…Water, Our Most Precious Resource…

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Lālāmilo Windfarm Information Sheet Overview The Department of Water Supply (DWS) has obtained a new state land lease approval‐in‐concept for a windfarm in Lālāmilo, south Kohala region. In December 2010, DWS’s state lease expired for a previous windfarm constructed in the mid‐1980’s that was decommissioned in anticipation of re‐
powering the site. The proposed new windfarm will provide a substantial source of renewable energy to the eight adjacent DWS wells resulting in significant energy cost savings for DWS and its customers. Benefit to Water Supply Customers, Hawai‘i County, and state of Hawai‘i DWS’s mission is to provide affordable water service to the people of Hawai‘i Island. In April 2011, DWS established an energy policy to reduce energy use and its associated costs and environmental impacts. The Lālāmilo windfarm is consistent with this policy and is expected to save DWS customers more than $1.0 million per year in energy costs over the next 20 years. Construction of the new facility would create about 50 temporary construction jobs, and about three permanent positions to operate the windfarm. This project will contribute to the State’s Clean Energy Initiative’s goal of 70 percent renewable energy by 2030, and will make Hawai‘i County the leader within the State in wind energy applications. Project Status The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, through a partnership arranged by the County of Hawai‘i’s Department of Research and Development (R&D), completed its modeling of the energy output potential for the windfarm site. This was done at no cost to DWS or its customers. DWS awarded Lālāmilo Wind Company LLC the project and executed a Power Purchase Agreement in December 2013. An Environmental Assessment and an interconnect agreement with HELCO are currently being done and will be followed by construction and testing, with the commercial operation scheduled to occur late 2015 or early 2016. About the Department of Water Supply The Department of Water Supply is a semi‐autonomous agency of the County of Hawai‘i which operates by Rules and Regulations adopted by a nine‐member, appointed Water Board. The Department operates and maintains its water systems with revenues generated wholly through water service sales. The primary function of the Department is to provide safe drinking water through its 23 water systems and 70+ sources throughout the island. The Department strives to provide dependable, high quality, potable water at a reasonable cost. Contact Owen M. Nishioka, P.E. Civil Engineer V, Engineering Division, Hilo [email protected] (808) 961‐8070 The Department of Water Supply is an Equal Opportunity provider and employer.
…Water, Our Most Precious Resource…
Lalamilo Wind Farm Repowering
Project Environmental Assessment
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