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Accugas and Accugas+
Accugas is an AGA flow calculator used for verifying (EFM)
results. It runs on your Windows PC/laptop (locally).
Accugas+ operates online as a cloud based AGA flow calculator
for verifying (EFM) results.
Accugas and Accugas+ compute gas volumetric, mass and
energy flow from orifice meters, precision tube v-cone meters,
wafer cone meters and turbine meters. It references AGA-3,
AGA-8 and AGA-7 reports and McCrometer published technical
papers in its calculation. Data can be downloaded and exported
to many formats for external use. Data is stored for online use
for the life of the well.
Excellent Support
New Features
• ERCB Test cases - save and reload
• New print function for results
• Use as part of your Enhanced Production Audit
Program (EPAP)
• Use to help calculate perfect orifice size
• API Programmers Interface - Use VB in Excel
Hosted App Features
Polling RTU EFM data from hosted flow computers
Multiple Protocols for various EFM RTU’s (Custom Protocols available)
Recalculate AGA based on polled data
Accugas is a cloud based AGA flow calculator for verifying (EFM) results
Export to Spreadsheet, Database or your Gas Production accounting software
• AGA-3, AGA-8 (1992) for gas volume
calculation with orifice meters
• AGA-7 for gas volume calculation
with turbine meters
• V-Cone for gas volume calculation
with V-Cone gas flow meters
• Wafer Cone for gas volume
calculation with Wafer Cone gas
flow meters
• Latitude and elevation
• Downstream or upstream tap
• Imperial or metric unit auto
• Heating value calculation
What is ICSCADA?
ICSCADA is an industrial automation software solution that is
designed for local or remote system control and monitoring.
Our secure servers and polling engines allow operation centres
the ability to locally or remotely manage your data assets.
Think Secure
HTTPS/SSL security is supported on the client side. Our AWS servers
are ISO27001 certified and meets or exceeds FISMA, DIACAP, and
FedRAMP standards. AWS uses identity and access management
protocols that are the forefront of web security practices. Our enhanced
security features mean that operators can be assigned specific
privileges to restrict or allow access to certain areas of the system.
Think Informed
Automated voice call-out is a feature of ICSCADA. Specified
users can receive details of any specific condition or alarm
by telephone using our voice synthesis system. Additional
call-out users can be specified if the first notification goes
unanswered. Additionally, alarm or condition notification emails
can be sent to specified users of the system allowing you and
your business to stay in constant touch with your operations.
Think Flexible
ICSCADA is programmed on a structure that allows the use
of Perl, TCL, Python, PHP, Ruby, and C/C++ on the server side.
This allows us to integrate ICSCADA with any type of automation
or data acquisition system. Furthermore, the ICSCADA userinterface is compatible with all common web-browsers.
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