Energy Management Systems (EnMS) ISO 50001:2011

Save Energy To Save Environment
Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
ISO 50001:2011
Why Energy Efficiency?
There will be several problems to
human life in next 50 years. In ABC
analysis an energy consumption is the
topmost problem for next 50 years
from year 2005.
It is required to have reduction of at least
50% in global CO2 emissions as
compared to 2000 levels. It will need to
be achieved by 2050 to limit the longlongterm global average temperature rise of
2.02.0-3.0 degree2C.
Why Energy Efficiency?
High Energy Consumption and Low
Energy Efficiency increases emission
of Green house gases (mainly CO2e.)
Energy efficiency is the most
promising means to reduce
greenhouse gases in the short term
and with low investment
Why Energy Efficiency?
Green House
Gas Emission
Demand of Fuel
Raising Prize
of Fuel
Why Energy
Why Energy Efficiency Not So
Lack of Organized Efforts
Lack of Top Management focus
Successful Energy Management System
(EnMS ) Approach
Bring Top Management Focus
Organized Efforts in to Action
Set Goal with Time Frame
Team Work
Implement ISO 50001 6
ISO 50001:2011 EnMS
The purpose of this International Standard is to
help organizations to establish the EnMS and
processes necessary to improve energy
performance/efficiency, use and consumption.
Implementation of this International Standard is
introduced for reductions in greenhouse gas
emissions, other related environmental impacts
and energy cost through systematic management
of energy
ISO 50001:2011 EnMS
This International Standard specifies EnMS requirements,
upon which an organization can develop and implement
an energy policy and establish objectives, targets and
action plans which take into account legal requirements
and information related to significant energy use.
An EnMS enables an organization to achieve its policy
commitments, take action as needed to improve its energy
performance and demonstrate achieved benefits of the
This International Standard applies to the activities under
the control of the organization and application of this
International Standard can be modified to fit the specific
requirements of the organization, depending on
complexity of the system, degree of documentation and
resources available.
Benefits ISO 50001:2011 EnMS
• Keeping costs under control during economic
• Positioning yourselves and your brands as
green product providers
• Meeting increasingly stringent compliance
• Improving the environmental/Carbon footprint
of their products/services
• Implementing stronger controls over suppliers
of international standards.
Four Clauses of the ISO 50001:2011 Standard :
1. Scope
2. Normative References
3. Terms and Definitions
4. Energy Management System Requirements
Annex A: Guidance on the use of the
International Standard
Annex B: Correspondence between ISO
50001:2011, ISO 9001:2008, ISO
14001:2004 and ISO 22000:2005
Scope of ISO 50001:2011
• Requirement of Establishing, Implementing,
Maintaining and Improving EnMS for organization to
follow systematic approach in achieving continual
improvement of an energy performance, energy
efficiency, energy use and consumption.
• Requirement applicable to energy use and
consumption including measurement,
Documentation, designing and procurement
practices for equipment, systems, process and
personals that contribute to energy performance.
• ISO applies to all the variables affecting an energy
Scope of ISO 50001:2011
• It has been designed independently or it can be
integrated with other management systems or
• It can be applicable all the organizations wishing to
ensure that it confirms to its stated energy policy and
wishing to demonstrate to others.
Normative References of ISO 50001:2011
This clauses included in order to retain clause of
numbering identical with other ISO management
Terms and Definitions Clause of
ISO 50001:2011
Continual Improvement
Corrective action
Energy baseline
Energy consumption
Energy efficiency
EnM Team
Energy PI
Energy Policy
Energy Review
Energy Services
Energy Targets
Energy Use
Internal Audit
Interested parties
Top Management
Significant energy use
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.1 General Requirements
The organization shall:
• Establish, document, implement and maintain and
improve an EnMS in accordance with the requirements
of this International Standard.
• Define and document the scope and the boundaries of
its EnMS; and
• Determine how it will meet the requirements of this
international standard in order to achieve continual
improvement of its energy performance and of its EnMS.
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.2 Management Responsibility
Top management shall demonstrate its commitment and
support the EnMS and to continually improve its
effectiveness by:
• Defining, establishing, implementing, and maintaining
an energy policy;
• Appointing a management representative and approving
the formation of an energy management team;
• Providing the resources needed to establish, implement,
maintain and improve the EnMS and resulting energy
• Identifying the scope and boundaries to be addressed
by the EnMS;
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.2 Management Responsibility
Top management shall demonstrate its commitment and
support the EnMS and to continually improve its
effectiveness by:
• Communicating the importance of energy management
to those in the organisation;
• Ensuring that energy objectives and targets are
• Ensuring that EnPIs are appropriate to the organisation;
• Considering energy performance in long-term planning;
• Ensuring that results are measured and reported at
determined intervals; and
• Conducting management reviews.
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.3 Energy Policy
Top management shall define the energy policy and
ensure that it:
• Is appropriate to the nature and scale of the
organization's energy use and consumption;
• Includes a commitment to continual improvement in
energy performance
• Includes a commitment to ensure the availability of
information and of necessary resources to achieve
objectives and targets
• Includes a commitment to comply with applicable legal
requirements and with other requirements to which the
organization subscribes which relate to its energy use,
consumption, and efficiency
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.3 Energy Policy
Top management shall define the energy policy and
ensure that it:
• Provides the framework for setting and reviewing energy
objectives and targets;
• Supports the purchase of energy efficient products and
services and design for energy performance
• Is documented and communicated at all levels within the
organization; and
• Is regularly reviewed, and updated as necessary.
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.4 Energy Planning
Energy planning shall:
• Be consistent with the energy policy and lead to activities
that continually improve energy performance;
• Involve a review of the organisation’s activities which can
affect energy performance;
• Develop, record, and maintain an energy review. The
methodology and criteria used to develop the energy
review shall be documented.
• To develop the energy review, the organization shall:
• Analyze energy use and consumption based on
measurement and other data;
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.4 Energy Planning
Energy planning shall:
• Based on the analysis of energy use and consumption,
identify the areas of significant energy use; and
• Identify, priorities and record opportunities for improving
energy performance.
• Establish an energy baseline(s) using the information in
the initial energy review;
• Identify Energy performance indicators (EnPIs)
appropriate for monitoring and measuring its energy
performance; and
• Establish, implement and maintain documented energy
objectives and targets. The objectives and targets shall be
consistent with the energy policy. Targets shall be
consistent with the objectives.
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.5 Implementation and Operation
The organization shall:
• Use the action plans and other outputs resulting from the
planning processes for implementation and operation;
• Ensure any person(s) working for, or on its behalf related
to significant energy uses are competent on the basis of
appropriate education, training, skills and experience;
• Communicate internally with regard to its energy
performance and EnMS, as appropriate for the size of
the organization;
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.5 Implementation and Operation
The organization shall:
• Establish, implement and maintain procedure(s) to
approve documents for adequacy prior to issue;
• Identify and plan those operations and maintenance
activities which are related to its significant energy uses
and that are consistent with its energy policy,
objectives, targets and action plans;
• Consider energy performance improvement
opportunities and operational control in the design of
new, modified and renovated facilities, equipment,
systems and processes; and
• Inform suppliers that procurement is partly evaluated on
the basis of energy performance.
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.6 Checking
The organization shall:
• Ensure that the key characteristics of its operations that
determine energy performance are monitored, measured
and analyzed at planned intervals;
• Define and periodically review its measurement needs;
• Ensure that the equipment used in monitoring and
measuring of key characteristics provides data which is
accurate and repeatable;
• Investigate and respond to significant deviations in
energy performance;
• Conduct internal audits at planned intervals; and
• Address actual and potential nonconformity(ies) by
making corrections, and by taking corrective action and
preventive action.
EnMS Requirement in ISO 50001:2011
4.7 Management Review
Top management shall review the organization's EnMS to
ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and
effectiveness at planned intervals.
Energy Planning Process
Energy Conservation Process
By Using
Low Cost
Documentation Required
Legal Register
En Review
Energy Baseline
Scope & Boundaries of EnMS
Core Elements of EnMS & their
En Policy
En Objectives, targets & Action plans
Documents required by this std.???
Documents required by organization.
Document Control same as in ISO 9001
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