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Profile of EZIDIG Excavations
EZIDIG . . .
Earth Cabling
EZIDIG excavations is a detail
earth cabling specialist, general
earthworks and excavation
company. The company is a
privately owned Queensland
based business founded in 2009.
EZIDIG was established as a
communication not only with site
project managers but also with
executive staff based in major cities
and regional towns around the Surat
basin region.
provider to a privately owned
construction company and has
now grown into a fleet of bob cats,
excavators and tip trucks.
The Company founder and
Director, Gerard Ryan, has been in
the building industry for over
eighteen years after completing a
Carpentry and Joinery
Apprenticeship. Gerard also has
extensive experience in large
commercial works both here in
Queensland and overseas. It is
through Gerard's experience and
leadership, along with highly
competent staff members and
tradesmen that EZIDIG is able to
produce a consistently high
standard of work on time regardless
of the site conditions.
EZIDIG has grown to service not only
the building and landscape industry
but now has a presence in Western
Queensland on multiple coal seam
gas sites. EZIDIG Earthworks has been
able to supply a specialised service to
tier 1 contractors working in the coal
seam gas sector. EZIDIG currently
provides services to large companies
such as FKG and Thiess. EZIDIG has
been carrying out detailed earth
cabling works within various gas plant
infrastructures. This specialized work
has been carried out in conjunction
with the construction phase of the
QGC plants in Western Queensland.
EZIDIG has been an integral part
helping to bring these projects in on
time and on budget. EZIDIG not only
provides machinery but also provides
the expertise and manpower.
With senior management team’s
hands on approach and regular
visits to operational sites in Western
Queensland the company is able
to ensure they are in regular
and Earth cable contract
specialists . . .
Construction projects
Civil & mining projects
Detailed excavation
and bulk earthworks
 Detailed earth cabling
Hands on Approach
Excavation, Earthworks
Suppliers to large
national companies
F.K. Gardner & Sons
QGC/ Thiess
Specialised services
for coal seam gas
EZIDIG’s teams of people currently
work a rotating 21/7 day roster. This
roster allows for continuity of work
with minimal downtime with machines
operating at maximum capacity.
mining projects in
Western Queensland.
EZIDIG provides machine
capacity to suit projects
from small detailed
excavation through to
large earthworks.
If our client requires 24/7
operation EZIDIG can
easily accommodate
this. It is our goal to
ensure that we make
earthworks EZI.
EZIDIG - A division of the Rycon Construction Group
EZIDIG – Core values
EZIDIG core values are reliability,
honesty and quality of service.
We pride ourselves on our service to
clients and being able to offer a
complete solution through reliable
trained and hands on staff, reliable
modern and compliant equipment
along with the ability to manage jobs
to completion.
EZIDIG is committed to improving our
operations so that we may continually
meet the needs of the industry and
ensure that our clients are provided
with quality, reliability and a
satisfactory outcome.
“EZIDIG understood our
requirements and
provided well trained
operators and excellent
service on time and on
FKG Supervisor
EZIDIG modern cable trench
digging equipment
Quality Assurance
EZIDIG places an important emphasis
on quality at every level of operation.
EZIDIG has grown with industry
demands and today has achieved ISO
9001 standards.
With over $20 million in public liability
insurance we are covered for even the
biggest earth moving projects.
EZIDIG provides detailed excavations
for earth cabling installations in the
following industries:
EZIDIG has solutions for
earthworks and earth cabling
works in commercial
developments, mining, rural
and civil projects.
 Substations
 High Voltage
 Coal seam gas
 Telecommunication
EZIDIG - A division of the Rycon Construction Group
EZIDIG – Fleet of modern equipment
The EZIDIG fleet is all modern equipment with the
latest technology. We provide a range of equipment
from 3 tonne combo units through to 30 tonne
excavators including rock breakers, post hole borers
rock borers and any other special attachments as
EZIDIG has quickly grown to become a well respected
leader and team player in the coal seam gas industry.
With our motto being “we dig what you say” we
ensure that all requests by site project managers are
completed in a professional and efficient manner. No
request is too difficult; it is our aim to be the best
contractor on site.
Big enough for the big jobs
CATERPILLAR equipment. Quality
machinery means reliability on
site and increases productivity.
Our onsite foremen show exceptional leadership and are competently
backed up by the team of EZIDIG employees.
What started out as a simple service to the construction industry has now
evolved into a larger sized operation which now provides the following
services: Post hole borer, spreader bars, and pallet forks.
EZIDIG is in a position to implement any
unusual requests from its clients/project
managers and will do everything in its power
to obtain additional attachments to its
existing machines if the need arises.
EZIDIG also has tipper trucks in its fleet to
either remove excavated materials from site
or bring in special fill materials for earth
cabling works as required.
Our focus on safety
EZIDIG is a safety conscious employer.
EZIDIG complies with OH&S regulations and
provides risk management plans for
employees for each site. EZIDIG abides by
industry standards. This includes extensive
training, with all employees having
certification. Each member of EZIDIG is a
valuable employee and consequently their
safety and well being and work conditions are
an integral part of day to day operations.
EZIDIG ensures that its machines meet all
safety requirements and all of its employees
are professionally screened and put through
stringent induction courses to ensure that all
operations meet with required safety
standards of all of its subcontractors and
respective sites.
With our own trucks available we can
move equipment quickly and
efficiently to any location.
EZIDIG - A division of the Rycon Construction Group
PO BOX 750
Call: 07 3899 6355
Fax: 076 3899 6388
[email protected]
Web Site:
Although EZIDIG has quickly grown its
operations, it has a professional office
in Brisbane which allows for easy
coordination of meetings and its senior
management team to liaise with large
national clients that are also based in
the South East Region.
Our admin team is an integral part of
our operation and ensures that our
project targets are achieved. Our
clients attest to our service, reliability
and competence. If you want to
partner up with an industry leader give
EZIDIG a call.
conscious corporate
EZIDIG is committed to being an environmentally conscious company by
respecting all the ecological aspects of the environment in which it works.
EZIDIG is also very conscious of the land owners and their existing operations.
EZIDIG will always endeavour to observe the rights and expectations of all
The EZIDIG Family Values
Gerard Ryan
Director EZIDIG
We DIG what
you say!
EZIDIG understands and
recognizes that family matters
and the majority of our
employees work away from their
home. With this in mind we do
everything we can to ensure
that our remote teams of
people are kept in contact with
their families as often as
possible. EZIDIG also likes to
ensure the work environment
and site camps are as
comfortable as possible and
those environments meet
industry best practice standards.
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