DormCon Meeting Minutes April 3, 2014 Location: MacGregor

DormCon Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2014
Location: MacGregor
1) Gender Inclusive Housing Updates
2) Mural Updates
3) Funding Proposals
 CPW Picnic and Puzzle Scavenger Hunt
 Piano Decorating and Piano Drop
4) Open Discussion
East Campus
New House
Next House
Random Hall
Senior Haus
Simmons Hall
Vice President
Sean Corcoran
Victoria Stivanello
Jessica Parker
Walter Menendez
Chloe Orphanides
Matthew Davis
Ryan McDermott
Gaurav Singh
Rodrigo Lopez Uricoechea
Lars Johnson
Eli Ross
Katherine Silvestre
Caitlin Heber
Phoebe Whitwell
Proxy: James Hobin
Begin: 7:05
End: 8:00
1) Gender Inclusive Housing Updates
 Katherine: I’m passing around the proposal for gender inclusive housing, written
by Housing, was discussed at the most recent Housing Strategy Group (HSG)
 Unknown: Why can’t freshmen and people under 18 participate? Katherine: I’m
not exactly sure. Rodrigo: “If you’re under 18 you can’t do anything for yourself.”
 Unknown: couldn’t the student get permission from a parent or guardian to
participate? Ryan: Next House talked about this and determined that at the
present time they are unwilling to implement it for freshmen. Additionally, it is
logistically difficult for Housing to implement this for freshmen. Rodrigo:
Freshmen are the people most likely to not be in singles; it doesn’t make sense
for them to not be included.
 Lars: What does “designated as GIH” mean? Becky: Once the pair moves into
the room, it becomes GIH – gender inclusive housing.
 Victoria: If one roommate moves out of a GIH room, is it still GIH? Ryan: When
you claim GIH, do you claim for all cases or for just one person? Becky: It will be
handled like any roommate issue. It’s situational.
 Jes: Has this come to Abigail Francis at the Rainbow Lounge? She should be
involved. Katherine: She was not at HSG.
 Lars: Who picks roommates, and who assigns roommates? What does it mean to
opt-in/out of GIH? It’s unclear.
 Katherine: This will depend on the dorm.
 General Consensus: For the most part, only freshmen are paired up by the room
assignment chairs (RACs), which is why it’s more difficult to implement GIH for
 Rodrigo: Cory Hernandez is under the impression that Housing thinks the
freshmen will be overwhelmed. Matthew: As a freshmen, I would have been
confused and maybe would have clicked “yes.” That would have been a problem.
Walter: One solution to that problem is that there could have descriptive text on
the webpages about GIH. Jes: Another solution is adding a note on the internal
form: “Did you opt in to GIH? If so, what was your intention?”
 Katherine: People who really need it can make it happen for themselves.
Jes/Becky: We disagree; it should not be a special case. It should be on the
 Chloe: As a former RAC, I know that RACs use all information that they are
given. Also, we don’t have coed facilities (i.e. bathrooms and showers) in
McCormick – let’s fight for that too.
 Rodrigo: On that note, there are very few unisex bathrooms on main campus.
 Becky: We should write a letter to the Vice-President of Diversity.
 Katherine: We will talk to HSG and keep you all in the loop.
2) Mural Updates
 Katherine: The draft of mural policies that DormCon worked on went to MIT’s
legal department, and they provided a lot of suggestions. We don’t necessarily
have to follow them, but can if we want. HSG is having an extra meeting in two
weeks to discuss this feedback from the legal team.
3) Funding Proposalsa) CPW Picnic and Puzzle Scavenger Hunt
 Allen: We’re requesting $1883 for the picnic and $200 for the scavenger hunt.
Fortunately, Admissions funded $1000 towards the picnic and $500 toward the
scavenger hunt.
 Yo/Antonio: Actually we can print from Athena, which brings our cost down from
$200 to $0.
Vote passes unanimously for $1,883.
b) Piano Decorating and Piano Drop
 Sean: We’re requesting $3100 for piano decorating materials and food for both
the piano decorating event and piano drop.
Vote passes unanimously for $3,100.
4) Open Discussion
 Phoebe: All of our event funding is officially gone.
 Katherine: I have an email requesting DormCon’s feedback on Title IX for the
UA. This discussion could be long in person, so we’re going to take it offline.
Keep your eyes out for an email thread and Google doc discussing Title IX.
 CPW/REX Chairs: The Scavenger Hunt is happening and even Maseeh is
participating! Allen: If you want to be Tim the Beaver or you know anyone who
wants to be Tim the Beaver, let us know.
 Phoebe: Please encourage your CPW chairs to send their budgets to [email protected]
 Katherine: Elections for DormCon Exec are on April 17. If you’re interested in
being a part of next year’s executive team, please come to the meeting!