April 30, 2014
Introductions: Shirley Evers-Manley, Lisa Richard, Pat Sparacino, Christina Andrade, Daniel Linnen, Elizabeth Halifax,
Therese Doan, Jenny Choo, Jennifer McAdam, Rebecca Dennison, Sister Alphoncina, Victoria Keeton
Outcome and Follow up
Approve Minutes for March 26, 2014 In the President’s Report (III a. i.), clarification
was asked about whether the $4,500
approved was for the Gala or for Induction.
The Board concurred that the $4,500 was to
support Induction expenses.
The minutes were approved as
Alpha Eta Gala, June 7
The vote to provide financial
support for the event, up to but no
more than $4,500, passed
Jenny reviewed plans for Gala dinner on June 7
at the Embassy Suites, San Francisco Airport,
6 – 9 pm. Minimum guarantee is 46 paying
guests at a cost of $93/person ($4,204.78,
including jazz band, photographer, tax and
gratuity; speaker expenses not included).
Alpha Eta is liable for the full amount, even if
fewer than 46 attend. The event is charging
$75/person, or $3,450; a deficit of $754.78.
The keynote speaker is William Holzemer,
Alpha Eta member and Dean of the College of
Nursing, Rutgers University. The theme is “50
Years, 50 Leaders – Reaching Back to Spring
Forward”. The program also includes 10
emerging leaders.
Announcement of the event is just going out
to membership.
It was moved and seconded that the Board
approve financial support of the event, up to
but no more than $4,500.
President’s Report
Shirley is working on soliciting donations and
donated items for auction at the Gala. The
fundraising appeal will also include the
Endowment Task Force’s appeal to AE
members to donate 5, 50, 500, or 5000
Shirley requested that Bylaws be consulted
when looking at Board eligibility and length of
Financial Report
Christina reported that the March 31 account
balances are:
Golden One: checking $37,249.90 and savings
$1439.44; UBS $67,827.99.
Committee Reports:
Daniel has put the updated Bylaws on the
Chapter website.
The Nursing Program (May 30, 5-6:30 pm)
during Alumni Weekend will include Marilyn
Flood, Zina Mirsky, and Carmen Portillo. They
will be preceded by a State of the School
address by Dean Vlahov and followed by a
panel of emerging leaders, including ???.
It was suggested that the chapter invite Dean
David Vlahov to apply for STTI membership.
Daniel moved that the Chapter provide Dean
Vlahov with honorary membership for one
year. Liz seconded the motion.
Leadership Succession: Rebecca informed the
Board that it was hoped that the ballot would
be sent to membership on April 30.
Induction Update
Daniel reported that inductee registration is
84% complete. Sarah and Carrie are working
on the program: welcome from the School of
The motion to give Dean Vlahov an
honorary membership (pay his
dues) for one year was passed
Nursing TBD; Sandra Weiss, Margretta Madden
Styles (MMS) recipient will be the keynote
speaker; Pat will briefly speak about the
endowment. Liz ordered flowers and wine but
someone will need to pick up and deliver
these items.
Daniel reviewed that projected expenses are
now estimated to be about $6,000, with a
projected net deficit (after income from
student induction fees, $800 from the Office
of Student Life and $300 from the Student RN
Council) of $3,000.
Endowment Goals and Objectives
Pat reported that the conversion of the Alpha
Eta Research and Leadership Fund will
officially become an Endowment on May 1,
There have been no donations since January
26. The amount raised to date remains
$144,865 (before deduction of the 4% gift tax.
As of February 2, 100% of the Task Force and
52% of the Board have donated.
Next meeting
It was recommended that our
fundraising appeal, especially at the
Gala on June 7, will have strength if
we can announce that 100% of the
Board and 100% of the Task Force
have already provided their
financial support.
A fundraising appeal and a donation link
appeared in the April 30 STTIConnect; the
donation link does not work, but the
informational link does.
Pat will contact Rachel about
placing the appeal in the May
STTIConnect and will provide a
more reliable donation link.
Pat has asked for time at both Induction and
the Gala to encourage AE members to donate.
Time has been allocated for both
The next Board meeting is scheduled for May
28, the evening before Induction on May 29.
Please clarify the decision about
date and time.