,
14. ABO compatibility in g.roup O mothers in Sulaimani. By Dereen S
Mahmood, B.SC,High Diploma in lab Hematology, MOH,2011.
15. Alloimunization among multiply transfused thalassemia patients in
Sulaimani. By Awaz M Mahmood. B.SC, High Diploma in lab Hematology,
16. Frequency and molecular characterization of G6PD deficient variants
among adult males in Erbil.By Dler AbdulKareem Hassan. MD, M.SC in
Hematology/School of Medicine/University of Duhok .2013.
-Participation as a member in our School of Medicine following
1. Examination Committees for two years 2007-2008 & 2008-2009
2. Accreditation Committee for the year 2010-2011.
3. CAD (continuous academic development ) & TQA (teaching quality
assurance) Committees for the years 2011-2012 and 2012/2013,20132014.
4. Pathology department Scientific Committee for 2012-2013,2013-2014.
Published Papers:
1. Prevalence of hemoglobinopathies in Sulaimani/Iraq. Sana D Jalal, Nasir
Allawi, Azad H Faraj & Najmaldeen H Ahmad , DMJ 2008;2(1):71-79.
2. Beta thalassemia mutations in the Kurdish population on Northeastern Iraq.
Sana D Jalal, Nasir Allaw, Nooshin Bayat, Hashem Imanian, Hossein
Najmabadi & Azad Faraj. Hemoglobin 2010;34(5):469-476.
3. Prevalence & hematologic profile of delta beta thalassemia trait in Sulaimani
Province /Iraq /Kurdistan. Sana D Jalal, DMJ2010;4(2):84-91.
4. Throbmocytopenia in Iraqi pregnant Women. Asmaa Thanoon& Sana D
Jalal. J Fac Med 2011;53(2):171-174.
5. Prevalence and molecular characterization of G6PD deficient variants in
Sulaimani Province /Iraq. Adil AZ Esssa, Fatih A Muhammad,Ali I
Muhammad, Nasir AS AL Allawi, Sana D Jalal, Jaladet MS Jubrael. Duhok
Med J 2012;5(2):69-75.
6. Sickle cell disease in the Kurdish population of northern Iraq.Al-Allawi NA,
Jalal SD, Nerwey FF, Al-Sayan GO, Al-Zebari SS, Alshingaly AA, Markous RD,
Jubrael JM, Hamamy H. Hemoglobin. 2012;36(4):333-42
7. Philadelphia-chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
manifested as aberrant myeloid expression in a child with acute
Hassanain H. Hassan, Sana Delawar. www.BloodMed .com, edited by
Barbara Bain .Case report and images.2012
8. XMN1 polymorphisim in beta thalassemic patients in the Duhok region-Iraq.
Nasir Al Allawi, Farida F Neirway, Dilan Jasim, Sharaza Q Omer , Sana D Jalal ,
Raji D Marous. DMJ ,2012;6(1) :1-7.
9. The spectrum of alfa thalassemia mutations in the Kurdish population of
Northeastern Iraq. Nasir A allaw , Sana D Jalal, Najeeb S Rasheed ,Nosheen
Hashem Imanian, Hossein Najmabadi and Azad H Faraj
.Hemoglobin,2013;37(1) :56-64.
10. The Spectrum of β-thalassemia mutations in Baghdad – Central Iraq.Nasir AS
Al-Allawi, Bassam MS Al-Musawi, Ameer I Ahmed, Sana D Jalal.
11. The first five years of preventive programme for haemoglobinopathies in
Northeastern Iraq. Nasir AS Al Allawi , Sana D Jalal, Najmaddin H
Ahmed,Azad H Faraj,Awaz Shalli and Hanan Al Hamamy. J Med Screen,
12. Beta thalassemia Intermedia in Northern Iraq: A single center experience.
Nasir AS Al Allawi , Sana D Jalal, Ameen M Mahmood, Sharaza Q Omer, and
Raji SD Markous. Biomed Research International ,Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID
262853, 9 pages ( in press)
Other Activities :
1. Attending many training courses and workshops outside Iraq( Turkey,
Amman, Dubai, Germany) regarding the new and advanced techniques in
hematology ( molecular techniques, immunophenotyping of leukemia
Attending and Participation in the local and International workshops:
3. Ist Genetic conference & workshop in Aen(UAE) , were I presented
Sulaimani Thalassemia Preventive Program 2008 .
The European Haematology Association (EHA) & European School of
Haematology (ESH) 2009,2010.(Lebanon) .
5. Active attendance of Iraqi and Emirates haematology conferences.
Active attendance of seminars of pathology dept & seminars of
Sulaimaniyah school of medicine.