Pension Changes Update - Civil Service Pensions

Issue 3
October 2014
This update includes:
• details of the new alpha information available
Your update on the
new Civil Service
Pension Scheme
Storyboards and text only transcripts are also
available, in case you have problems accessing the
• more information on the Options Exercise.
Most scheme members will move into alpha on
01 April 2015. It is important that you understand
changes. This update tells you about the
information available to you.
In the previous updates we told you about who will
be moving into alpha, the Options Exercise, and
information about the new scheme that has already
been released.
them here:
The introduction to alpha video highlights some of
the scheme’s key features, and answers questions
about the scheme with bite-sized pieces of
As we get closer to 01 April 2015 further Pension
Changes Updates and more detailed information
about alpha will be published.
alpha scheme videos
In July the scheme published a presentation, to tell
it here:
To continue this support, the scheme has produced
a short video - An introduction to alpha.
other materials here:
The scheme has also published an Options
Exercise video. This will give members who will
be taking part in the exercise an overview of the
decision they will need to make.
The storyboards and text only transcripts are also
In the meantime, we have published some case
studies, based on some common situations, to help
you understand how alpha will work.
We have also updated the online FAQ page to
answer some of the recently asked questions about
the Options Exercise and alpha.
This includes questions about automatic lump
Any automatic lump sum you are
entitled to from classic or classic
plus will be payable when you
There are other tools available to help you
understand the Options Exercise, including:
• A presentation.
• A factsheet and timeline.
Most members who are taking part in the exercise
should have received their Options Packs in
classic plus or premium portion of your pension.
plus or premium will be based on
move to alpha
If you haven’t received an Options Pack and think
you should have, please let us know as soon as
possible by calling our helpline.
The Options Exercise helpline: 0300 123 2015
Case studies and FAQs
For the full answers to these and other questions,
see the updated 2015 Pension Changes FAQ page
of the scheme website.
information on the pension scheme website too.
Feedback on the information provided so far
suggests that members want to understand how
Closer to the introduction of alpha, the scheme will
provide online tools that you will be able to use to
Thank you for
your feedback
Thank you for your feedback
Have your say
Since the last update the scheme has received lots
of feedback via the online form (www.smartsurvey. and from face-toface member focus groups.
The scheme wants to make these pension
communications as helpful as possible and give
you what you need to understand your pension
We have taken your comments on board and will
be using them to inform the way we communicate
these changes to you.
We will be regularly adding content to the FAQ
page of the pension scheme website based on your
Please help us to do this by taking a few minutes to
give us feedback on this Pension Changes Update:
Further information about
the changes
More information, other guidance materials and
updates to the FAQ page will be published on the
scheme website over the coming months.
The website already contains information to
help you understand the scheme changes. It
on which scheme you are currently in (ie
classic, classic plus, premium or nuvos: www.
the-new-pension-scheme-alpha/how-will-thisDǺHFWPHDFWLYHPHPEHUV); and provides a quickreference guide (www.civilservicepensionscheme., to
help you work out which scheme you are in now, if
you are not sure.
If you are not already a member of classic, classic
plus, premium or nuvos and you are thinking of
schemes here:
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