RDS for SAP Global BatchTraceability

Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Global
Batch Traceability
The SAP Global Batch Traceability solution reduces the time to insight into product batch chain and
enables rapid investigation. It also helps on demand investigation for precision withdrawal/recall and
timely regulatory reporting. Solution track & report on product batches across SAP and non-SAP systems.
Customer Challenges
Having complete traceability of batch managed materials and products
throughout the product genealogy
Traceability of products across your complete in-house and extended
network, including suppliers and contract manufacturers
Analyzing product issues related to withdrawal, holds, and recalls due to
inconsistent data, including missing data or broken links
Mitigating financial, public health, and public perception risks associated
with product issues and recalls
Key Deliverables
64.000 € (without MII)
80.000 € (with MII)
Service #: 50115950
Contact: Kristian Kauffmann
[email protected]
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Data transfer from SAP ERP to SAP GBT / Data transfer from SAP MII
Analyze the Global Batch Traceability / Network (Network for multiple
batches) / Global Batch Traceability Network Maintenance
SAP GBT Reports
Business Value
Provide transparency of and traceability across your internal and
external production network, including subcontracting processes not
connected to SAP ERP
Effectively drive holds, withdrawals, and recalls, aid product-issue rootcause analysis, and immediately identify affected bad batch stock
Minimize product issue–related costs
Facilitate compliance with regulatory reporting deadlines
Contain corporate liabilities relating to product batch issues
Protect your customer and your brand
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