Parent Pack - Bush Babies Day Nurseries Leicester

Bush Babies Children’s Nurseries was established in 1992 and is owned by Jane Brailsford.
There are seven Nurseries in the Group all based in Leicestershire; the Gooseberry Bush in
Wigston Magna, the Blackberry Bush in Countesthorpe, the Blueberry Bush in Oadby, the Holly
Bush in Upper New Walk, Leicester, the Mulberry Bush in Thurmaston, the Lavender Bush in
Blaby and the Lilac Bush in Glen Parva. Jane has had many years experience in childcare and is a
qualified NNEB, Sick Children’s Nurse and Neo-natal Nurse. The Group employs over 120 people,
and offers over 435 childcare places between the seven sites.
The Group provides warm, caring and stimulating environments coupled with a high standard of
education and care for children from birth to 8 years of age. We believe that each child is
unique and should be given the opportunity to develop into a happy and confident individual. We
always ‘praise’ for effort and not for achievement alone because we know effort is the real key
to success. We believe that given maximum opportunities and encouragement children will thrive
and have the confidence they need for their future development. We are confident that Bush
Babies Children’s Nurseries are 'The next best thing to home'.
Blackberry Bush Nursery.
The Old School House, Leicester Road, Countesthorpe, Leicester, LE8 5QU
Telephone: 0116 2788744
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Rachel Hall
Blueberry Bush Nursery.
40 London Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5DH
Telephone: 0116 2714888
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Debbie Brown
Gooseberry Bush Nursery.
The Manse, 47 Long Street, Wigston Magna, Leicester, LE18 2AJ
Telephone: 0116 2884046
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Maxine Wakefield
Holly Bush Nursery.
146 Upper New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7QA
Telephone 0116 2330423
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Josie Deamer
Lavender Bush Nursery.
170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
Telephone: 0116 2786040
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Jo Caney
Bush Babies Children's Nurseries Ltd
Head Office, 170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
July 2014
Lilac Bush Nursery.
The Barracks, Tigers Road, Wigston, LE18 4WS
Telephone: 0116 3193806
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Lauren Deacy
Mulberry Bush Nursery.
Unit E, Troon Way Business Centre, Humberstone Lane, Leicester, LE4 9HA
Telephone: 0116 2223377
Email: [email protected]
Nursery Manager: Kariena Weston
Area Manager: Jo Caney
Our Nurseries are open 7.45am to 6.00pm and are registered for children from birth to 8 years.
We close for the statutory Bank Holidays and 1 week at Christmas.
The staff have a range of qualifications and experience, including Early Childhood Studies
Degrees, the Early Years Professional (EYP) Status, Early Years Foundation Degree's, NNEB,
BTEC, NVQ's in Child Care. Most staff have been with the Nursery group for a number of
years. Staff are chosen for their all round knowledge, qualities and experience. The staffing
ratio in all 7 Nurseries is as follows:
1 carer per 3 babies
2 - 3 years
1 carer per 4 children
3 - 5 years
1 carer per 8 children
with Nursery Managers as supernumerary.
The Nurseries offer a stimulating and enriching environment for all age groups giving children the
best learning opportunities and experience to help each child reach their full potential.
Planning, observing and recording for the children is based on the EYFS framework to support
children in their earliest years.
The EYFS works towards the Areas of Learning and Development ensuring a smooth transition from
Nursery to school while building an effective partnership with parents.
The Areas are:-
Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design
Bush Babies Children's Nurseries Ltd
Head Office, 170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
July 2014
These areas are introduced throughout the child's day with a play based theme in mind.
Your Nursery fees must be paid in full, monthly in advance, on or before the 1st of the month.
Payments can be made by debit card, credit card (note: credit card payments incur a 2% service
charge), cash, standing order and company vouchers. If your fees are not paid by the 1st of the
month, a 10% late payment charge will be added to any outstanding balance. The Nursery
Manager has the right to refuse your child admission until your account has been settled. Upon
your child's registration you will be asked to complete and sign a 'Payment of Fees Agreement'.
If your child's starts part way through a month, full fees for the remainder of that month must
be paid before your child starts at nursery otherwise your place at nursery will be refused.
Please ensure that you pay the correct amount as no refunds or transfers can be given. If
paying by company vouchers, it is your responsibility to ensure that any necessary details are
altered/amended eg, if your fees change.
Please adhere to your session times. A charge of £5 for every 5 minutes early/late will be
incurred for anytime before or after your child's session and is payable on the day. Persistent
abuse of timekeeping may affect your child's nursery place with us.
For parents with 2 children attending the Nursery there will be a 15% discount on the oldest
child or smallest bill. For 3 or more children there is a 20% discount off one child’s fees. We
also offer a discounted rate to certain NHS Trusts & Emergency Services of 10% for a full time
place and 5% off a part time place. Please note that we are unable to offer these discounts to
children receiving the Nursery Education Grant.
All Nurseries are registered to receive a Nursery Education Grant for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.
We follow Local Authority (LA) guidelines for funding and relevant information will be given out
as your child becomes eligible. Please note that non attendance of funded sessions may result in
the LA claiming the funding back from parents. (See enclosed Nursery Education Grant
information sheet).
You are requested to notify the Nursery by 9.30am if your child is going to be absent or late for
their session on that day. This allows staff to be able to adjust their staffing, meals and
activity plans for the day. If no notification is received, it will be deemed that your child will
not be attending their session, and if they arrive late then they may be refused their place for
that day. If a child is absent for any reason there is no reduction of fees.
The Nursery is closed for statutory Bank Holidays and for 1 week at Christmas (your monthly
fees remain the same). If you or your child takes a holiday then full fees must still be paid as
the costs of staffing and overheads still have to be met. Exact Nursery holiday dates are
published annually.
We are inspected by OFSTED. Our high standards are reflected in our Inspection Reports. The
Nursery also has a set of policies which are available for you to read should you wish to see
Bush Babies Children's Nurseries Ltd
Head Office, 170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
July 2014
Our Ofsted reports are also available on the Bush Babies website: or
If your child becomes ill we will contact the parent/carer and discuss the course of action. In
the event of a severe allergic reaction, accident or emergency the nursery will immediately
contact the emergency services and the parents/carer in accordance with our Allergies,
Accident & Emergency Policy. All accidents are noted on an accident form and are signed and
acknowledged by staff and parents at the end of your child's session. If it is not the
parent/carer who collects your child, then the person who has been authorised to collect will be
the person to acknowledge the accident and be responsible for passing any details to the
If your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea it is the Nursery policy that your child should not
return to the Nursery for a minimum period of 48 hours or until the symptoms disappear. If
your child is sent home from Nursery they will be issued with a form indicating the earliest time
and date they are able to return to Nursery. It is really important that we adhere to this policy
due to possible cross infection and the safety and welfare of all the children and compliance
with Environmental Health Standards.
If your child is unwell you will be asked by the Nursery Manager to keep your child at home until
they are confident that your child is well enough to return to Nursery.
If your child is taking medication please arrange a meeting with the Nursery Manager. It is at
the Nursery Managers discretion whether we will administer the medication. If the Nursery
Manager agrees, you will be asked to fill out the relevant form requesting parental consent to
administer the medicine. Daily consent must be given, blanket consent is not acceptable.
All staff ensures that the standards of safety and hygiene practiced within the Nursery
maintain the health and well being of children, parents and other staff members. Risk
assessments are regularly undertaken and monitoring is constant.
We ask parents to help us by ensuring their behaviour never puts children at risk e.g. no smoking
on or near the premises and special attention to closing gates and doors is essential. Health and
Safety is the responsibility of us all.
Staff hold a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate plus each Nursery has an appointed person
for First Aid.
Suncream is provided for fee paying children.
suncream, clearly labeled.
Funded only children are to bring their own
The quiet areas are available for children to sleep or rest whenever they feel the need. The
babies have their own cot and the older children are provided with a sleeping mat. No children
are ever left to sleep away from the direct observation of an adult. Records are kept on Sleep
Charts and sleeping children are regularly checked. Parents are encouraged to liaise closely with
their child's Key Person to discuss their child’s sleeping pattern.
Meals are cooked on the premises by our experienced Nursery cooks. Breakfast is available on
Bush Babies Children's Nurseries Ltd
Head Office, 170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
July 2014
request and is served up until 8.30am. Lunch, tea and snacks are provided daily. Menu's are
displayed throughout the Nursery and on our website. Babies are given milk feeds. Babies that
are weaning are introduced and offered a healthy option of fresh pureed vegetables and fruit.
Other liquidised foods are introduced as they are able to cope and according to the parents
We monitor our menu constantly in order to find foods which are not only nutritious but are
tasty and pleasant for young children to eat. We ensure that children have fresh milk, fruit and
vegetables on a daily basis. Fruit is available in each room during the day. The children have a
1/3 pint of milk daily and water is available in the rooms. Special dietary requirements e.g.
vegetarian, diabetic, can be arranged and relevant forms will be provided for parents to
complete. Most of our staff hold a Basic Food Hygiene certificate and are very aware of the
importance of correct food storage and handling procedures.
Parents of babies are asked to provide milk feeds to ensure cross infection/contamination is
kept to an absolute minimum. The Nursery will assume that milk feeds have been prepared and
stored at home in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. If you wish to bring your own baby
food, the Nursery can only accept unopened tins, jars or packets.
All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Please can you provide a spare set
of labelled clothing for emergencies. Children should also bring suitable indoor shoes to change
into e.g. plimsolls, Doodles. The Nursery accepts no responsibility for articles damaged or left
on the Nursery premises.
Please can parents provide their own nappies and wipes. These will be clearly labeled and stored
in the bathroom/changing area. When they begin to run low staff will notify parents.
Children should not bring jewellery, money or other valuables to the Nursery. Nor should they
bring sweets, crisps, chocolate or chewing gum. If children do bring toys from home can they
please be kept to a minimum, comforters, teddies etc are fine, but label them clearly. Toys from
home are brought to Nursery at your own risk as we cannot ensure they do not become damaged
or lost.
For birthdays and special occasions we try to make your child’s day special. We are unable to
accept home made birthday cakes but shop bought cakes are welcome (please ensure that it does
not contain nuts).
Outings for all children are organised regularly both locally and further afield. Children will be
supervised to a ratio of 1:3 or as deemed appropriate by the Nursery Manager. Parents may be
asked to pay reasonable fares incurred on behalf of the children. Parental consent will be
sought and you are asked to sign a consent form.
We operate a Key Person system within our Nurseries. Staff are allocated certain children to
care for on a regular basis, they are responsible for the day to day care of the children and also
any reports and records they need to keep. This ensures continuity of care for the child and the
maintenance of a good relationship with parents.
Bush Babies Children's Nurseries Ltd
Head Office, 170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
July 2014
All staff are approachable and willing to discuss your child’s progress at any time. You will be
given verbal feedback on a daily basis. The staff also fill in a daily diary for under 3’s which you
can take home to read and add comments if you so wish. Regular progress reports and
developmental records are kept and are available at any time, so please feel free to ask to see
A Behaviour Management Policy is in place and must be adhered to at all times. If we feel a
child’s behaviour is inappropriate for any reason, a Behaviour Management form will be completed
and the parents informed. If there is a persistent problem, parents will be involved to discuss
the best course of action.
Bush Babies Children’s Nurseries has an open door policy which means that parents may pop into
the Nursery at any time and spend time with their child whenever they feel the need. Parents
can also speak to their child on the telephone if they need reassurance. The Nurseries have
Parent’s Evenings where the staff are available to discuss your child's progress. A newsletter is
issued to keep you up to date with Nursery events and information. We display other
information on our noticeboards which you will find around the Nursery and on our website. All
of our staff are friendly and approachable. Please ask for any information about the Nursery or
your child.
Each Nursery has its own specific parking regulations please ensure you follow them when
attending the Nursery. If parking is permitted, it is strictly limited to picking up and dropping
off and on no account are we able to offer all day parking to any parent. Nor can we be held
responsible for any damage incurred to vehicles and property whilst in a Nursery car park.
Bush Babies Children’s Nurseries are committed to the safe guarding of the children within its
care at all times. In order to ensure that this commitment is met a detailed procedure is in
place which would be followed in the event of any concern regarding the treatment of a child.
Please see a member of staff should you wish to have details of the Safeguarding Children
Policy. The care and well being of the children is paramount at all times. Our staff hold an up to
date Safeguarding Training certificate. We ask that you do not use your mobile phone for calls,
camera etc while on the Nursery premises.
Parents, who wish to terminate their child’s place or reduce their sessions, must give one month’s
written notice. We reserve the right to terminate a Nursery place, for any reason, by giving
parents one months' notice in writing or with immediate effect if necessary.
The Nursery Manager is available should parents wish to discuss a query or make a complaint.
Should a parent feel that they have a justifiable complaint which has not been satisfactorily
dealt with initially by the Nursery Manager, followed by the Nursery Owner, they should contact
Ofsted - tel: 0300 123 1231 or email: [email protected] We also have a Complaints File
on premises which is available for parents to see, should they wish to do so. We also welcome
compliments and positive comments.
October 2013
Bush Babies Children's Nurseries Ltd
Head Office, 170 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, Leicester, LE8 4DP
July 2014