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Wastewater Permits
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Wastewater Permits Phone: 720-865-3060
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Additional Permitting Info: Development Services/SUDP
Single Family & Duplex (2-unit) Submittal General Guidelines
for Sewer Use & Drainage Permits (SUDP)
Document Date:
Applying for a
Revised Municipal Code (RMC) of the City & County of Denver, Chapter 56, Section 56-41, Purpose (Administrative
Public Works Rules & Regulations Governing Sewerage Charges and Fees & Management of Wastewater.
December 12, 2014
Most communications between the Customer and the City will be done through Development Services / Wastewater or
online at: - Help Me Find drop down/Sewer Use and Drainage Permits or email
[email protected]
Other departments that may require permits or submittals:
Building Department (Building Permits) (720-865-2710)
Development Services Site Engineering (720-865-2982) (Projects and/or developments over ½ acre)
Landmark (all proposed work to a designated landmark/historical structure) (720) 865-2944
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (303) 286-3000 (Development Services will inform you if Metro
Wastewater will be involved).
Public Works Plans Review Services (PWPRS) (address assignment slips) (720) 865-2782
Construction Engineering – Right of Way Services (Right of Way (ROW) information on construction of
sidewalks, driveways, setbacks, etc.) (303) 446-3469
Denver Water Board (domestic water tap permit) (303) 628-6100
Licensing for work and inspections:
Contractor Licensing: Licensing Information
Submit application & plans. (see page 2 for Submittal Requirements) for the ENTIRE project.
Submittal for the SUDP can be done electronically (preferred) by E-mailing the resubmittal to
[email protected] (preferred), Development Services/SUDP then clicking on e-Plan: Online
plan submission or by hardcopy at the Development Services counter at 201 W Colfax Ave, 2nd Floor and signing
in at the kiosk for SUDP(Wastewater).
A separate application is required for each separate building or structure or tenant. Application forms can be obtained
at: Development Services/SUDP or at the Development Services/SUDP counter.
A “Licensed Contractor” is not required to submit a SUDP application. SUDP permits are done considering the
ENTIRE project and scope(s) of work. Whoever signs the application for the permit must be the property owner’s
“Local Authorized Agent”, and must include their name, company name, address, phone number, email address, and
signature on the application.
SUDP review does not require PE or Architect signed and stamped plans, except for Grading/Plot Plans, for work in
a Floodplain (see page 2) or as requested by the plan reviewer, but the plans must be “For Construction.” Plans
marked for anything other than “For Construction” cannot be reviewed.
Any site plan and/or architectural/plumbing floor plans revised for another department must also be submitted for
the SUDP for review.
Other information may be required to ensure proper and complete evaluation.
All submittals become the property of Development Services.
Development Services technician will determine if the plans must be logged in for full review or if a walk-thru permit
can be issued.
The application and plans will be reviewed for Sanitary, Storm Drainage and Sanitary Quality Control devices (as
If additional information is required to complete the review, the local authorized agent will be e-mailed a copy of the
Application Conditions To Be Met Prior To Issuance of Sewer Use & Drainage Permit. The requested information must be
submitted and may be done electronically (preferred) by E-mailing the resubmittal to
[email protected] or going to Development Services/SUDP then clicking on e-Plan: Online
plan submission or made at the Development Services counter at 201 W Colfax Ave, 2nd Floor to the Development
Services/Wastewater office. .
After approval by the Development Services reviewer, an email notice stating that the permit is ready to be issued
along with the amount of any associated outstanding fee amount due will be sent to the authorized agent.
All applications logged in for review require a $100.00 application fee at the time of submittal, made payable to
Manager of Finance.
Permit fees will be calculated according to the current Public Works Wastewater fee schedule. Fee schedule can be
located at Development Services/SUDP
Any revised plans submitted for review after a Sewer Use & Drainage Permit (SUDP) has been issued will require a
new $100.00 application fee.
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Submittal Requirements for Single Family & Duplex (2-unit) projects
NOTE: Required Forms can be obtained at - Help Me Find drop down/Sewer Use and Drainage Permits
Submittal for the SUDP can be done electronically (preferred) by E-mailing the resubmittal to [email protected] or
going to Development Services/SUDP then clicking on e-Plan: Online plan submission or hardcopy at the Development Services
counter at 201 W Colfax Ave, 2nd Floor to the Development Services office.
Utility Site Plan:
(Often missed
items to include on
the site plan as they
pertain to your
project are also
Utility Site plan (TO SCALE with north arrow, NO FREEHAND DRAWINGS) which depicts the following
Additions to Single
Family (SFR) and
Duplex (2 unit)
Additions that are greater than 50% of the existing building square footage as shown on the denvergov assessor
records, NOT to include basement area OR more than 50% of the existing exterior walls are proposed or are
removed is considered new construction by wastewater and may require a cut-off of the existing sewer line be
completed prior to permit issuance and a new service line from the structure to the main be installed.
Grading/Plot Plans
and/ work in a
Required for work in the Floodplain
When the property is in a 100-year flood plain, a “Grading Plan” including Finished Floor Elevations (FFE) and site
spot elevations must be submitted, and must have a PE stamp & signature per Colorado Engineering Law.
Swimming Pools:
Required Form:
Swimming Pool Information Sheet
Show location of pool, spa, pool equipment room, discharge lines locations, deck drains and points of discharge.
Discharge Permit:
Required when project is part of a larger development OR site is 1 acre or more OR as deemed necessary by
the Department of Public Works
Locations of the all existing and proposed structure(s) with respect to property lines, streets, alleys, etc.
Sewer mainlines in the street or alleys with sizes, manholes or devices (inlets, ejectors, etc) must be shown.
Spot elevations for the site and all entrances & Finished Floor Elevation (FFE) must be included on ALL
Parking garages, below grade walkout areas, and large window wells, both covered and uncovered must be
identified with elevations included
Location, pipe size and material with ALL points of connection for the existing and proposed building sewer
service(s), water tap(s), water meter(s), water service line(s) from the structure to the main. It is preferred
that the new sewer line be placed at the same tap location. NOTE: Any portion of the building sewer
service line being built over, or any portion within two (2) feet of a building, must be installed with approved
material (Schedule 40 PVC, ABS/DWV, or Cast Iron pipe)
Show required two-way cleanouts to be installed outside of the building (2’-5’ preferred- cleanouts are NOT
permitted to be located in the garage or in the public right-of-way. Traffic rated cleanouts are required when
located within vehicle travel paths) near the connection between the building drain and building sewer, on all
lines exiting the building.
Show additional single cleanouts to be installed at intervals not to exceed 100 feet, and for each aggregate
horizontal change in direction exceeding 135 degrees, on the building sewer line.
Show all Storm drainage to include at a minimum the following:
o Location, slope, pipe size and material with connection and discharge points for all storm lines and
devices including sidewalk chases, inlets, area drains, landscape drains, perimeter drains,
underdrains with all outfall locations including sump pit/pump.
o Downspouts & roof leader drain locations with discharge points (foundation splash-block or other)
Discharge points must be a minimum of 8’ from public sidewalk adjacent property lines, 3’ from
side-yard property lines, and 6” from alleys. The alley finish (concrete, dirt, or asphalt) must be
shown on the site plan when storm drainage is being directed to it.
o All Manholes with size and details of the construction (public and private)
o Swales, Concrete Pans & Culverts – Show size, direction of flow &/or spot elevations, discharge
point and type of material used in its construction. Include details of the type of drainage – piping,
percolation, etc.
NOTE: Minimum size for ALL building sewers (storm & sanitary) is 4” diameter. HDPE pipe is NOT authorized.
A Construction Activities Stormwater Management Plan (CASMP) must be provided for sites 1 acre or larger, or for
sites that are part of a development of 1 acre or larger. If a CASMP is required, a separate permit must be obtained
for the site covering construction activities. Information for submission requirements for CASMP permit issuance
can be found at Development Services - Wastewater Engineering
H:\DS Information\Forms\Current\Word Doc\Residential Submittal Guidelines 12122014.docx