DUO - WHS Committee Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: 25/8/14

DUO - WHS Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 25/8/14 Time: 2:30-4:30pm Venue: DUO Training room, 25 Blaxland
Crescent Griffith
Attendance: Liz Baxter, Helga White, Barnaby Walpole, Cheryl Statos, June Kelly, Kelly
Knight, Maree Jackson
Apologies: Penny Carter, Ray Trembearth, Julie Doran, Martin Comans
Chair: Kelly Knight
Minute Taker: Barnaby Walplole
Timeframe for
Minutes from previous meeting
Previous minutes
Terms Of Reference (TOR)
Accepted by Kelly K
and seconded by
Cheryl S
Discussed content
of TOR and quorum.
Reaffirmed that
WHS Coordinator
was unanimously
elected as chair
Actions from previous meeting
In regards to hoist training policies, as discussed at the
previous committee meeting, Barnaby advised that,
following a conversation with Helga White (EMS), hoist
training competencies will be renewed annually.
Project Plan to
implement QA
auditing and
competencies has
To be advised
Following concerns raised at previous 2 meetings
regarding behaviour support plans, and need for behaviour
management strategies in group settings, discussion
around coordinators having a behaviour support risk
assessment being included in assessment and review
paperwork. Helga advised that the assessment/review
paperwork has recently been reviewed, so may have a
behaviour management risk assessment included.
All staff have been
exposed to
training at
Reorientation which
was conducted last
month. Helga will
look into behaviour
management risk
assessment will be
included in the
updated paperwork
Report progress
at next meeting
Draft Support Plans
are being reviewed
Discussion regarding what behaviour support risk
assessment is currently in place by the relevant teams at
Barnaby to speak
with program
Report progress
at next meeting
Following previous discussion regarding what training
Support Workers perceive as gaps in training, Helga
discussed document that has been sent out to all support
staff enquiring about training requests.
Responses due by 5
Report progress
at next meeting
Following previous concerns raised regarding trip hazards
and personal safety issues at night at Tandem House,
Cheryl advised that, now that the parking has been moved
to a different location, the safety issues are less of a
concern, however, due to the lack of path leading from the
new car park to the house, this is a concern for some of
DUO’s participants, as the ground is very uneven.
Cheryl to attend the
next Westwood
Farm management
meeting with TH
coord to discuss.
Report progress
at next meeting
Kelly advised that the ‘Improvement Notice’ previously
discussed has been revoked.
No further action
Reviewed previous discussion. General consensus was
that DUO’s current policies and processes around
workplace bullying covers all workplace bullying issues and
is appropriate Information on the process is in the current
policies and procedures, and will be covered in the new
Business arising from previous meeting
Good news stories
Support worker who fell through window has recovered,
and is back at work.
Liz reported that she has noticed a strong improvement in
work/life balance of some of the Support Workers working
in the PC/DA areas. Helga reiterated the need for DUO’s
fatigue management policies to be followed, to ensure
DUO are doing our best to maintain the safety of all staff.
Summary of hazards and incidents
Discussion regarding incidents and accidents in past 2
months. No incidents were red-flagged, however, it was
noticed that there has been a noticeable change in injury
trends – shoulders and knees make up the majority of
New/changes to WHS policy/procedure/guidelines
Kelly & June advised that a PC & DA competency system
review is underway, and will be rolled out ASAP.
First aid committee update
Barnaby gave an update on the first aid committee, and
their role. It was reported DUO’s first aid officers are Kirrily
Bowler, Faye Fortaleza, Barnaby Walpole, Helga While &
Howard Chambers.
Helga discussed the a decision has been made that DUO
will not be purchasing a defibrillator, due to the size of the
building, and the number of visitors in and out at different
times of the day.
Fire warden update
Kelly advised that the current fire wardens are Mili Dukic
(Chief Warden), Kim Hudson, Margie Taylor, Sally
Wooldridge, Liz Baxter, Garry Mahar, Meredith Hudson &
Tracy Dargue.
Management update
Helga advised that a member of the Service Delivery
management team will be attending the committee
meetings on a rotating basis. Barnaby will draw up a roster
and will provide it to the relevant managers for the rest of
the year.
Other business
Kelly & June are also in the process of undertaking a
review/audit of PPE equipment currently provided to all
Support Staff.
Kelly advised that Asbestos training for all contractors &
assessors will be happening ASAP.
It was agreed that committee meeting will be the same
frequency and timing as previously, 2:30-4:30pm bimonthly. Meeting ended 4.30pm
Monitor progress