Dow Tennis Talk 2.1 - Dow Europe Horgen Tennis Club

Dow Tennis Talk
Volume 2, No. 1
April 2014
Annual General Meeting on March 13
The 2014 tennis season was kicked-off
with an Apéro followed by the AGM on
March 13. As usual participation was
limited to some highly enthusiastic
individuals, being the first to enjoy the
delicious asian-style snacks prepared by
by our new club house caterer Chitinan
“Nog” Strack with daughter Packing. BIG
welcome to the new catering team! The
well-fed and happy attendees had
productive discussions on proposals made
by club members for the new season, also
electing the new committee.
Apéro preceding the Annual General Assembly for the 2014 season
Election of the new committee:
Home made spring rolls…
Daniel Richard (President & IT Tools)
Susanne Trost (Member Relations)
Catherine Erbin (Play Master)
Francesco Zingarello (Treasurer)
Nicole Oess (Events & Promotion)
Mandy Osterloh (Events & Promotion)
The new club committee
Event Schedule for the 2014 Season
The new club house caterer Chitinan “Nog” Strack with her daughter
and “assistant” Packing.
Opening Round Robin on May 1
After Work Event
Open House
After Work Event
Swiss Round Robin
Generations Tournament
Season Ending Party & President’s
Cup Finals
Save the dates and stay tuned for more
Dow Tennis Talk
Volume 2, No. 1
April 2014
Spring Tennis Camp in Leysin, Apr 4-6
The Leysin 5 crew on court...
Early April some of us
continued the yearly
tradition of the Leysin
Spring Tennis Camp
to prepare for the
new season. Beautiful
mountain scenery
mixed with high
altitude training, a fast
surface and great
coaches were once...
Leysin evening get-together
...more the recipe for a fun tennis weekend. Like every year we acknowledged the "Special efforts from special
people“: Congratulations to Barbara Budd for winning the „Fashionable No Doubt Award“ for her stylish
appearance on and off the court! Terry White received the „Best On Court Attitude Award“ for his always
pleasant on-court demeanor. The „Most Enthusiastic Award“ was once more awarded to Daniel Richard. Dan
brings a real fire to the court when he competes, trains or just watches. The special give-away from the girls at
Alpine Tennis „A weekend for 2 at the Central Residence in Leysin incl. a free tennis lesson“ went to the firsttime Leysin participants Katja Zerr & Jean-Francois Koenig. Congratulations to all Leysin # 5 winners!!!
Dow Junior Program - Starting April 26
Court of Appeals
Your opponent hits a smash while you
are standing behind the baseline. When
the ball bounces, it hits the very edge
of your foot and the court at the same
time. Who gets the point?
The Dow Junior Program will be on again every Saturday
afternoon from 2-5 pm starting April 26. For further details
please contact: Tony McCormick at [email protected] or
077-4204587 & Mandy Osterloh at [email protected] or
extension -2835.
(1) You, because the ball landed
outside the court.
(2) Your opponent, because the ball hit
your foot while it was in play.
(3) Nobody – This is a let and the point
needs to be replayed.
The first correct answer with
explanation of applicable rules (sent to
[email protected]) will win a can of
tennis balls.