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have been inspected and the First Aid boxes
in both churches and the halls are now up to
legal standards.
Another very vital role in the Parish is
the Safeguarding Officer, and we are so
pleased to have Jean Demack who stepped
in to take over from Mrs Selby. Jean comes
to us with a vast wealth of experience and
we are thankful for her.
This year a number of our very faithful
members have died, including:
Glenise Selby (Parish Warden)
Beryl Simcock [CHS]
Valerie Morris
Dorothy Milicent Chard
Gaynor Edwards [CHS]
May they Rest in Peace
and Rise in Glory
Lent Appeal
Many of you will be very interested in this photograph showing our 150th Anniversary
stained glass window in the making. The makers are Pendle Stained Glass of Padiham,
Burnley, . You will note a number of black dots on the coloured glass; this is plasticine –
evidently a tool of the trade. We expect the window to be installed in either late April or at
sometime in May, and our hope is that you will be thrilled at the result.
The Church of the Holy Spirit
It may not be denied that CHS has gone through some rather lean times lately and just
recently we bid a very fond farewell to two of our very faithful long-time members, Beryl
Simcock and Gaynor Edwards, But the congregation continues to provide hospitality and a
friendly family atmosphere to those who gather to worship. We are truly grateful to all who
give of their time and talents to ensure that the work goes on; and we must say thank you
to our organist, Mr Richard Ablitt, who we are very lucky to have!
Our monthly coffee mornings continue to occupy a place in people’s diaries and all
the monies have gone towards paying for the recent improvements to the building, as well
as contributing towards our Parish Share and charitable organisations. The hall is much in
use and it seems that as soon as one group moves elsewhere, there are others waiting to
book the hall. This year we say bye-bye to the Sixth Prestatyn Scouts who have been with
us for three years.
CHS has been a very satisfactory venue for the occasional Sunday at Six and Messy
Church service; in fact it is ideally suited. It is clean and bright, all on one level, it has a
good kitchen and fully accessible toilet facilities. In a very recent upgrade to our facilities
we are pleased to report the installation of a PowerPoint and data projector and screen,
which, we suspect, will come in very useful.
We have had our trials and tribulations this year; not the least of which were two
break-ins, the first of which resulted in many items strewn over the floor, and the second
when the safe was cut from its steel frame, dragged across the newly-restored floor and
spirited away. Massive damage was caused at that time and Mr Ken Say is working very
hard to settle things with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. It was upsetting, but we shall
With thanksgiving for the past and hope for the future, we embark on another year,
trusting in God’s desire for us to continue worshipping him in this place and grasping more
of God’s vision for the ministry at CHS. The character and atmosphere of CHS is quite
different, but complementary to that of the Parish Church. However, we are constantly
reminded by the Vicar that we are two equal congregations - but one parish!
Keeping Us Safe
It has been another busy year for Maureen Payne, our Health & Safety Officer, as she has
been making sure that all Health and Safety issues were addressed and updated. We can
report that all portable electrical items are now PAT tested, and that all fire extinguishers
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Last year we were able to send more than
£1200 to the Diocesan Offering which was in
support of the Archbishop Alwyn Rice Jones
Charitable Trust. This was a tremendous
response and has greatly boosted the work
done in memory of our beloved Archbishop
Following on from that success, our Lent
Appeal this year will support – Farming
Community Network [FCN] a Christian
organisation providing support to people in
the farming community.
With a network of some 300 volunteers,
FCN provides pastoral and practical support
to farming communities, helping people to
find a positive way forward through their
business or household problems for as long
as it is needed.
After the harsh winter in 2013, FCN has
been helping farmers across the Diocese
and indeed throughout Wales, to get back
on their feet. Most of their volunteers are
involved with farming or have close links
with agriculture and FCN has a clear
Christian ethos in all it does. All their
services are made available to people of all
faiths and none, and are offered in a
supportive and non-judgemental manner
As with last year’s Appeal, there will be
Lent Offering envelopes and there will be
various fund-raising events organised. Can
you organise an event?
And Finally . . .
As I have typed these pages I am amazed at
how much is happening in our Parish. In 2013
there were 55 Holy Baptisms, 12 weddings, 27
funerals (in church). The Parish Church has
been open daily for private prayer and is
greatly appreciated by all who visit.
Our Annual Vestry Meeting takes place
on Sunday 2 March at the 10.45am Service in
Parish of Prestatyn: In Touch
the Parish Church – please use it as an occasion to get involved.
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Parish of Prestatyn: In Touch