Sunday, April 5, 2015 EASTER SUNDAY: THE

Sunday, April 12, 2015
Second Sunday of Easter: Divine Mercy Sunday
Monday, April 13
Rdgs. Acts 4:23-31; Ps 2:1-3, 4-7a, 7b-9; John 3:1-8.
9:00 AM – Anthony Alongi
11:30 AM – Charles Zukaitis
Tuesday, April 14
Rdgs. Acts 4:32-37; Ps 93:1ab, 1cd-2, 5; John 3:7b-15.
9:00 AM – Nicholas Antonelli
11:30 AM – Aldo Gulino
This Sunday’s Readings
Acts 4:32-35 They were of one
heart and mind.
Ps 118 Give thank s to the L ord
for he is good, his love is everlasting.
1 John 5:1-6 W hoever is begotten by God conquers the world.
John 20:19-31 Eight days later
Jesus came and stood in their midst.
Wednesday, April 15
Rdgs. Acts 5:17-26; Ps 34:2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9; John 3:16-21.
9:00 AM – Rosemary Lundan
11:30 AM – Mary Jane Gable
Thursday, April 16
Rdgs. Acts 5:27-33; Ps 34:2+9, 17-18, 19-20; John 3:31-36.
9:00 AM – Timothy Dillon
11:30 AM – Joseph Graham
Friday, April 17
Rdgs. Acts 5:34-42; Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14; John 6:1-15.
9:00 AM – Virginia Laracuenta
11:30 AM – Genevieve Lauria
Saturday, April 18
Rdgs. Acts 6:1-7; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19; John 6:16-21.
9:00 AM – Alberto & Rosina Veltri & deceased family
members, Anna Cervone
used in Masses during the week
are in loving memory of
Joseph Graham.
used in Masses during the week
are in loving memory of
Gerard Milne.
5:00 PM Church – Anthony DiRocco
Sunday, April 19 Third Sunday of Easter
Rdgs. Acts 3:13-15, 17-19; Ps 4:2, 4, 7-8, 9; 1 John 2:1-5a; Luke
8:00 AM – Henry Pinto
9:30 AM – Gustave Schaefer
10:00 AM Chapel – People of the Parish
11:00 AM – Salvatore Chiarello
11:30 AM Chapel – John Caroccia
12:30 PM – Erica Symon
12:45PM – Abel Rodriguez y Jose Anselmo Baez
5:00 PM – Antoinette Palmigiano
Joseph DiMaio
George Gasparotti
Roni Gasparotti
Joan Gomez
Hugh Strennen
Carlo Rizzo
Bradley Clarke
Bernadette Behan
Brendan Behan
John Curte
Mission Statement of St. Anthony Church
John Portanova
Dana Berritto
Denis Preziosi
Alexa Rae Boylan
Linda Lacertosa
Kenneth Healey
Matteo Rizzi
Kathy Conrad
John Joseph Jackson
Dionisio Namocatcat
We are a Catholic community of faith in the Jesuit tradition gathered around Jesus Christ and centered in the
Eucharist. In a diverse and changing world we struggle to grow in our relationship with God and with one another.
Through our worship, our ministries and our promotion of peace and justice, we walk with Jesus of the Gospel who
reveals God’s love for all.
Weekday Mass Schedule Time Change
Beginning the week of May 25th, the 11:30 weekday Mass will be moved to 12:00 Noon.
If you have a Mass Intention scheduled for an 11:30 am weekday Mass
please note the change in time!
The weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Thursdays will change from
12:00 pm to 12:30 pm.
My fellow parishioners,
Just as we celebrate the end of a long, dark and cold Winter with the joy of the coming
Spring with its color and light, joy and life, so too let us celebrate this great feast of
Easter and the life in each and every one of us. We Christians are reminded each year in
the resurrection that Christ triumphed over death and so brings hope and joy to us all.
Indeed at our funeral Masses we recall that life is changed, not ended at the end of our
journey here on earth and so we celebrate with the world around us. The new life of
Spring with its rebirth in greening and blossoming everywhere reminds us that we too
can choose to be reborn again after our little deaths, disappointments, or failures. For
as St. Paul says, nothing can separate us from the love of God and so with his grace we
can always rise again along with him to new life. Therefore this Easter let us remember
to give thanks to the Lord for all who have helped show us and taste Christ’s love and
pray for the grace to share it with all with whom we work and play for if we do, we each
can contribute to making the world a better place. God Bless, and Happy Easter!
Fr. Nick Lombardi, S.J.
Pastor, St. Anthony’s
The 2016 Mass Book will be opening on
Monday, April 13th from 9—11:30 AM
in room 101 of the Parish Center.
2015 & 2016 Altar Candles
and Bread & Wine Memorials
are also available!
for the
St. Anthony's Feast mailing
We will be sending a mailing
for the 2015 Feast to all
parishioners and are in need
of volunteers.
Thursday, April 23
9:30 AM to 2 PM
Room 101 & 102
in the Parish Center.
Refreshments will be served.
Please join us. All are welcome.
We mourn the loss of these parishioners who died
during the month of March—
Joseph Graham
Ernest Bellitti
Catherine Breslin
Jeannette Daly
Maria Teresa Perez
Anna Cervone
Joseph Commisso
Helen Fries
Ralph Magliaro
John O’Gara
Nicola Turturro
Albert D’Amico Jr.
Robert LaPresti
Roseann Tominaro
Rose Cargagna
Helen McSweeney
Philip Timoney
Lenore Cerone
Life is changed, not ended.
The Lord is risen! As Christ's disciples, we are called
to go forth and spread the good news of His Resurrection. Our parish's many ministries are examples of
how many of you answer that call. Our ministries require not only gifts of time and talent, but also of financial help. Please prayerfully consider supporting
St. Anthony with electronic donations through Faith
Direct. You can sign up online at
using our church code NY581 or mail in an enrollment
form from the parish office.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Scripture Reflection
The Christian community described in Acts understood and practiced total stewardship. St. Paul reports that the believers did not claim anything as
their own, but held everything in common and distributed to each whatever was needed.
Living Stewardship
We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish who look beyond their own wants to help satisfy
the needs of others.
Sunday - March 29
Palm Sunday
Weekly Collection
$ 15,054.50
$ 14,751.00 $ (-303.50)
Weekly - Year to Date
$ 317,829.30
Faith Direct - Yr to Date
$ 13,560.45
Total Year to Date Offertory $ 331,389.75
$ 347,190.65
$ 24,690.17
$ 371,880.82
3,042.00 $
Easter Flowers
Please note that the fiscal year is from
September 1st to August 31st
Thank You St. Anthony's Parishioners for your generosity!
$ 29,361.35
$ 11,129.72
$ 40,491.07
St. Anthony's Parish Mission
An Easter Retreat
Save the Dates
April 13, 14, & 15
at 11:30 AM & 7:30 PM
St. Anthony Church
Fr. Paul R. Fagan, C. P.
"Walking by Faith:
A Spirituality for Living Now"
What Do We Stake Our Life On?
 Are We Willing To Take A Risk?
God Demands Our Life as Individuals,
Families and Parish Community!
Tabor Retreat Center
Life Giving Friendship . . . with God,
Others, and even Ourselves!
April 25, 2015
Saturday 9:30am - 3pm
Come, spend a day exploring friendship in your
life. Bring a friend, bring yourself. Allow the
nurturing, sustaining and strengthening blessings that grace your life speak to you of God's
Presenter: Sr. Cathy Smith, OP is an Amityville Dominican who does Retreat Work and
Spiritual Direction after her full time ministry at
Maryhaven Center of HOPE.
Donation: $50. (breakfast/lunch)
April 26, 2015
Sunday 2pm 4:30pm
April Showers bring . . .
new life, new hopes as
we become a sign of joy
and hope quietly in
every small whisper of
god's love given . . .
shared . . . and even
transformed in some mysterious, everyday way.
Presenter: Sr. Ave Clark, OP is a Dominican
Sister of Amityville
Donation: $20
Tabor Retreat Center
60 Anchor Ave., Oceanside
(516) 536-3004
[email protected]
We are collecting new and gently used
First Communion dresses and suits
for the children of our neighbors in need.
You may bring your donation to the Parish Outreach
office any time during regular business hours.
Thank you for your generosity!
St. Vincent de Paul Society
In the Gospel today, Jesus stands in the
midst of us and says: “Peace be with you!”
During Mass we turn to each other
and say “Peace be with you!” As you
put your gift into the St. Vincent de Paul
poor box you say “Peace be with you!” to
those who are poor and hungry.
St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
Please remember the poor of our parish when you
shop for groceries for your own household, and perhaps you could obtain for us one or two of the following items:
coffee & tea, hot & cold cereals, cooking oil
(small bottles), pancake mix & syrup,
macaroni & spaghetti, canned tuna, canned
meats, canned pasta products,
rice (1-2 lb. bags),
peanut butter, jelly & jam,
canned fruit, boxed macaroni &
cheese, dry & canned beans,
canned & bottled juice, evaporated milk / shelf stable milk,
tomato sauce & canned tomatoes
Your support makes our work possible.
Thank you for caring!
At this special time of year, let us witness Christ’s
Resurrection by serving the poor and those in need.
Your gifts to the Catholic Ministries Appeal help to provide:
Through affordable,
safe housing for
seniors and people
with disabilities.
for our Seminarians as
they follow their calling to serve as Priests
in our Diocese.
for our young people
so they can grow in
their faith through
Youth, Young Adult,
and Campus Ministry
By participating in the Catholic Ministries Appeal we are given
the opportunity to proclaim the message of the Risen Lord.
You can make a difference in your parish and in the lives of those around us
by making a gift to this year’s appeal. No gift is too small!
Make Checks Payable to: Catholic Ministries Appeal
Pledge: _____________________
Name: ____________________________________
Down Payment: ______________
Address: __________________________________
Balance: ____________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________
Phone Number: ______________
Payments can be made over ten months. Please place in collection basket or drop off at Parish Office.
St. Anthony’s Faith and Fitness Program
with Deacon Mike IS BACK!!
Honoring God through Faith and Fitness
Deacon Mike’s Faith and Fitness Program for the youth of our parish is a program that
builds community, improves health and develops skills through lessons on sportsmanship, respect
and faith with exercise, drills, skill challenges, lessons and an unparalleled fitness experience.
We are once again accepting registration for all children in Grades 3 through 8 for five Saturday
mornings (4/11, 4/18, 5/2, 5/9 & 5/16) from 8 am to 9:30 am. The cost of the 5 week program is $25 or
a free will offering—no child will be turned away if unable to pay. 2nd graders will be invited to
join us for a complimentary sneak peek session on 5/16!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deacon Mike by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 764-0048 ext. 2526. See registration form on next page...
Congratulations to our December winners!
1st-#97- M/M Ringhauser 2nd-#63- Mgr Dietz
3rd-#132- Eleanor Royere
They had their lucky numbers, do you have yours?
You can be among the next winners!! Numbers still available!!
We look forward for your participation for the year 2014/2015. Please complete the form below and
submit with check in the amount of $100 payable to St. Anthony’s. Please stop by the Parish Center at
the front desk to view & purchase your “lucky” number or numbers!! The drawings will take place in
the cafeteria on the 3rd Sunday of each month (during coffee hour), following the 9:30 am Mass.
Purchase a number as an individual, or as a group!
$100 gives you a 29 chances to win!!
$850 Monthly Drawings (September-April):
o $500
o $250
o $100
Free Dinner Dance in the Spring
Grand Prizes pulled at the dinner dance:
o $5,000 1st Prize
o $1,500 2nd Prize
o $ 500 3rd Prize
o $ 250 4th Prize
o $ 100 5th Prize
Spread the word to your friends & family members. Let’s make this year successful once again! Our
future success relies on you! We thank you and thank God for your continued generosity.
Wishing you the best of luck,
Rosemarie Prendergast – 300 Club
300 Club Registration Form – 2014/2015
(renewing) Current #___________________
Choose Life Committee
Our Parishioners
In the Military
Please keep all our military in your prayers.
Timothy R. Kear, CTT, Navy
Christopher Kear, NET, Navy
Carl A. Misitano, Lt., Navy
John Nitti, Chief Petty Officer, Navy
Ryan Reilly, Petty Officer, Navy
Tom Shanley, 2nd Class Petty Officer, Navy
Dominick Albanese, ISSN, Navy
William Stuber, Seaman, Navy
Edward Durkin, GMC, Navy
Brian Wolfe, Lance Cpl., Marines
Jonathan Rodriguez-Strubbe, Lance Cpl, Marines
Candace L. Bonsignore, Cpl, Marines
Michael Connell, PFC, Marines
Daniel G. Koehler, Pvt., Marines
Patrick Massimillo, Pvt., Marines
Denis St. John Sheahan, Pvt., Marines
Timothy Richards, Capt., Army
Sanghu Richards, Capt., Army
Samuel Rodriguez, Sgt., Army
Charles Artino, Pvt., Army
Alex Murtha, Pvt., Army
Daniel R. Verity, Pvt., Army
Sean Michael Cirillo, Specialist, Army
Christopher Kapp, Specialist, Army
Michael J. Graham, Army
Lord, hold our troops in Your loving hands.
Protect them as they protect us.
Bless them and their families
for the selfless acts they perform for us.
Benefits & Resources Event
for Veterans and Their Families
Saturday, April 18—9 AM to 1 PM
Long Island State Veterans Home, Stony Brook, NY
Representatives from a variety of federal, state, and local
agencies will be present to distribute information and answer your questions. Experts in the field of VA benefits,
managed care, Medicaid, housing, home care, assisted living, legal counseling, mental health, long-term care and
more will be on hand. General health screenings will be
performed by Stony Brook Schools of Medicine, Dentistry
and Nursing.
The event is free and open to the public.
For more info call (631) 444-8606 or visit
To protect innocent human life from fertilization to
natural death through education, legislative action, prayer
and peaceful presence.
On this day of days, on this feast of feasts, we rejoice in
the victory of life! This victory is not just a hope; it is a
fact. God, in Christ, has destroyed the power of death! In
all its forms -- including abortion -- death can never have
the final word!
This is why we are pro-life, and the victory of this day is
the starting point and foundation of the pro-life movement. The gift of life, placed in our hands today, is what
we proclaim, celebrate, and serve. We announce and apply this victory to every segment of our society. We say
to our culture, in effect, "Hurry up! God has accomplished
His work, and we must run to share in its fruit! God's design for life is unfolding in a definitive way, and this is our
chance to catch hold of it and participate in it!"
To all of you who defend life, we wish a Happy Easter
with a special joy, knowing that we speak to those who
understand Easter most profoundly and live it most intensely.
Never doubt the victory of life, and always find in the resurrection your strength to continue defending this greatest of all gifts!
Life Center of Long Island, April 2015
The Life Center is in desperate need of the following items:
• Clothes for girls and boys (Sizes 0-6 and 18-24
months especially needed)
• Toiletries (i.e. wipes, baby soaps, shampoos, diaper rash creams, powders, etc.)
• Crib sheets
• Bottles
• Hooded towels, Wash cloths
• Diaper bags
• Non Drop Side Cribs / Bassinets/ Pack n Plays
• Car seats (both infant and toddler)
• Strollers
Thank you for any help that you can provide to help
us support these women, especially those who are
in crisis.
Donations can be dropped off at our Deer Park location: 1767 Deer Park Ave Deer Park, NY 11729
(across the street from St. Cyril & Methodius Roman Catholic Church, and next door to BoydCarratozollo Funeral home) Any further questions
can be answered at (631) 243-2373.
Massapequa Location: 516-798-9100
Hempstead Location: 516-408-6300
St. Anthony's Feast Benefactor
The dates for the 2015 St. Anthony’s Feast will be Thursday June 11th- Sunday June 14th, 2015
Please consider becoming a Feast Benefactor for 2015.
Below is the list of booths showing different levels of sponsorship that are available.
+ Sponsorships can be made in the name of a business, ministry, family, individual, "In memory
of...", “In Celebration of....”, etc.
+ A sponsorship pledge may be paid in full or 10% at time of pledge and the balance paid in 10
equal monthly payments beginning in January. Pledges made after January 1, 2015 can be made
in equal payments based on the number of remaining months in the calendar year.
+ Half and Quarter booth Sponsorships are available.
+ All pledges need to be completed before the end of the 2015 Calendar Year. Payments can be
made by check, cash, or charged automatically to your credit card.
For more information email [email protected] or contact John Fellin 516-308-1224
Sponsorship level $5000 - $7500
Big Ride Benefactor
Entertainment Benefactor- Thank You Oceanside Christopher Credit Union
Sponsorship level $2500
> Beer Booth Benefactor- Thank You Father Joseph O'Connell Council #3481
Sponsorship level-$1500 (Choose One Booth)
Wine Garden ~ Zeppoli ~ Sausage and Pepper ~ Burgers and Dogs ~ Gyro - Thank You Towers Funeral
Suggested Sponsorship level-$500 (Choose One Booth)
> Italian Ices ~ Pastries ~ Pizza ~ Soda ~ French Fries ~ Linguine and Clams ~ Eggplant/Meatball Heroes
White Elephant ~ Country Store ~ Headquarters
Sponsorship level- $250
General Feast Sponsors
Name:_________________________________ Phone:___________ Email:_____________________
I pledge the following support of the 2015 St. Anthony’s Feast: Amount: $_______________________
Booth Requested:___________________ Signed:_______________________________________
+ I am enclosing a payment of: $______________ I will pay the balance in _______ equal monthly payments
+ _______ Please have someone contact me to arrange automatic credit card payments
Completed Pledges should be returned to: St. Anthony Parish Center 110 Anchor Avenue Oceanside, NY 11572
or placed in the COLLECTION BASKET
Are you or someone you know having family or interpersonal problems due to drinking
ALCOHOL and/or using DRUGS?
a voluntary Chemical Dependence Crisis Center, located in Bohemia provides withdrawal and stabilization services for
males and females over the age of 18, who are seeking to stop and/or withdraw from alcohol and/or other drug use.
For more information, please call: 631-589-4144. Talbot House staff is available 24/7. Each call is confidential.
Talbot House is a NO fee for service program.
12 DE ABRIL, 2015
Como niños recién nacidos,
desead una leche pura y espiritual que os haga crecer hacia la
salvación. Aleluya.
Primera Hechos de los Apóstoles
4, 32-35: “Con grandes muestras
de poder, los apóstoles daban testimonio de la resurrección del Señor
Salmo 117: “Den gr acias al Señor porque es bueno, por es eterna
su misericordia.”
2nd Lectura San Juan 5, 1-6: “J esucr isto es el que se
manifestó por medio del agua y de la sangre; el vino, no
solo con agua, sino con agua y sangre.”
Lectura del Santo Evangelio San Juan 20, 19-31: “La
paz este con ustedes.” Dicho esto, les mostro las manos y
el costado.
La intensión de la misa del día de hoy es por Denise
Gallardo. Par a intensiones de la misa comunicar se
con la hermana Marcela Severino telf. 516-763-0937.
“La Divina Misericordia”
La despensa de St. Vicente de Paul: necesita alimentos no
perecederos para la despensa...No te olvides de ayudar alimentar a los podres y desamparados.
El Cursillo para Damas Abril 16 al 19: Si quier es tener
un encuentro con Cristo te invito a que vivas el Cursillo de
Cristiandad. Para información comunicarse con la Hermana Luz María Abreu: 943-3036. Cristo Cuenta contigo!!
Acción Católica Hispana: Salón 120 Centr o Par r oquial
todos los Martes de 7:00 PM a 8:00 PM.
Legión de María: Todos los Miér coles 7:30PM en Casa
de la hermana Miladis Duran Telf 516.884.9796.
VIA CRUSIS SEGUIDO DEL EL GRUPO CARISMATICO: En la Capilla este vier nes de 7:00PM hasta
9:30PM. Es tiempo oración, ayuno y penitencia. Adoremos
a nuestro Señor.
Ultreya de los Cursillistas: Todos los Domingos de
11:30am a 12:30PM salón 101 Centro Parroquial.
BAUTISMOS Y CLASES DE RICA: Par a infor mación
y registración comunicarse con el hermano Ernesto de la
Cruz telf. 917-832-0670.
domingo después de la misa y los viernes en la Capilla a
las 8:00pm, en caso de emergencia llamar al Padre Donald
Gannon telf. 516-764-0048 ext. 2509.
Sor Fautima: Quiero que esta imagen sea bendecida
con solemnidad el primer domingo después de la Pascua.
Ese día los sacerdotes han de hablar sobre Mi misericordia
infinita. Ese día están abiertas las entrañas de Mi misericordia. Derramaré un océano de gracias sobre las almas
que se acercan al manantial de Mi misericordia. El alma
que se confiese y reciba la Santa Comunión obtendrá el
perdón total de las culpas y de las penas. Que ningún alma
tema acercarse a Mí.
Campaña de los Ministerios Católicos 2015
Parroquia St. Antonio:
La meta este año 2015 es
de $70,00 dólares. Este
dinero ayuda a la parroquia a cubrir las diferentes
necesidades y actividades
de la iglesia. Llene su formulario haga su compromiso este año, no olvide
de marcar o escribir que es para la Parroquia de St. Anthony. Puede haber un plan de pagos hasta diciembre 2015.
Contamos con tu ayuda.
Por Favor Participe…Cualquier donación nunca es
Para asuntos de notario o Real Estate: Comunicarse con
el hermano José González cel.: 516-351-7272 y Ofic. 516706-9001.
FAITH DIRECT: No se olvide haga su donación semanal
a través del nuevo sistema automático, regístrese entrando a
la siguiente dirección debe de utilizar
el código de la parroquia NY581. Necesita su cuenta ahorros, tarjeta de crédito o su debit card.
Misa April-12-2015: ME: Dionisia Mar tínez, Susana
Estévez y Porfirio Sánchez. MO: Ángel Emmanuel, y Ashtin Tavarez y Darían Imberto. Lectores: Marcela Severino
y Manuel Francisco.
Misa Apr-19-2015: ME: Inoelia Santana, Natividad
Martínez y Julio Martinez.MO: Kenia Peralta, Rafael Jiménez y Fendy Estévez. Lectores: Porfirio Sánchez y Sonia
Misa Apr-26-2015: ME: Mar ía Sever ino, Violeta Sánchez y Carmen Peralta. MO: Anthony Montalvo, Marc
Francisco y Natalie Rodriguez. LECTORES: Inoelia Santana y María Rey.
Saint Anthony's Roman Catholic Church will
be hosting a Life Line Screening preventive
health event on Saturday, April 18, 2015.
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!
If you are age 21-80 learn your risk for developing
6 different chronic diseases
$3 out of every $4 spent on healthcare is for treatment of chronic disease
Better lifestyle habits can help prevent 80% of heart
disease and 90% of type 2 diabetes
The 6 for Life Health Assessment measures your
risk of developing 6 chronic diseases, including heart
disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, diabetes,
COPD and lung cancer. A customized report will determine which risk factors contribute most to your disease risk and are within your control to change. Finger-stick blood tests along with biometric measurements are included with this assessment.
Protect your health by registering today for the 6 for
Life Health Assessment for $79. Call 1-888-653-6441
or visit
to schedule your appointment. Take control of your
health, knowledge is empowering.
Are you at Risk for Stroke, Heart Disease and Diabetes?
Altar Server Assignments
April 19
Team One
5:00 PM – Church
8:00 AM – Church
9:30 AM – Church
10:00AM – Chapel
11:00 AM – Church
11:30 AM – Chapel
12:30 PM – Church
5:00 PM – Church
April 19 - Assignments
LECTOR: Team 2
5:00 PM – Church
8:00 AM – Church
9:30 AM – Church
10:00AM – Chapel
11:00 AM – Church
11:30 AM – Chapel
12:30 PM – Church
5:00 PM – Church
Did you know that a 10% decrease in cholesterol can
reduce your risk for heart disease 30%?
-Emily Pignataro
Patrick & Shannon Hirdt
Jessica & Emily Jacoby,
Keriana Calderón
Adult Servers
Nicholas Rosamilia, William Xuereb
& Joshua Javillo
Adult Servers
Jay Jackson
Jasper Javillo
Hope LaMagna
Anthony Capone
Larry Morgenlander
Dan Shea
Elizabeth Egan
Angela Gray
Barbara Bastin
Michele Kratky
April 19 - Assignments
Extraordinary Ministers
of the Eucharist: Team 3
Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death in the
Elevated CRP levels in the blood are indicators of
risk for heart disease and high blood pressure
Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death
Life Line Screening offers finger-stick blood tests with
results in 10 minutes.
Register for the lipid panel (HDL, LDL, total cholesterol and triglycerides), glucose and CRP blood tests for
only $129. Call 1-888-653-6441 or visit to
schedule your appointment. Ask about our other
stroke and heart tests. Taking control of your health
doesn’t have to be hard.
Life Line Screening offers a finger-stick blood test with
results in less than 10 minutes. Protect your health by
finding out your risk of an underactive thyroid by having a TSH screening.
5 PM – Church
8:00 AM – Church
9:30 AM – Church
10:00AM – Chapel
11:00 AM – Church
11:30 AM – Chapel
12:30 PM – Church
5:00 PM - Church
M. & B Johnson, C. Middleton
E. Egan, T. Alois, K. Garay
J. Prisco, M. & J. Brady
S. & D. Ryan
N. Back, A. Rathburn, M. Elefante
G. Rios, J. D’Anna, K. Verriello
H. Winkowski, C. Hayes
M. Kratky
Weekly Support Group Meetings
AA Sun. Apr il 12, 7:30 PM—cafeteria
Mon. April 13, 7:30 PM—cafeteria
Thurs. April 16, 7:30 PM—cafeteria
Sun. April 19, 7:30 PM—cafeteria
NA Tues. Apr il 14, 8:00 PM - cafeteria