How to send a fax by email

How to s end a fa x by ema i l
S te p 1: Ente r you r re c i p i e nt ’s fa x nu m be r
1. Open a new email message.
2. In the recipient area of the email type in the country code followed by the fax number.
3. Follow the fax number with
Attachment types
Example: For US fax number 800-555-1122 you would send the email to
[email protected]
(Microsoft Word)
(Microsoft Excel)
(Microsoft PowerPoint)
(Tagged Image File Format)
• .TXT (Plain Text)
Note: Be sure to always include the Country Code when entering the fax number. Your fax can’t be delivered to your
intended destination without it. Do not use any other commas, dasher, or hyphens in the recipient field.
(Hypertext Markup
• .RTF
S te p 2: At ta c h you r fa x:
Using the “Insert” or “Attach” button in your email, attach the electronic document you wish to fax.
You may attach up to five files to be faxed of almost unlimited page length.
(Rich Text Format)
• .PDF
(Adobe Portable Document
S te p 3: Rece ive you r con f i rm a t i on:
You will receive two emails. A confirmation that the fax was successfully received by the cloud fax
server for delivery. The second email will confirm whether or not the fax was delivered successfully.
• .VSD (Visio)
• .GIF
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