2014 Bowling Green Volleyball Camp Registration F.Y.I

Middle School/ElementaryCamp
Presented By:
2014 Bowling Green Volleyball
Camp Registration
BGHS & BGMS Coaching Staff
Camp Directors Include:
Player Name:______________________________
Mandy Pasley, Kelsey Perez,
Parent/Legal Guardian’s Name (s):
Kori Atwood, Jessi Furnas
There will be no refunds for dismissal
due to disciplinary actions
No refunds will be accepted after the
camp week has concluded
Refunds for injury will be up to the
discretion of the head coach
Address: ________________________________
Camp Dates & Location:
Phone #: ________________________________
Monday July 21, 2014 through Wednesday July 23, 2014
Player’s cell #: ____________________________
All camps @ BGHS—530 W. Poe Road, Bowling Green
High school tryouts will be held August 1
and August 2. MS tryouts will be August
4—6. Specific times will be announced
soon. All athletes must be present on all of
the try-out days if they wish to make one of
volleyball teams. Please schedule vacations
and appointments around these dates.
There will not be any exceptions.
Parents email address: ______________________
Camp Times:
Player email: ______________________________
Middle School Camp (Grades 7-8): 1:30—4:00 pm
Grade for the 2014-15 School Year: __________
Grades 4-6: 4:00pm—6:00 pm
Camp Attending (circle):
7— 8 camp
T-Shirt Size (adult sizes):
4—6 camp
Camp Costs:
Middle School Camp: $55
Grades 4-6 Camp: $40
Emergency Contact Person during camp hours:
Name: ________________________________
Relationship: ___________________________
Phone: _______________________________
Please send checks or money-orders payable
to Mandy Pasley BEFORE June 27,2014 with
registration form to:
Injuries/ Conditions affecting participant:
C/O Mandy Pasley —Head Volleyball Coach
Policy Number: __________________________
530 W. Poe Road
Please read and sign the following waiver:
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
Signature of Parent or Guardian
Please note: Late registration WILL
result in a $5 increase in cost and your
daughter will not be guaranteed a camp
Please return this information along with payment by June 27, 2014
for a team unless they have a current
physical form on file with the school
and have given the coach an emergency
medical and concussion form at the
start of tryouts. Again, there will be no
exceptions for this...this is state mandated!
Bowling Green High School
Insurance Company: _______________________
As parent(s)/legal guardian of ____________________,
I/we realize that injuries may occur while participating in
or being in close proximity to athletics. I hereby authorize the camp staff to act for me according to her/his best
judgment in any emergency requiring attention
No player will be allowed to try out
BGVB Performance
What to Bring to Camp:
Bowling Green Volleyball Program Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Mandy Pasley
Asst. Coach: Brandon Theaker
JV Coach: Kelsey Perez
9th Grade Coach: TBA
8th Grade Coach: Kori Atwood
7th Grade Coach: Jessi Furnas
Volleyball shoes/good pair of tennis shoes, knee
pads, water bottles or sport drinks
Phone: (419) 354-0200 ext. 2307 (before June 5) or
419-409-3085 (after June 5)
Email: [email protected]