List of participants twelfth meeting of the Independant Expert

Independent Expert Oversight Advisory Committee
12th Meeting, 1-4 April 2014
List of WHO participants
Dr Margaret Chan Fung
Deputy Director-General
Dr Anarfi Asamoa-Baah
Executive Director, DGO
Dr Ian Smith
Assistant Director-General, General Management (GMG) Dr Hans Troedsson
Comptroller & Director (GMG/FNM )
Mr Nicholas R. Jeffreys
Legal Counsel (DGO/DGD)
Mr Gian Luca Burci
Chief Finance, (GMG/FNM)
Mrs Jane Stewart-Pappas
Chief Treasury (GMG/FNM)
Mr Francis G Stewart
Coordinator IPS (GMG/FNM)
Mrs Claude Marie C Hennetier
Technical Officer (DGO/PSD)
Mr Raman Minhas
Finance Officer, Office of Comptroller (GMG/FNM)
Mrs Simmi Sharma
Director, Planning Resource Coordination and
Performance Monitoring (GMG/PRP)
Dr Elil Renganathan
Senior Budget Officer (GMG/PRP)
Mr Brian M Elliot
Director, Compliance and Risk Management and Ethics
Mr Andreas H Mlitzke
Ag. Director, Information Technology and
Telecommunication (GMG/ITT)
Mr Biswamber L Gurubacharya
Project Management Officer (GMG/ITT)
Mrs Lorraine Pablo-Ugale
Director, Internal Oversight Services (IOS)
Mr David J. Webb
Deputy Director IOS
Mr Deepak Thapa
Director, External Audit
Mr Lito Martin
Management Officer ( GMG/ADGO)
Mrs Hanne Raatikainen
Director Administration Finance (DAF/AFRO)
Mr Raul Thomas
Senior Compliance Officer (AFRO)
Mr Philip Knoche