Craig Metz EVP of Marketing United Community Bank

United Community Bank (United), who has
United added more than 43,000 new deposit
built their culture as The Bank that
accounts and 161,000 new services;
SERVICE Built – and is recognized as one
increased the number of products per
of the industry’s top performing banks, was
household by 0.5; and boosted core deposit
seeking an increase in new customer
balances $641 million. Additionally, United’s
acquisition, core deposit growth, cross sell
key metrics have all improved. But the area
expansion with existing customers and
that has really impacted the bottom line is the
market share.
improvement in Needs-based Selling; which
has a direct correlation to the increases in
customer satisfaction and advocacy scores.
One of the keys to their success was a
service quality program through Customer
CSP’s program, working in concert with their
Service Profiles (CSP) that measured and
sales management effort, United Express,
tracked the customer experience utilizing
has resulted in a significant improvement in
actual United customers to provide in-
United’s employees’ ability to assess and
person evaluations after a recent banking
respond to customer needs – which has had a
experience. This produced a clear and
dramatic impact on the increase in customer
timely voice of the customer that provided
deposits and market share.
actionable customer knowledge for United
executives and managers.
CSP conducted a statistically valid number
of evaluations across United’s entire branch
network and then identified key drivers of
the customer experience for each retail
The results of these key criteria were then
compared to the scores of peer-group
benchmarking to produce an actionable
service quality improvement roadmap. The
Craig Metz, United’s EVP of Marketing
“Thanks to CSP’s Service Quality
Enhancement program, our bank has
consistently improved our customer care
scores… the timely knowledge makes
our employees much more effective in
delivering exceptional customer service.”
“CSP has had a major impact on
everyone in the organization in assessing
and responding to customer needs which
has improved our core deposit growth,
cross sell effectiveness, retention and
market share. The CSP data plays a
significant role in the management of our
business and assuring our brand promise
of being: The Bank that SERVICE Built.”
CSP model made it easy for United
Craig Metz
EVP of Marketing
United Community Bank
managers to focus on the key criteria that
For more on United’s service culture, please
would lift United’s key metrics.
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