City of Ann Arbor Footing Drain Disconnection Program FDD

City of Ann Arbor Footing Drain Disconnection Program
FDD Citizens Advisory Committee (FDD CAC)
February 6, 2014 at 7:30AM
Wheeler Service Center, Field Operations Building
4251 Stone School Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Anne Warrow, City of Ann Arbor
Nick Hutchinson, City of Ann Arbor
Sonia Manchek, Citizen
Pat Marten, Upper Mallets Creek Study CAC & SSWWEP CAC
Judy Hanway, SSWWEP CAC
William Higgins, Upper Mallets Creek Study CAC
Lindsey Kerkez, OHM
Robert Czachorski, OHM
Charlie Fleetham, Project Innovations
Mark TenBroek, CDM Smith
Justin Woods, CDM Smith
Karen Duff, CDM Smith
1. Introduction
Review of 10/24/2013 Meeting Minutes
o Justin Woods noted that there was a comment received for the minutes. The
change was implemented and the meeting minutes were accepted.
2. Project Status
o Justin provided a summary of the FDD project status. He stated that the
number of homes that have been disconnected did not increase significantly
as the City program is on hold. The Developer program is on-going.
o Mark TenBroek briefly explained the FDD process, i.e. phases (pilot homes,
homes in the at-risk neighborhoods), public meeting, pre-construction
inspection, construction and post-construction inspection procedures.
3. Multi-Family
o Justin noted the dye test performed for the Walden Hills Condos indicated
that all the buildings have footing drain connections to the sanitary sewer.
The buildings that have a lower level laundry facility area have the
connection located in the laundry room and buildings that do not have the
lower level laundry facility; the connection is located in a unit.
FDD CAC Meeting Minutes
o Mark briefly explained what the multi-family program is and how they have
been dealt with. Mark explained that a dye test was conducted for Park Place
and that no connections were found. CDM Smith did find connections for the
Hillcrest apartments; however they are currently on hold.
o Mark stated that the Pinelake Village Coops had connections and has been
disconnected already while Manchester Flats did not have any connections
o Mark stated that CDM Smith is currently investigating the Walden Hills
condos and that connections were found for each building. He noted that
CDM Smith is currently putting a plan together for further investigation work
to discuss with the City at a later date.
4. Other City of Ann Arbor Wet Weather Project Updates
o Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Evaluation Project
o Nick Hutchinson and Robert Czachorski noted that there is a meeting
scheduled for tonight and that they wanted to give an update to the
o The Presentation had a brief overview of what was going to be discussed and
the also the survey results to be presented by Charlie Fleetham.
o The rain events in 2013 were slightly larger in peak hour than in 2000. The
study showed that the FDD program removed a significant amount of flow
from the sanitary sewer. For example, the peak flow removal of 77% in the
Orchard Hills neighborhood with a 99.99% confidence.
o Charlie Fleetham gave a presentation of the survey results. 36% response
rate. Questions came from CDM Smith’s survey, Frank Burdick and a small
breakout group created. See handout for more details.
o Nick presented the FDD Program evaluation task work plan/Triage to
classify the problems.
o Upper Mallets Creek project
o William Higgins noted that there would be a five-year span before the
retention ponds became effective.
5. Other Items
o William would like to see the members of the FDD CAC participate and
collaborate with the other projects’ (CAC) Citizen Advisory Committee
members. He would like to initiate questions to the committee. Anne Warrow
suggested that all questions be directed to Nick.
o William expressed concerns about the lack of response to questioned posed to
the City. OHM noted that they were working on posting the log of questions that
they received and that the log would be available to the public for review. Some
of the questions were answered while others were redirected to the appropriate
o Judy Hanway agreed that there seemed to be a miscommunication amongst all
the parties involved. She suggested that the author(s) of the responses to the
FDD CAC Meeting Minutes
question be listed on the log. She noted that the (SSWWEP) Sanitary Sewer Wet
Weather Evaluation Project CAC members should not be the only group
responsible for addressing the issues brought up by the survey. Anne replied
that the FDD Program evaluation task that Nick talked about today would be
helping and that CDM Smith would be collaborating with the SSWWEP CAC to
help sort out the issues as well.
o Upcoming Meetings
 Thursday, March 27, 2014 – 7:30 AM at the Wheeler Service Center
 Thursday, May 8, 2014 – 7:30 AM at the Wheeler Service Center