conveyor systems solutions
Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Location & assets
3. Product mix
4. Offered solutions
5. Key competitive advantages
6. Potential of the Company
7. International experience
8. Selected realizations
9. Management
10.Contact details
conveyor systems solutions
Transsystem delivers industrial material handling
solutions mainly for the following industries:
automotive (car producers and tyre producers):
overhaul and floor conveyor systems, conveyor
systems for tires, wheels, doors etc.,
energy (mines and power plants), including industrial
material handling systems, mass materials handling,
advanced steel structures with associated machinery
and equipment, steel structures for gypsum and
sorbent handling and storage systems, etc.
tourism: mainly cabin and chair railways installed most
of all in skiing areas.
In its 20 years history Transsystem has worked for such
clients as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, General Motors,
Airbus, RWE, Vattenfall, Michelin, Goodyear.
conveyor systems solutions
Location & assets
The business activity of Transsystem is located on a 6 ha plot based near
Rzeszów in the South-eastern part of Poland.
The total surface of the buildings amounts to approx. 21.000 m2.
The key buildings of Transsystem include:
two office buildings: one freestanding and one connected with a
production building,
main production building of a surface of 13.444 m2,
new production and warehousing hall of a surface 3.250 m2 built after
warehouse of a surface of 1.752 m2.
The Company owns all machinery necessary to conduct business activity.
It includes machines for steel cutting, cleaning, welding as well as
painting (two paint shops – dry and wet).
conveyor systems solutions
Product mix of Transsystem
The Company offers complete material handling systems for various industries. The offer
includes advisory, design, production, assembly and maintenance of systems.
Sect or /
Product t ype
A ut omot ive /
suppliers for
aut omot ive
indust ry
T yr e / ot her
indust ries
Railway lines
M at erial
handling syst ems
Bulk handling
systems: coal,
gypsum, biomass in
energy plants and
coal mines
P&F*, EHB**, skid
conv., belt conv.,
production lines
Automatic storage,
P&F, roll conv.
Chair lifts, gondola
lifts, monorail
St eel
const ruct ions
Syst em
element s
Design &
Spare parts
Design &
conveyors, lift
tables, spare parts
Design &
Constructions of
ski railways and
ski stations
Spare parts
Spare parts
A ssem bly
Assembly of own
systems, repairs &
reconstructions of
already installed
Assembly of own
systems and
systems of other
Assembly of own
systems and
reconstructions of
already installed
Assembly of own
M aint enance
Maintenance of
own systems and
systems of other
Maintenance of
own systems and
systems of other
Maintenance of
own systems and
systems of other
Maintenance of
own systems and
systems of other
(*) P&F: Power and Free System (**) EHB: German: Elektrohaengebahn – “suspendable electric railway”
conveyor systems solutions
Offered solutions (1/2)
Products for automotive sector
Products for tyre and other industries
Transsystem offers complete material handling systems
Tyre handling systems (1,2)
that may be applied at each stage of the car production
Seats handling systems (3)
process. The Company’s offer includes:
Metal scrap handling systems (4)
EHB conveyor systems (German: Elektrohaengebahn –
Paint shops: dryers, chambers, steel constructions (5)
suspendable electric railway) (1,2)
skid conveyor systems (3)
P&F conveyor systems (Power and Free System) (4)
conveyor systems solutions
Offered solutions (2/2)
Products for energy and mining sector
Products for transportation industry and tourism
Transsystem is capable to deliver full range of material
handling systems for the energy sector.
In cooperating with Swiss company Bartholet Machinenbau AG,
Transsystem, delivers elements of ski lifts constructions and ski
stations. Transsystem offers also assembly and maintenance
The Company’s solutions include systems for:
Coal handling,
Gypsum handling in desulphurisation process
Biomass handling systems to boilers
Selected realizations of Transsystem are presented below:
Coal handling coal mine LW Bogdanka S.A (1)
Biomass handling in Pfleiderer Grajewo (2)
Gypsum handling Siekierki power and heat plant (3,4)
Maintenance, reconstructions & assembly
Transsystem is delivering its clients:
Assembly services of all types of material handling systems
Maintenance of own and other suppliers systems
Reconstruction of parts of the systems that are already
installed at clients’ premises.
As Transsystem understands, how important are reconstructions
and maintenance services of working system, the most important
value added area are short lead times needed to complete the
conveyor systems solutions
Key competitive advantages
The advantage of Transsystem is a combination of high quality, innovation and flexibility in
approach. Good organization allows to offer tailor-made products that remain price
Based on own design and construction departments, that employ highly qualified engineers,
Transsystem is able to deliver complete material handling solutions.
Top quality
The Company knows, how important are material handling systems in production process of its
For this reason Transsystem puts a lot of attention to high quality and reliability of its products
Flexibility in project management – each contract is tailored made in order to suit clients needs and is
based on clearly defined needs and requirements.
Flexible approach
Flexibility in production – Transsystem has an ability to modify its production process in order to suit to
clients needs.
Transsystem constantly strives to streamline its productions processes in order to offer tailor-made
products that are price competitive
Complete offer
The Company offers a full range of services starting from analysis of clients needs, design,
production, assembly and maintenance of material handling systems.
Transsystem gained references of such companies as: Volkswagen, Audi, General Motors, Airbus,
RWE, Vattenfall, Michelin, Goodyear.
conveyor systems solutions
Potential of the Company (1/2)
Number of employees: 200
Welders with certificate PN-EN 288-15614 : 160
Welding methods: MAG, TIG, electrode welding, gas welding
Production capacities: 36 000 hours/monthly
Steel constructions: 500 tons/monthly
Material handling systems: 100 tons/monthly
Assembly team
Number of employees: up to 120
Project managers: 8
Language: German, English
Production capacities: 18 000 hours/monthly
conveyor systems solutions
Potential of the Company (2/2)
Steel constructions design:
Experienced designers: 10
Software: AutoCad 2008, LCAD, Robot Millenium, ProSteel 3-D
Version v8i, BOCad 3-Dv21, RStab
Machines design:
Experienced designers: 10
Software: Autodesk Inventor 3D, Microstation V8, Autodesk Product
Stream, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, ProEngieer, IBM Catia,
ROBOT 2009
Project Management
Project Managers certified by International Project Management
conveyor systems solutions
International experience
Transsystem przed upadłością zrealizował kontrakty w ponad 30 krajach, m. in Niemcy, Węgry, USA, Chiny, Indie, Iran,
Azerbejdżan, Brazylia.
conveyor systems solutions
Selected realizations
Elektociepłownia Siekierki
conveyor systems solutions
Pfleiderer Grajewo
Audi Neckarsulm
Roles of Management of the Company are clearly set. New members (COO & CFO) are
streamlining internal business processes, while its CEO representing Transsystem in
relations with clients.
Stanisław Sroka
CEO, founder of the Company; responsible for sales and marketing
Marcin Dulewicz
COO – responsible for management of design, production, assembly and logistics
processes. Mr Dulewicz has previously worked as Managing Director in Pronar and
held a position of Production Director in Sharp Manufacturing, Philips and
Sebastian Krysiuk
CFO – a responsible for management of accounting, finance, controlling,
administration and IT processes. Mr Krysiuk started its career in Pricewaterhouse
Coopers, has previously worked as CFO in Komagra & Bioagra and held managerial
position in Agora.
conveyor systems solutions
Thank you for your attention
Stanisław Sroka, CEO
[email protected]
+48 602 748 997
Jerzy Szpila
Sales Director
[email protected]
+48 608 614 896
conveyor systems solutions
Michał Kotuła
PM Tyres
[email protected]
+48 668 803 583
Zbigniew Piątek
PM Steel Constructions
[email protected]
+48 602 427 417