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What Career Pathway interests your child?
Business, Management, Marketing &
Engineering/Industrial Technology
Health Sciences
Human Services
Natural Resources & Agriculture
Websites information on Career Pathways
High School Career Resource Center
Sarah Scott
Email: [email protected]
High School Counseling Office
Krista Balanowski, High School Counselor
[email protected]
A Parent’s Guide
to the Educational
Development Plan
Beth Gutowski, High School Counselor
[email protected]
www.michigan.giv=som.MOIS Career Development System
It is the policy of the Mt. Morris Consolidated School that no
discriminatory practices because of sex, race, color, national origin, or handicap be allowed in providing instructional
opportunities, job placement assistance, employment practices, and policies governing student conduct and attendance. Any person suspecting a discriminatory practice
Junior High School EDP Contact
[email protected]
Ben McGuire
Junior High School Counseling
Vanita Wilson, Junior High Counselor
[email protected]
District EDP/CTE Administrator
Susan Carlson
Email: [email protected]
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Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools
Learning for a Lifetime
School and families working together to
help our students “Learn to Earn!”
should contact Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools, Tricia Hill,
Superintendent, at 12356 Walter Street, Mt. Morris, MI
48458 or phone (810) 591-8760.
Students planning for their
future = Success!
Career Development & EDP Process
What is an EDP?
An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is an
online document that allows students to begin
the process of career exploration and document
their educational goals. The EDP includes an
area for students to record their academic accomplishments, interests, and experiences as
they move from 8th to 12th grade. The EDP
is an electronic system for students to “hold on
to” and “showcase” their accomplishments and
begin to build a resume.
Through a Genesee Intermediate
School District (GISD) grant, additional funding is provided to merge
career exploration and the creation
of an individual EDP into core curriculum areas, bringing real-world relevance and building
connections between daily academic work to a
students career interest.
Mt. Morris students beginning in the 8th grade
are provided the experience of taking the ACT
Explore. In addition, 9th grade students complete the ACT Plan, and 10th grade students
take the Retired ACT. These assessments are
used to help determine students career & college readiness, and more importantly prepare
them for the state-required ACT/MME test
completed as 11th graders.
Students begin the career exploration process in
8th grade and continue through their senior year by
presenting a Senior Exit Project.
EDP development begins in the 8th grade.
Interests and aptitudes are identified through many
career interest inventory online assessments.
Students identity career pathways through research
and assessment results, then plan their 4-year class
schedule using developed short and long term goals
developed in their English classes as a guide.
Students may change their career pathway(s) as
their interests and educational development changes.
All 8th through 12th grade students have the opportunity to participate in Computer/Career Development Essentials courses. As well as, at the
HS level, Career & Technical Educational courses
are offered right at EAJ High School. Family Consumer Sciences, Parenting & Child Development,
Culinary Arts, Business/Office Administration,
Sales & Marketing, Accounting, to qualifying students.
Many programs offer College Articulated Credit
by students successfully completing the HS CTE
program. Post-Secondary partners include: Mott
College, Davenport University, ITT and Baker
The High School offers Advanced Placement
courses and the Jr. High offers Algebra I and Spanish I in which students are provided the opportunity to earn High School credit.
Getting to the EDP System Online
1. Computer System Needs:
 Any computer connected to
the Internet
 A web browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 or above)
 **If you do not have access at
home, please use the contact list on the back of
this brochure for available lab times in buildings
2. Career Cruising Internet Address:
 www.careercruising.com
 Enter general username: mtmorris
 Password: panthers
 Once student’s have access they will get into the
system in the following manner:
 Username: mtmr-xxxxx = student number
 Password: mtmr-xxx (last 4 digits of SS #)
Parent Support of Career Planning
Talk with your students about what
interests them and how to encourage them to make
connections between their school work and a future
Parents need to review, sign and endorse their
students EDP.
Review the Career Planning Areas available on line:
Career Interest Inventory tests, Explore Colleges/
Universities, & Vocational training schools; Explore
Careers of the future & help students see how they
can turn their goals & interests into a viable high
wage earning job.
Listen to live people talk about their jobs, careers,
earnings, working conditions, education & training
needs necessary during high school, scholarship/
grant information, and see sample career pathways
plans which can turn into a positive future plan for
your student.