draft programme

International Conference on 5/6 June 2014
at ETH Zurich
TANDEM Project
The international conference is dedicated to Dual Career and Integration
TANDEM stands for Talent and Extended Mobility
Initiatives taking place on 5 and 6 June 2014 at ETH Zurich organized by
in the European Innovation Union.
the Office for Faculty Affairs and the Euraxess office, EU GrantsAccess.
A growing number of researchers are mobile at least once in their academic
career. Universities and research institutions have to address and to under-
At our conference, we will be able to look back to 15 years of Dual Career Advice at ETH Zurich. What experiences have been made? How do we continue
stand mobility obstacles and challenges if they want to successfully attract
talented young researchers.
with our programme taking into account the promising results of the TANDEM
What TANDEM did:
Analysed the basic requirements for the successful implementation of
Dual Career and Integration Initiatives
Developed a systematic and modular approach to these services
Set a special focus on brain circulation and how Dual Career and Integration Initiatives could influence the brain circulation positively
ETH Zürich (Switzerland) I CERTH (Greece) I University of Copenhagen
(Denmark) I SAIA (Slovak Republic) I University of Tartu (Estonia)
Preliminary Programme
6 June 2014
Preliminary Programme
5 June 2014
1.00 pm
9.00 pm
Ralph Eichler, President of ETH Zurich
1.15 pm
“Why dual career advice at ETH Zurich?”
Ralph Eichler, President of ETH Zurich
9.15 pm
Olaf Kübler, former President of ETH Zurich
1.30 pm
“From joint use of the washing machine to spousal hiring - a historic
Panel discussion of junior researchers
Constance Ciaudo, Otto Cordero, (TBC)
10.15 pm
Coffee break
10.45 pm
“Dual career & integration initiatives before and after TANDEM”
overview on the first 15 years of dual career advice at ETH Zurich”
Madeleine Lüthy, Office for Faculty Affairs, ETH Zurich
TANDEM Partner
2.00 pm
Roundtable discussion with three couples recruited to ETH Zurich from
abroad: Marloes Maathuis & Steven Schimmel / Kristopher McNeill &
11.15 pm
TANDEM Project: Presentation of results
Alexandra Zingg, Swissnex Boston, former ETH Zurich
Shana Sturla / Rahul Pandharipande & Ana Cannas da Silva
Sofia Karakostas, TANDEM-Coordinator
3.15 pm
Coffee break
3.45 pm
“Excellence without gender bias: changing policies and actions at LERU
patterns, from Brain Drain to Brain Gain
TBC, Swissnex / Viktoria Bodnarova, Euraxess - Links /
Katrien Maes, League of European Research Universities (LERU)
Kerstin Dübner-Gee, Return to Bavaria / Katarina Kostalova, SAIA
12.00 pm
4.45 pm
Research/Innovation/Mobility with of focus on EU and Switzerland
12.45 pm
(TBC) EU Commission / (TBC) SBFI
6.15 pm
Apéro Riche with music
TANDEM Project: Brain Circulation - Influence of DCIS on mobility
Best practice Copenhagen: “all in one house”
Mark De Vos, University of Copenhagen
1.30 pm
Closing with follow-up Apéro
Sofia Karakostas, EU GrantsAccess
Thomas Eichenberger, Office for Faculty Affairs, ETH Zurich