Danatronics ultrasonic thickness gauge EHC

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Live Color Wave
Model EHC-09DLCW
New Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge w Color A-Scan, B-Scan
Large memory, Echo to echo measure through coating
World's first and smallest Ultrasonic Thickness Gage with Color, live A-Scan
Multiple Color Schemes
Change Color of Waveform on Alarm
Change Color of RF signal based on Dis-bond
Change Waveform, Text, Background, Flag Colors
50 Hour Battery Life
Thickness reading and Waveform visible from 6 feet away
Vibrate on alarm
Illuminating keypad
Custom protective pouch
50,000 thickness reading datalogger
Echo to Echo to ignore coatings
Software options are field upgradeable,
There is no need to plug in a USB cable or return the unit to our factory
• 2 year warranty
Typical Applications:
Boiler Tubes
Bond Inspection
Home Oil Tanks
Ship Hulls
Bridge Pins
Steam lines
Pressure Vessels
Storage Tanks
5" (127 mm) (L) x 3" (76.2 mm) (W) x 1.25" (31.75 mm) (H)
8 OZ (.23 kg)
Thickness range:
0.008 - 20 inches (.20 mm - 508 mm), depending on
material, temperature and transducer selection
Gage Operating: -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
Surface temperature of material:
Depending on probe use, from -5° F to
1000° F (-20° C to 537° C)
Battery life:
Up to 50hours (25 Hours with backlight on)
Battery type:
Information displays:
2 "AA" Alkaline
.001" (.01 mm)
.5-20 inches (12.7-508mm), auto Zoom to automatically center echoes on screen
independent of material thickness
Probe recognition:
Via pick list from menu
Delay line zero measurement:
Auto at power up with listed numeric value. Ideal for correcting delay line wear/curvature
and for transducer acoustic drift at elevated temperatures
Custom, splash-proof, high impact plastic with rubber,
illuminating keypad for go/no-go testing
0.5-20 MHz (-3dB)
Main Bang Blank, Blank after first received echo (ideal for fine tuning in echo to echo
Full Wave, Half Wave +, Half Wave -, and RF
Measurement rate:
Differential Mode:
4/sec and 20/sec in fast mode
Minimum/Maximum depth, vibralarm, beeps and display flashes as well as keypad
illumination (Patent Pending)
220x170 pixels Graphic Color TFT LCD
LOS, min, max, large reading while displaying min
at the same time, velocity, zero, calibration, units, freeze, unfreeze, % battery life
remaining, gain - low, std, high, echo to echo symbol (optional)
Low, Standard and High or manual control of gain for varying test conditions
Displays the difference from the actual thickness
measurement and a user entered reference value
Illuminating keypad:
Automatic probe wear indicator
(Transducer attendant):
F1 = Red, F2 = Yellow and F3 = Green for easy,
go/no-go testing (Patent Pending)
Automatically informs the operator to replace the transducer (Patent Pending)
User selectable lefty or rightly display changes via keypad
(Patent Pending)
Light Emitting Diode, On/Off or Auto On based on valid
readings or last keypress
Shut off:
Auto, time out (after X minutes user programmable after no
reading, loss or no key press)
Scan mode:
Simultaneously displays actual thickness and minimum or maximum thickness value at 20
measurements per second (ideal for high temperature thickness reading and tracking the
minimum depth alarm).
Carrying case:
Custom molded pouch with wrist strap for either lefty or
righty operators
Shipping case:
Hard Plastic with high density molded cut out for all
Freeze mode:
Freezes display
Hold mode:
Holds display to retain last thickness reading
Standard EHC-09 includes:
Ultrasonic thickness gage, DK-537 potted, 5
MHz 0.375 inch diameter, operational manual, cable, couplant
Limited 2 year warranty on parts and labor
Echo to echo, to measure the metal thickness only (ignore paint and coatings) greater than
.080" or 2 mm* (STD on EHC-09 CWDL)
Non-coded B-Scan to display a cross section of the test piece* (STD on EHC-09 CWDL)
Upgrade to Data Logger Version* 50,000 thickness reading, ( 5,000 waveforms) (STD on
Carrying Pouch (STD on EHC-09 CWDL)
Our New EZ Scan is a small, magnetic wheel, high temperature linear
encoder specifically designed for use with the Color WAVE gage.
Download Brochure Here
The above image displays the information obtained when using the EZ Scan in
B-Scan (cross sectional view) mode. This image shows a 3 step test block with
2 and part of a third flat bottom hole. Also note, the thickness in the top right of
.577 inch at the spot where the triangle is located on the far left and DT for
Distance Traveled (-9.350") indicating how far the encoder has moved. The BScans can be saved to the computer (up to 100K readings) to Microsoft Excel
or the actual image of the B-Scan via our optional data xl pro. When combinded
with the minimum depth alarm, the B-Scan can dynamically change from Green
to Yellow to Red indicating a good, marginal or critical minimum thickness has
been tripped.
The new File Compare is available for V2.0 or higher.
Our newest feature includes the use of angle beam transducers and the Ideal for corrosion monitoring, the file compare feature displays instantaneous
display of anugular distance (soundpth, depth and surface distance to the readings of the current thickness, previous thickness (old) and differential as
measured echo accounting for proper leg calculations) The orange bar to
either a percent (%) or absolute reading.
the bottom left of the display is a mian bang blanking that can blank out The waveform above has an alarm on representing a wall loss of -0.001". The
un-wanted, suprious echoes or noise.
user can set the wall loss amount or even wall growth to monitor scale build up
or a previous bad reading.
Typical screen shot
Close up of Gage with Blue Waveform and White Background
Echoes shown in Green, user can select multiple color palettes for AScan, Thickness, Background and Alarms.
Echoes shown in Green (Outline Mode like an Oscilloscope) with Red Baseline
Main Bang echo blanking and second red, Interface Blanking. Allows operator
to adjust range, gain and blanking for difficult applications and echo verification.
Blanking adjustments create dead zones so unwanted echoes such as noise or
mode converted echoes will not be detected.
Large Thickness displayed with waveform shut off
Standard RF, Full Wave Rectification, Halt +, Half -, RF is ideal for bond
inspection applications
Color Coded B-Scan, a cross sectional representation of a 5 step test block
with colors corresponding to alarm, red to left exceed high alarm, yellow are
caution as readings are getting close to a high and/or low alarm and green
represents a good reading. Cursor (white line on right of screen) can be used to
scroll left and right to display thickness value. B-Scan is standard on EHC09DL CW.
Available in Color(WAVE) and Monochrome
Tel: (201) 788-6268
Email: [email protected]