APSAD Early Career Researchers(ECR) BREAKFAST

APSAD Early Career Researchers(ECR)
Tuesday 11 November, Adelaide Convention Centre
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Are you an APSAD Member: Yes
I am registered/will register to attend the APSAD Conference: Yes
Please note: only those registering for the APSAD Conference can attend the ECR network breakfast event.
Return Form by Fax or Email:
To: Deborah Dmoch Administrative Officer APSAD
email: [email protected]
fax: +61 02 9252 2209
Please note that places are limited for this exciting event and registration will be granted on a first in
first served basis. Registration closes on 1 October or when all spaces have been filled whichever
comes first.
When your Registration Form has been received we will send through a confirmation email offering you
a place at the breakfast or noting that you are on a waitlist.
The APSAD ECR Breakfast is a free event, as places are limited if you are unable to attend
please let us know as soon as possible Friday 7 November at latest.This will ensure we can reallocate
your place in time.
ECR Breakfast attendees will have their names published on the APSAD website and conference
website. Attendees names will also be listed on the APSAD ECR network group LinkedIn page, tick
the box if you do not want your name included in the list of attendees.
As the ECR Breakfast is being sponsored by Universities/Research Centres, we will be passing on
contact details for attendees to the sponsoring Universities/Research Centres. Please note this is not
for marketing or advertising. Tick this box if you do not want your information passed on.