Ausschreibung Negotiation Specialisation

Negotiation: Specialisation Course in Conflict Resolution, Multiparty Negotiation and
Anmeldeschluss 31.07.2015
FDFA staff involved in professional negotiations of various sorts and at
different levels. NGO staff within the limits of available participant places.
Previous attendance of the Negotiation: Efficiency in Preparation,
Conduct and Dealing with Differences (positions, priorities and culture)
is a prerequisite.
Participants will continue to improve their «practical and real-world»
negotiation skills. Choosing and utilising the appropriate strategies, tactics
and behaviours with respect to complex and conflictual bilateral negotiations,
multiparty meetings and mediation will become more clear and bring about a
greater sense of self-confidence. This is a highly interactive and skillsoriented seminar which will provide participants with a better understanding of
how to manage in different negotiation settings where carefully managing
people is essential. Specifically this seminar will help to:
Improve preparation and conduct for different decision-making
situations in English language environments;
Expand a personal negotiation "tool-box";
Analyze and discern appropriate courses of action according to
contexts and roles (chairperson, mediator, etc.);
Read meetings in order to learn about priorities and possible tradeoffs;
Appreciate and exploit lobbying and structured informality;
These types of negotiation situations will receive specific attention:
Bilateral: resolving complex conflictual negotiations which require
internal coordination as well as meeting the "other side";
Multiparty: dealing with a multiplicity of positions, priorities and roles;
Mediation: conflict resolution at its best.
The following themes and the inherent skills will be looked at and practised:
Internal coordination;
Defining a preparation methodologies for different roles: head of
delegation, delegate, chairperson, mediator;
Structuring negotiations and using procedural considerations
Follow-up: dilemmas and contradictions: process and substance,
communication and information, trust and personalities, interests and
positions, formal / informal, overcoming complexity and conflict;
Lobbying effectively and negotiating informally;
Resolving conflict in negotiation situations;
Defining "success".
Intensive and highly participatory («learning-by-doing») seminar where
practical exercises place each participant in several negotiation roles. First
day is bilateral, second is multiparty/multilateral and the third day is devoted
to mediation. Debriefings are personalized and in-depth: video recording and
analysis are central to this training activity.
Robert Weibel, Negotiation Training & Consultancy (NTC/FCN), 1948
Course fees as well as costs for coffee breaks and lunches are covered by
EN (German / French on needs basis)
TeilnehmerInnen 6 - 14
Bern - Ausserholligen
3 days, 9th - 11th September 2015
Anmeldeschluss 31.07.2015
Nelly Meier
FDFA, Training and health promotion
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