Janowsky_Syllabus Quiz Sample

Syllabus Quiz created by Alisha Janowsky 1. How long do you have to complete your Assessments? a. They are unlimited b. 45 minutes c. 30 minutes d. 60 minutes 2. Paul posted a discussion message for this week's extra credit topic but no one responded. How many extra credit points will Paul receive this week? a. 0 b. 1 c. 1.5 d. 2 3. Alice is getting married and needs to miss an Assessment. What should she do? a. Ask Dr. J for a makeup Assessment b. Ask for extra credit opportunities to make‐up the missing points. c. Accept that her marriage, while important, is not an excused absence and that she will not be able to take a make‐up or early quiz. d. Ask Dr. J if she can take the Assessment early. 4. What should you do if you have a question regarding your overall grade in this class? a. Send Dr. J a course mail. b. Send Dr. J an e‐mail to her UCF address. c. Send a course mail to a GTA. d. Send an e‐mail to your first contact UTA. 5. Dan has an Assignment due at 9:00 AM on Wednesday. At 7:50 AM he tries to get online and finds that his internet connection is down. At 9:15 AM his internet connection is restored and he sends Dr. J a course mail will his Assignment and an explanation of what happened. What can you expect to happen to Dan? a. He will not receive credit for the Assignment since it is now late. b. Dr. J will grant him this extension since the Assignment was complete by the deadline and he had a legitimate computer issue. c. Dr. J will accept the Assignment only if he can prove the document was not altered after the deadline passed d. Dr. J will accept the Assignment only if he had been able to e‐mail it to my UCF personal e‐mail before the deadline passed. 6. Sally works full time and could not begin her Assessment until 11:30 AM on Saturday. At question number 24 of 25 her internet goes down and did not come back on until 1:30 the next day. She had not been saving her answers as she went through the Assessment. What should Sally do? a. Recognize that she is responsible for her own technology and she must accept her 0 for the Assessment b. Send Dr. J a course mail explaining the situation in hopes that she will change course policy and give her another chance. c. Send Dr. J a course mail by 9:00 a.m. on Monday saying her internet went down before she could submit and that she needs her to grant her access to complete her work. d. Rest assured Dr. J can see what answers she had already selected before her internet crashed. 7. You sent Dr. J a course mail at 3:00 p.m. on a Saturday. When can you expect a response? a. By 7:00 p.m. that night b. Within 24 hours c. During office hours on Tuesday d. Sunday morning 8. Greg works full time and is a full time student. The only time he can do work for his classes is on Sundays. Knowing that he may only take Assessments from 9:00 AM on Thursdays until 11:59 PM on Saturdays, what should Greg do? a. Rearrange his schedule so he has a 30 minute block of time free during the availability window for Assessments. b. Write to Dr. J explaining the situation and ask for an exception to the policy. c. Get a note from his employer and other teachers so it will count as an excused absence. d. Clone himself so that he can be in two places at once. 9. Karen knows she will be out of town from Monday to Thursday and will not have computer access to turn in her writing Assignment. What should she do? a. Write Dr. J and ask for an extension. b. Complete her Assignment ahead of time. c. Turn in her Assignment late for partial credit. d. Have a friend turn it in for her. 10. An error occurs during your Assessment. What should you do? a. Send Dr. J a course mail asking for an extension take a print screen of the error and course. mail it to Dr. J with your answers before your time expires. b. Send a course mail to your first contact UTA letting them know of the error and ask for an extension. c. Exit the Assessment and try again in an hour or so once the system has refreshed.