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Experienced commercial still life and product photographer and retoucher with over 20 years of
experience in still life-, people- and product photography and digital image creation.
# Extensive skills in photography, studio lighting and digital imaging. Extensive skills in still life and
commercial product photography as well as unique and outstanding portrait photography.
# Does a lot of landscape photography for mainly artistic purposes.
# Familiar with the major software applications and systems such as Photoshop,
CaptureOne, InDesign, Lightroom, InDesign, etc.
# Extensive experience in photographic studio work. Setups, handling props, models, lighting, etc.
# Familiar to work with tight deadlines. Individually or in a team.
# Familiar with most common lighting- and camera systems.
# Intermediate but continuously growing knowledge in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery in 3D).
# Good knowledge of setting up and running WordPress websites.
# Basic but sufficient knowledge in InDesign and printshop requirements for designing, layouting
and preprocessing business documents like business cards, stationery, bruchures, etc.
# Very good eye for detail.
# Absolutely customer oriented.
# Very good interpersonal skills. Sympathetic, team playing, responsible and loyal.
# David Herm Photography | 2008 - Today
Has been running his own studio in Düsseldorf as an independent photographer since 2008. Works
mainly in still life, people and landscape photography.
# Headshot Atelier | 2010 - Today
Founded and successfully runs Headshot Atelier (headshotatelier.com), a Düsseldorf-based photo-studio providing exclusive portraits for private and corporate customers.
# Worked for HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG having photographed staff portrait for the bank’s Internet, Intranet and Print products as well as the main images used in the company’s web site (http://
hsbctrinkaus.de). Carried out shooting, pre and post production services on multiple occasions.
+44 7473 505299
+44 20 3740 2887
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# Recurringly photographs medical equipment (such as heart valves, implantable pacemakers,
defibrillators) for Medtronic, a world leader in medical technology. Was responsible for all still-life
photography for a brochure targeting cardiologists and cardiovascular specialists that shows wellknown products in an original and artistic - and thus different view. The resulting photographs have
been used for large background rollups for medical fairs and congresses, print campaigns, flyers,
digital media purposes as well as for large format fine art prints for hospitals and other medical institutions. Many of the photographs were taken in macro-technique and required an excessive amount
of digital post-processing.
# Recurringly photographed staff portraits for MAXUS Communications (a subsidiary of MediaCom)
to be used in its website and for presentations and meetings with customers. Based on a photographic style guide from their London office the resulting photographs were mentioned as superior to
the guideline basis. The photographs were taken in MAXUS‘ premises. The success of the project led
to follow-up assignments.
# Regularly performs shootings and photography projects for other small and medium sized customers including pre and post production services.
Medtronic, HSBC, Kia Motors, Maxus Communications are recurring customers often offering assignments for new projects.
# Photo Assistant | 1999 — Today
Assisted numerous photographers on national and international productions.
# Assistant, Andreas Gursky | 2006
Worked for Andreas Gursky for one year as an assistant in digital imaging in the artist‘s Atelier in
# Freelancer SFX, props, dummies | 1997 — 2007
Worked in the creation of dummies, as a prop master and special effects creator/operator for commercial film productions.
# Internship | 2004
Took an internship with Pille Equipment Rentals in Cologne on the subjects of Camera and Lighting
rental for the film industry.
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+44 20 3740 2887
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# Internship | 2003
Took an internship with Contra Service Productions International.
Planning and managing film- and photo productions. Assisted in production management in multiple film- and photo productions.
# Online Editor SELECT Magazine | 1997 — 2000
Webmaster at the German headquarters of SELECT Magazine.
Was responsible for digital imaging and editing of SELECT Magazine’s online portfolios in the German headquarters as well as for final inspections of printed magazine at the print studio. SELECT
Magazine was one of the first and the most important and best known magazine in which photographers could present their works. It was shipped worldwide. SELECT Magazine was one of two publications of Wilhelm Moser and David Colby. With offices in New York, Miami, London and Germany it
was the most successful media for photographers at that time. Technical supplier for Online Portfolios was a company of Andreas v. Estorff who founded and runs productionparadise.com today.
# Professional Education | 1994 — 1997
Carried out an apprenticeship as a photographer with a main emphasis on product-, people- and industrial photography. Extensive experience in laboratory (experienced in dealing with subtle colour/
hue differences) as well as first intense contact and work with digital imaging.
References (selection)
# Andreas Lange Photography
# Franklin Berger Photography
# Christian Stoll Photography
# Tom Jasny Photography
# Tania Walck Photography
# Thomas Schultze Photography
# Christoph Sagel Photography
# Andreas Gursky
# and many more...
# Medtronic Germany
# KIA Motors
# HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG
# SELECT Magazine Europe
# Grey Worldwide
# MAXUS Communications
# Lüders CC
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+44 20 3740 2887
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# Freie Waldorfschule Wahlwies (Rudolf Steiner School)
# Freie Waldorfschule Bremen (Rudolf Steiner School)
# Friedrich-Rückert-Gymnasium Düsseldorf
# Graduation: Abitur (equivalent to A level) with mark of 1.7 (on a scale from 6 to 1 where 1 = best)
# Is passionate for sailing. Has made multiple sailing licenses (SBF See, SBF Binnen, SKS, UBI,
SRC, LRC, FKN) in Germany before moving to the UK. Sailed from Holland to Plymouth in 2013. Currently spending most weekends either sailing in and around Plymouth or developing CGI-skills.
# Loves computer work such as digital retouching and CGI. Spends a lot of his free time on computers to improve personal skills.
# Speaks English fluently and German natively.
# Driving license for cars and lorries up to 7.5 tons. Owns own car. No entries in registry.
# Talented in most practical things (nickname „McGyver“) and all kind of digital/computer work.
# NINO available.