ITER CODACアーカイブシステムの試作に関する支援 - 那珂核融合研究所

References: ITER/CFN/11/5146
A Prototype of the CODAC Archiving System
(ITER CODAC アーカイブシステムの試作に関する支援)
IO 締め切り 5 月 9 日、国内締め切り 5 月 8 日
ITER 機構では、ITER CODAC アーカイブシステムの試作に関する支援業務を外部の企
の。各極から推薦された企業・機関を ITER機構が審査し、外部委託契約を結ぶ候補企
○ 主な作業内容
・現在の CODAC(ハード、ソフト)の分析。
・ITER CODAC アーカイブシステムの設計、試作、試験及び組込みに関する支援、他。
・2 年。
・予備審査 2011 年 4 月
2011 年 5 月
2011 年 6 月
・契約締結 2011 年 7 月
・作業開始 2011 年 11 月
イーター国際核融合エネルギー機構からの 外部委託
<ITER 機構から参加極へのレター>
に要求される能力を有し、入札すべきと考える企業及び研究機関の連絡先の情報を ITER
Route de Vunon sur Verdon 13115 Saint Paul Iez Durance France
Date: 06 April 2011
ITER Members
(Contact Persons)
Domestic Agencies
References: ITER/CFN/1 1/5146
Phone: +33442176167
Fax: +33442176011
E mail : berengere.giraud(
Subject: Call for Nominations
Dear Colleagues,
The ITER Organization invites the ITER Members to nominate companies, institutions or other entities that
are capable of providing
"A Prototype of the CODAC Archiving System"
Please find enclosed a description of the planned procurement
In order to proceed with the preparation of the list of Tenderers, we kindly ask you to propose names of
suitable companies, institutions or entities. The potential firms should have a recognized level of expertise,
competence and references in the field mentioned above. The ITER Organization will prequalify the
nominated companies, institutions or entities.
Should you wish to nominate suitable suppliers, please provide us with their up-to-date contact details (i.e.
company name, full address (no post box, please), contact person, telephone and fax number, e-mail
address and web- page).
Please reply, quoting the reference number of this Call for Nominations, within four weeks after receipt of this
May 2011.
letter but no later than
Please send any proposals by e-mail to berengere.girauditer.or
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Francoise FLAMENT
Head of Procurement Arrangement and Contracts Division
Call for Nomination
CODAC is the integrated and distributed Control, Data Access and Communication system
responsible for operating the ITER device. One of the main tasks of CODAC is to provide a
temporary archiving system for all the data produced by the ITER Plant Systems during operation.
This archiving system shall be able to keep data for roughly 10 days. There will be data produced
during a pulse which is foreseen to last at most 3,600 seconds and data produced between two
pulses. It is foreseen to have around 2,000 test pulses per year and 1TB per pulse. Data rate
during a pulse will vary from one plant system to another one and can go up to 5-20GB/sec. The
throughput of the raw data which must be archived on demand (usually to get more details about
an event) is up to 50 GB/sec with a typical duration of the order of 10 seconds.
The purpose of the requested support is to assist the CODAC group in designing and
implementing a prototype of the temporary archiving system which fulfills current requirements.
The scope of work covers the supply of suitable qualified and experienced personnel to contribute
to the design and implementation of the CODAC archiving system. The services requested herein
can be categorized as follow:
Analysis of the current CODAC architecture (hardware and software)
Design a prototype for the CODAC archiving system which fulfill our requirements
Building the prototype
Test (incl. endurance and stress tests) and integration of the prototype with the rest of CODAC
• Consultancy in scientific archiving area
N.B : ITER will not provide any hardware and will not accept any hardware delivery.
The potential tenderers should have proven experience in the following areas:
Experience in large scientific archiving system and control systems.
Experience in HDF5 and EPICS
Experience in parallel computing
Experience in mass storage systems.
Experience in Linux operating system
Experience in high-speed network
Experience in databases (Postgresql, Oracle, MS SQL).
Experience in software quality assurance; life cycle, documentation, configuration control,
versioning, automatic system building, automatic regression testing, code inspection etc.
Experience in participating to a large software project involving research labs such.
Knowledge of Plasma or High Energy Physics systems such as diagnostics, RF, Vacuum,
Power supplies.
Complete command (oral, writing, reading) of English.
The framework contract duration shall be 2 (two) years; ITER Organization shall establish the
request for services on ad hoc basis and relative to the respective annual work plans.
The tentative timetable is as follows:
Call for Nomination
Call for Tender
Tender submission
Contract award
Start of Contract
April 2011
May 2011
June 2011
July 2011
November 2011
Participation is open to all legal persons participating either individually or in a grouping
(consortium) which is established in an ITER Member State. A legal person cannot participate
individually or as a consortium partner in more than one application or tender. A consortium may
be a permanent, legally-established grouping or a grouping, which has been constituted informally
for a specific tender procedure. All members of a consortium (i.e. the leader and all other
members) are jointly and severally liable to the ITER Organization. The consortium cannot be
modified later without the approval of the ITER Organization.
Legal entities belonging to the same legal grouping are allowed to participate separately if they are
able to demonstrate independent technical and financial capacities. Bidders’ (individual or
consortium) must comply with the selection criteria. IO reserves the right to disregard duplicated
references and may exclude such legal entities form the tender procedure.
Further information on the ITER Organization procurement can be found at: