FAQ – Employees - Jonker Plant Hire

Jonker Plant Hire Pty. Ltd.
A.C.N. 089 112 596
(Administrators Appointed) (‘the Company’)
Frequently Asked Questions
What has happened?
On Monday 14 July 2014, Andrew Fielding and Gerald Collins of BDO Business
Recovery & Insolvency (Qld) Pty Ltd were appointed Joint & Several Administrators of
Jonker Plant Hire Pty Ltd.
The Administrators are winding down operations of the Company and will arrange a
sale of the Company’s assets in due course.
The appointment does not include or affect any other related companies of the
Jonker Group. For queries relating to any other company in the group please contact
the relevant company directly.
What does this mean for employees?
The Company is no longer in a position to continue employing staff and the majority
of employees have had their employment with the Company terminated effective 14
July 2014.
The Administrators will continue to employ a small number of employees to assist
with the winding up of the Company.
What happens to my unpaid wages and employee entitlements?
We understand that wages have been paid up to Friday, 4 June 2014 and
superannuation has been paid up to 30 June 2014.
In the event that the Company is placed into Liquidation at the Second Meeting of
Creditors, employees will be able to claim outstanding employee entitlements
through the Australian’s Government Fair Entitlements Guarantee (‘FEG’).
FEG provides eligible employees with payment for outstanding employee
entitlements including, unpaid wages, outstanding annual leave, long service leave,
pay in lieu of notice and redundancy to a maximum limit in accordance with the
scheme. FEG does not provide funds for outstanding superannuation.
Further information about FEG, what it covers and your eligibility to claim can be
found at http://employment.gov.au/fair-entitlements-guarantee-feg.
Pursuant to Section 556 of the Corporations Act 2001, employee entitlements,
including Superannuation, receive a priority over unsecured debts of the Company.
I am in possession of Company property and my employment has been
terminated. What do I do?
All Company property should be returned to the Administrators on site at 50
Macbarry Place, Rocklea, Queensland or as directed by our collection agents, Lloyds
Auctioneers and Valuers.
Bill Freeman or Michael Young of Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers can be contacted on
0429 706 166 or 0407 724 652, respectively.
Failure to return Company property may result in criminal charges.
If I have any questions regarding my employment who should I call?
All queries regarding the Administration should be forwarded to Elle Pembroke of this
office on (07) 3237 5778 or Dimity Dwyer on (07) 3173 5557.
Is there any other information available?
Please refer to the Jonker Plant Hire website: http://www.jonkerhire.com.au. We
will continue to update the frequently asked questions when additional information
becomes available.
We will answer your questions as soon as possible and ask that you please be patient
All requests to speak with the media are to be directed to BDO.
Ph: (07) 3237 5999
Email: [email protected]